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Alive 7

    Urgh ! for the second time in the life of ALIVE! we are going to run short
of space ! That must be what happens  when another EIL3 is  thrown :) Too many
releases ? Nayyyyyh there cannot be too many !! Anyway I'm still waiting for a
a couple of articles and already I can give you some facts about Alive7...

Intro    : now packed this nice screen only weighs 23Kb
Musics   : 6 files amounting to 270Kb unpacked and 144Kb packed
Articles : 74 textfiles atm counting for 743Kb now packed to 421Kb
Piccies  : 38 piccies more than 1.2 Mb big before and only 507Kb now

    Due to lack of  space I decided to give up two of my - nonscene - articles
with the piccies they features. Now I hope that the missing stuff won't be too
big :)

Check please !

    Unpacked this issue is  about 2.3Mb big (shell.prg *NOT* included) and once
assembled, all packed files should go down to a result of a bit more than 1.1Mb
that is again without  the 2 missing  articles :) I'll try to remember to add a
small textfile ripped from DHS that will  help you split  this big  archive. As
for simple ST users who don't have a harddrive, I will definitely have to think
of a solution...

Some time later :)

    I've decided to create a lighter version of ALIVE7 for the people who only
have a humble ST without harddrive. I had  to remove about 10  piccies but all
other files  are here (oki I  also  used  another module  only 1.4Kb big :) Of
course if you can allow it, I suggest you download  the FULL version instead !


Alive 7