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Alive 7
                    M J J    P R O D   S L I D E S H O W   2

    MJJ  PROD is back  with another  Slideshow ! It seems that in the end they
managed to  survive the tortures applied by  evil Moondog  and nasty Sts ! Tho
some of them still seem  traumatized by their latest  ratings in some magazine
(cough cough!) they are now proud to present another prod with a quieter mind.
Oki enough crap let's eat the beast now :)

    Good things about  this demo is that  it now runs  from harddrive ! It also
enjoys English texts which is a nice effort. On the minus side, it seems not to
like some accessories so that I had to  boot my hd without  any of them to have
the slide to run 100%. I guess it has something  to do with Strider's code (who
did the main code) coz I had  similar problem with his  intro for ALIVE! Anyway
it won't stop us from enjoying the show !

    The show starts with a nice intro first showing a full picture featuring an
ork-like (or something)  face on the left and  a metal scaled "MJJ SLIDESHOW 2"
logo on the right. Btw the 2  chiptunes that can be enjoyed thru the whole show
were  done by  Baggio/Evolution and  Evil/DHS. I don't  remember  where I heard
these tunes before but they sound good for sure !

   Then another nice MJJ PROD logo is displayed on top of  the screen while an
average looking starfield spreads over the rest of the screen. Sure it doesn't
look bad  but there  are not  so many  stars (maybe 50 ?). From time to time a
single line of text slides down from the top border telling us about the usual
stuff. Just too bad you have to wait more than 15 seconds  before another line
shows up :( Soon enough you decide to quit the intro by pressing 'space'.

   We have now reached the main menu - as shown below  - (without the various
sections I have to say since I only have this picture at hand :) You can swap
chiptunes pressing '2' on your keyboard btw.

   Many  ways  are offered to  you now : you can  opt  for "info", "greetz" and
"exit" but above  all 3 gfx galleries  of piccies by C-rem, Niko  and Wilfried.
The 'info' and 'greetz'  part show a sober but nice logo on top of screen while
a stylish white font brings us the needed information. A good point goes to the
possibilities of using 'space' and 'escape' respectively to move to next screen
or get back to the main menu. Please note that these  commands can also be used
during the slideshow.

   Surely it didn't  take me long  to choose  destination so that  I instantly
clicked on Niko's part (all sections can also be launched using functions keys
btw). Every gallery starts with a  really great logo done by C-rem who did all
the gfx in the intro and menu too !

   Unfortunately here came a disappointment as Niko's gallery only consists of
3 pictures including the snake that can be seen in the introduction to ANOMALY
(tho C-rem told me this one was different). Hmm time to see more pictures !

   I grew  much  happier when  launching C-rem's  gallery ! It  offers a lot of
pictures, about 20 indeed. The nine first ones were done about a decade ago but
already  show the  talent of  C-rem ! I love  all of his  piccies, be the first
steps  with  100%  pixellised stuff or latest  prods being 256  colours piccies
reworked with a lot of ART ! C-rem is DEFINITELY an awesome artist ! Here comes
an example of his art about a decade ago :

Hmm I love naked chicks playing with monsters !

   Then I ran to Wilfried's section and once again I wasn't disappointed ! this
gallery shows about 15 piccies of  great quality ! You'll soon  understand that
almost half  his work was  done for the ANOMALY demo and for world famous FLIPO
but it doesn't kill the fun esp as you discover early versions. My fave piccies
are the ones showing different steps  of a gfx. I know Moondog didn't like them
that much but being a gfxman I LOVE to unveil my fellows techniques and tricks.
As with C-rem's part, you'll be able to  enjoy lots of pixellised wonder here !
There are 2 piccies I SINCERELY admired : first the 1 color version of the fish
used in  FLIPO's  rotozoom and  then the  unreadable  red  logo  on a  greenish
background ! I'd love to know what it reads and how many colors are used here !

Is the feast over then ??                       

   Not quite ! If you click on the 'exit'  option you will be  presented with a
funny screen featuring a "ratingmeter" painfully reaching 6% and above ! In the
end an explosive sample  puts an end to this  drama ! Again some guys (hello to
Zozzo2 ! :) seem to be obssesed with their former rating... Anyway this prod is
really nice and deserves about 9% (oki just kidding :)

   Before we draw a conclusion  let's add that this  compil offers a *LOT* of
hidden pictures ! You either have to click on an element (like "c-rem" on the
main  screen :) or type  some words... Here come some  hints to display these
really cool piccies : type stuff like  my nick, first name, name of a formely
Sector One member now in Dune, or of the guy who coded the main part (formely
the guy who released the last issue of Toxic Mag). Just use your brain pals !

Ratings !!!!                                       

   Nay I'm just kidding ! I  barely  use ratings as I think  you can only judge
other  people's work from your own eyes ! Okay I was pissed off when I reviewed
their latest stuff :) This time they bring us not an asskicking prod but a nice
and pleasant  slideshow with really  great (and unseen !) pictures for the most
part of it. I liked  chiptunes, gfx and the hidden screens a lot ! I'm sure MJJ
guys are waiting for a rating  now :) Oki then I  would say it's worth 75%. You
happy then ? :p

Alive 7