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Alive 7

    There are indeed several articles that won't be included  in this issue.
Reasons cover a large variety of circumstances. Let's try to see what you'll
miss, why and when you can expect to enjoy them.

> Demos reviews : so far too many  EIL3 entries  are still unavailable ! The
      red  lines in  the  menu  clearly  show what  demos are concerned. Still I
      don't want to seem too negative tho since I'm talking  about people who do
      things  like tSCc, Dune, Checkpoint or  Creators (erm I said  active ?). I
      sincerely  hope  all these  missing - and  so promising ! -  demos will be
      finished ! I'm afraid the Creators Sprell and Checkpoint 4ster will simply
      be forgotten tho :(

> Unreviewed  stuff : yeah I  know there  are some  releases that  have been
      completely skipped from this issue such as Chosneck3 or Construct compils.
      Sorry pals but I have no  time, no required  hardware and above all * NO *
      writer to cover these topics and surely others not mentioned.

> Removed articles ? Indeed there  are some articles I refused  to use. Yup
      you guessed right : I received more articles ripped from the internet and
      I'm really tired of that shit ! Copying/pasting only takes seconds but of
      course then  you have  to reformat, add  colors, headlines or piccies and
      that's seemingly too much work for some people.

> Undelivered  items ? As I write this, almost a dozen  articles still have
      to be written ! In other words don't expect this issue in late June unless
      you  are  willing  to  help. Some  people  offered support but more than a
      month - and too  many mails - later  they still haven't done anything ! Do
      you think you need a full month to write, say, a movie review ? I don't...
      Not my responsibility tho.

Final  words : in spite  of these  difficulties, CiH and I have managed to 
bring you another issue with the help of  several reliable supporters (see the 
greetings article for  full list). It's just too bad  so many of  you are lazy 
and unable even to write a *SINGLE* article ! This  is nothing more than being 
a consumer, a user... Kinda sad but hopefully I know who I can rely on.

Alive 7