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Alive 7
 A couple of intros brought to us by...
A few words to start with : in spite of some  bad comments, MJJ Prod is more 
active than ever before (that is if you forget the golden years :). Over the 
last months they  released a couple  of intros and just  when I write this I 
know that their next Slideshow with exclusive piccies is due to hit earth in 
the next days ! I also had the chance to enjoy  some screens mostly coded by 
Gloky and I can tell you the guy is a GREATcoder ! But let's focus on these 
small screens first.


  Here's the first screen coded by Kisoft with gfx by C-rem. Tho I cannot put a
  name on it, the msx is very famous ! It reminds me of some  hackers intros...
  This single screen  gives the Scene  MJJ's best  wishes for  the new year. It
  features a very nice overscan  plasma, a nice MJJ logo  right under  and some
  lines of text that are unfortunately in  French :( Not much more to say about
  it : the plasma looks cool  tho mostly composed of  scales of pink, green and
  blue (puke :p). Plasmas are  among  my  favourite oldschool fx ! Besides it's
  displayed in overscan and comes with a stylish logo.

  Only minus goes to the text written in French and the "not so clean" exit...
  Actually just try to exit the screen and you'll get back to a messed up GEM.
  Please  just think  about it next time guys :) Hey I  even  managed to get a
  snapshot under Steem (yeah I know how useless this is :)

Yeah shake it baby ! Groooooooooovy !  


  This second  prod was  part of  the fast compo  of some obscure  party called
  IRADIUM and held somewhere in France in last February. This time only Strider
  was directly involved tho  you can  also enjoy a  very nice MJJ  logo done by
  C-rem (used as a header to this small article) and topped  by a not so smooth
  distorted "Iradium Party 2003" logo.

  The screen  is  actually  entitled "pendant ce  temps la"... What ? You don't
  speak French ? Nay you must be  kidding ! Seems that all MJJ  fellows believe
  everyone speaks French tho :) Fast translation  gives "in the meantime", easy
  no ? After a few seconds the screen  crashes with ugly colors  and frozen msx
  while some system bombs are displayed on the left. What  the hell is going on
  here ? Finally a small character coming from the right, and famously known as
  BomberMan (woh ! guest  appearance here !! :) walks  to these  bombs and adds
  another one. In a second the whole screen is bombed away !

  Then a short  screen  displaying the name  of the intro both  in  French and
  English can be seen before it  gives way to a scanned picture showing Saddam
  Hussein and George W(anker) Bush. The  screen comes with a sad  but now true
  comment : "Irakium Party 2003... soon on your screens ?". Last but not least
  another screen  gives  short  credits. A nice  fake  demo with  even smarter
  purpose that can be summed up as "War sucks !".

The guys of MJJ seem to be willing to do more and we HOPE to see more ! Right 
now I can tell you I've already seen  nice screens including Gloky's entry to 
the HUNO party compos. I hope we can enjoy all of these... Maybe as an ALIVE! 
intro ? :) 

Alive 7