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Alive 7
 E n t e r  t h E . . .
    STS is never tired when it comes to telling you insane stories ! My head is
actually filled with tons  of them  and  weren't I  a lazy  sucker I would have
written down all of them... I surely started some short stories but  never went
further a couple of pages :) Anyway I liked the funny story I wrote for UMD8730
and thought I  could bore you once  again (dunno if  anyone reads this actually
since I received no peculiar feedback to my previous attempt ;(

    It all started at the HUNO party 2003 where I spent some time talking to my
Atari fellows about our future. Said things were something like that : How long
will our beloved computers survive ? I'm not  discussing the flamboyant passion
that burns inside us no no, but more the longevity of the electronic components
inside our STs and  Falcons. My STe is  almost *13*  years old  now and  it has
suffered  from  a few  minor incidents  over the last  decade : fucked up scart
cable, power supply got fried once too... Nothing serious thanks to the help of
my father and our  Sceners who  provided me with  replacement  items. So far so
good then but what will I do the day my ST just refuses to work anymore ? Let's
have a look in a possible version of our future...

Year 2005, Sts diary March 12th file ID 12032005 ...   ..   .  .

    Yesterday as I was working on our special issue of ALIVE celebrating the
20th anniversary of  the ST, my harddrive started to  fuck up. Luckily I had
enough time to backup all completed  files. And that was a GOOD idea since I
found out tonight that my ST just didn't launch at all !

Year 2005, Sts diary March 14th file ID 14032005 ...   ..   .  .

    I brought the "cadaver" of my STe to my father and  stayed by his side,
anxiously waiting for the verdict as if I was about to lose a relative in a
tricky surgery process...

    Unfortunately it didn't take him long to announce the worst piece of news I
expected to hear one day : my STe is plain dead ! Various parts are so strongly
damaged that it's not worth trying to fix them ;( I first refused to believe it
as if such thing was impossible. Then I felt a pinch in my heart, my throat got
dry, my blood  was running faster. Somehow I  panicked : how could I ever spend
even a single day without  knowing my STe is lying on  my desk ? I NEED to find
another STe as soon as possible !

Year 2005, Sts diary March 18th file ID 18032005 ...   ..   .  .

    I posted  several  messages on  DHS and  ATARI.ORG but I  haven't had any
positive  answer yet... I finally  decided to  individually mail  all my ATARI
contacts. As shit seems to produce more shit I heard about other Sceners whose
machine also passed out :( Are our STs programmed to self destruction 20 years
later ?? Is it  a curse cast by  an evil Peecee sorcerer ?? Or  just a fucking
ironic coincidence ??

Year 2005, Sts diary March 19th file ID 04062005 ...   ..   .  .     

    Every day  more and more  friends who  tell me about  incidents and crashes
with  their ST as if some  sort of twisted cycle  had started. I  was unhappily
surprised to  find out that it was  almost impossible to  find secondhand STs !
People who still have several ATARIs don't want to sell them, just to make sure
they can fix one of them when required :( Tho I understand their fear it leaves
me STless and I cannot stand it anymore !

Year 2005, Sts diary March 21st file ID 21032005 ...   ..   .  .

    The news came as a shock : Error In Line 4  was cancelled !! So many people
got  demotivated (almost  depressed !) as their  ST broke  down  that they just
unregistered to the party !!! Organizers decided that the number of people left
was not sufficient to  make the party profitable :( It  makes me so sad, I need
to feel the ATARI vibe again !

    As a consequence I  started to use STEEM on my Peecee  to keep the good old
feeling alive. How ironic ? I'm currently using this Peecee as a virtual Atari.
I have to find a  way to go on  with the special  issue of ALIVE, delayed after
the  demise of my STe. Of course the  editor's shell won't work  under STeem so
that I have to work blindly  and hope it works fine  in the end. I'm really sad
to admit that if this issue comes out, it'll be thanks to a damn peecee....

Year 2005, Sts diary June 30th file ID 30062005 ...   ..   .  .

    I have just released this special issue of ALIVE but I feel a sour taste in
my mouth... Last  week more  STs refused to  work, now being  nothing more than
cold plastic boxes :( The other day on IRC  two Sceners were  fighting over the
price of secondhand computers... Tho I  keep posting  ads here and  there, I've
started to get convinced that I'll never find another ATARI again  :(

Year 2005, Sts diary December 24th file ID 24122005 ...   ..   .  .

    Until last year Xmas eve brought happy memories to me of  that night when I
was given my STe... I  used to clean  it, paint it  black again and  spend some
hours watching good old demos or playing games... Now, all of that is gone... I
considered using STeem to reactivate  the feeling  but I gave up  the idea. how
could a peecee  remind me  of the  ST I  cherished  so long ? How  have I dared
believe it  in the first  place ? This is  definitely the end  of an era. Now I
wonder how long the  last machines will survive  and what will happen  once the
last ATARI dies away....



Year 2067, Xerox diary January 1st file ID 01012011 ...   ..   .  .     

    I found this file while browsing  thru  the many  floppies in this cardbox.
Dunno why Mam and  Dad are so eager  to sell my  grandfather's house. Sebastien
has only been buried for 4 days ! They told me he was say a bit loony and  that
they  have to be  quick if  they want to  sell the house  before customers hear
about his reputation. I've never thought he was crazy ! I remember when he took
me to the Cyberdome and run that hacked  program some friends of his had coded.
He simply called it "Atari Rebirth"...

    Too me it  was a nice time  spent with someone I loved. He showed me old
games and demos from the ancient times. I never  really believed these ATARI
computers had been real but I didn't want to disappoint him. Now that I have
found this file, I start to understand his feelings and his passion for this
computer. Hard to get when computers are intergrated everywhere now !

    Along  with the  floppies I found  a copy of  the "Atari Rebirth"  program.
Maybe I can use it and get in touch with other users logged in. Then who knows,
we could try to have these "demo crews" become true again ? I can paint, others
surely have skills... Yeah I'm pretty sure we can do things !

    Grandpa would be so proud of me !

Alive 7