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Alive 7

               Final Episode ? 

 You won't be offered  Scene News this time and maybe never again... Putting up
 a listing of  past events  or public releases  is not only  time consuming but
 also kinda useless. Moondog was right when he mentioned in UCM23 that our news
 corner read  quite dull only repeating  known facts. I agree  with him on that
 point tho I wish we had  someone in charge of  such section :( I'm pretty sure
 there are tons of interesting news we are missing but I really can't afford to
 be a main editor AND private inspector !

 What are you missing then ? Some news for sure but again if this article only
 consists in repeating stuff and stories, then it's worthless :( We can sum up
 our usual "Inside the Scene" column to the following :

* They released a nice demo/game : that goes for DHS, Checkpoint, MJJ Prod,
   Reservoir Gods and all others who brought us so many wonders at EIL3 !

* We are still waiting for their demo : that goes to Creators, Dune, Cream,
   Wiztom/Aggression, Mystic Bytes and surely more crews than I can think of.

 I could also add a "they  have projects" paragraph but  I won't. Why ? Because
 we are ALL getting older, more  and more busy  with work and  families... Then
 it's getting more difficult not only to start things but above all to complete
 them. I know some people DO have projects but I won't tell  you since I cannot
 tell when or whether these will  become true. Maybe never ? Maybe earlier than
 expected ? I don't want to put  pressure on  anyone, the  way I WILL  NOT bear
 pressure myself ! I will do  my best to  go on as long  as  possible, I am not
 thinking of quitting yet, oh no ! And I know I'm not the only one :)

 Two things need be said now : first if you want daily news then you ALL know
 that DHS website IS the core of our world with other sites such as ATARI.ORG

 Last but not least I  want to address my  best wishes to the guys who hold the
 flame as  high as  possible, mostly thinking  of my  diskmag fellows  Grey and
 Moondog. Chris and I know  how hard it has  become to release  every new issue
 with so little support sometimes but please go on as long as you have FUN ! We
 want and need to read  more  articles, magazines  carry  blood  thru the Scene
 veins, they  not  only bring news  but also  show our activities  and act as a
 motivation to every Scener who sometimes thinks he's doing stuff on his own.


Alive 7