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Alive 7
           __  __                         ____                _
          |  \/  | __ _ _ __   __ _  __ _|  _ \ _   _ _______| | ___
          | |\/| |/ _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _` | |_) | | | |_  /_  / |/ _ \
          | |  | | (_| | | | | (_| | (_| |  __/| |_| |/ / / /| |  __/
          |_|  |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__, |\__,_|_|    \__,_/___/___|_|\___|

            A game in GFABASIC by Cooper of The Coolest Paradise
reviewed in June 2003 for Alive! disk magazine by Simon Sunnyboy

  Now we are up for a little challenge. Cooper wrote a little puzzler and it
  is  quite  addictive. But first of all, we  need to  know on  what sort of
  machine it will work properly. First  of all, this game is STE enhanced so
  bad luck for most people with real machines.

  System requirements (STE non-GEM version) :
        > Atari STE/TT/Falcon
        > TOS 1.62 on STE, plain TOS 4.x on Falcon
        > Colour display
        > optionally a joystick (no Jagpads!)

  I tested the game both in STEEM (due to lack of a real STE machine) and
  on my standard Falcon. It worked pretty good, make  sure to  set ST-Low
  though. However in the latest beta of  STEEM it run ok with TOS 2.06 as
  well while the earlier releases  of STEEM all  required TOS 1.62 to run
  Manga  Puzzle  properly. Cooper told  me about that  strange bug and it
  probably is just an issue of buggy emulation :)

  At the time  of this  writing there is  a version  of this  game that runs
  under GEM  and presumably  on much  more configurations, however I did not
  not test that one. I concentrated on the oldschool fullscreen version here.

  So just load a disk  with the game on it  and doubleclick on MANGA.PRG to
  run the game. Immediatly  some nice chiptune starts  playing and a little
  nice intro sequence keeps the screen busy. Nothing big but quite nice for
  an intro written in GFABASIC.

  The intro itself worked in Hatari as well (although the game failed) so at
  least the intro could work on plain STs as well.

  A keypress will bypass the nice Manga Puzzle logo and will bring you to the
  main menu. You can move the  big hand with  the cursor keys. Select Game to
  play, Infos will give you some short explanations and information.

  Now the game  itself is a puzzler. Your task is to bring a picture back into
  shape so you can view and  enjoy it. For  this, the picture  is divided into
  16  little squares  where one is  left blank. Resort  the picture by sliding
  the tiles next to that blank square into the  blank location. The blank tile
  will move to the position of the old tile. Now you need to plan a little bit
  and  you can resort the picture. Over 30 pictures  are waiting for you to be
  puzzled back so you have a lot to do.

  Sliding the tiles is done with keys in the numeric pad or with a joystick
  connected to the joystick  port. It is straight  forward and you learn it
  within a minute.

  The pics themselves are nice looking anime girls. They make use of the full
  STE palette  so you  really have  some motivation to  finish a  pic. A nice
  chiptune is playing while you sort the pictures so you have  something both
  for your eyes and your ears.

  All in all this is a nice looking game. It is quite addictive and keeps you
  playing a few afternoons, its graphical  quality is  superior to most other
  PD or Shareware games on the ST. Even the fact that it was done in GFABASIC
  does not ruin the fun. This game would look and feel exactly the same if it
  was written in C or machine code.

  It's only drawback in my opinion is that you need to use a specific TOS and
  that it is STE only, leaving my 1040STFM out.

My conclusion : well done ! If you haven't yet, take a look at it, even if 
that will be under STEEM due to the lack of a real STE machine.

Alive 7