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Alive 7
                         Jaguar connection 2003
                                 by Marss

All began by one moonless night. David Vincent was in his car when suddenly
he saw of  light to  Montdauphin, a lost village  to several  kilometers of
Disneyland. By this day, he decided to stop  because he had made, some days
before, a long journey of 4000 on  board kilometers of a plane that brought
back him toward his  homeland. This return  wanted to be himself a business
journey but the pleasure was other part.

For a  long time this  new gathering of Atari  fans had been  organized (since
September  2002). Things  had  been  considered bigger. Of  the advertisement,
yes it is necessary nowadays for some to make know itself. All concerned sites
have been touched (, that was unaware of everything (except for two
Germans)., only two people noticed my message,, normal that
is the site that regroups us...). Never to  despair. A room, it  is primordial
to protect  itself of  rain and fog. The month  of January is rotted indeed in
France, maybe  elsewhere, also. The village  hall had  been  reserved  for the
weekend of January 25 and 26. All the dreamt comfort (kitchen, toilets, sinks,
big room and  especially  the heating). Rest  made himself at  the inhabitant,
that is  at Guillaume's. The poor  Guillaume  has been  obliged to cook during
two days. Excellent  cook because here  is what  he  prepared. No, in  fact he
will tell you later.

Everybody was  there. And then, them  also, they will present  themselves later.
Of televisions, of televisions everywhere. With machines, of machines everywhere
(Nuon 504, Atari  St, Stacy, Jaguars, Lynx, VCS, GP 32, Saturn, Neo-Geo Pockets,
the arcade of Maximum Force (that I bought for  500 dollars at Bakou) and two PC
(one with Wintel (that didn't  function indeed) and the  other  with Linux (that
worked well) to  program  the games Jaguar, of  the videos of advertisements and
Ataris games.

I tried to interest participants to the writing of an article in real time. The
result is middle but it  is a good  summary of our activities. We begin with :

Nicolas (Nftsroz), 25/1, 13:45 :

The eventful  arrival of yesterday vanished  quickly when each took  out his
collection and began to  plug it  to Laurent's screens. A small tower on the
Internet to warn friends, and one begins  has watch games of each and to try
them. Today, ambiance still as relaxed with a pancake in manner of breakfast
(belated) and Martial that brings us a boundary-mark  Maximum Force with its
great  graphics. Some  parts of DooM  in network, Alien  vs Predator for the
pleasure, nothing  to retell, this  meeting begins  pleasant  manner, and be
going to take an even more enthusiastic turn  surely with the arrival of the
next atarists.

Icebraf, (Fabrice), 25/01:

It is indeed friendly to see all  this united  material. There is some indeed
for all  fans  of all  consoles. Really excellent  the marks  out of  Martial
(" Maximum Force "), friendly  to play this game with the original guns. What
vicious programmers, they put us of gals  in short dress that  work to 4 paws
to the middle of bullet exchanges, it is rather decentralizing! Friendly also
to continue  to discover the  games Jaguar, and when I see the Doom, it takes
me to dream that  the amateur  portage of Doom  on GP 32 is taken and improve
with one  fashion  multi-player that  would be  indeed the  kick of  parts in
network on GP32.

Laurent. S (LBM41), 25/01/03 15h35

Top! Organization pro. Of  enthusiasts  of the  four corners  of the country.
Of the  extraordinary machines  today extincted, in  action owing  our amazed
eyes. Of the mythical titles and distributed ever. Exchanges and discussions,
a shared pleasure! Terrific good mind, the state of grace for participants...

Olivier (Pocket Mag), 25/01, 15h33,

Hours of delay on  the planning  begin to  accumulate, the meal  of the noon is
annulled (we prefer to play) and we already have today exploded our food budget
greedily. What demand besides  the people, hey ? One wonders it ! Maximum Force
(Arcade) is  indeed  magnificent, what  pleasure  to  blast on  big  screen ! !
The Jaguar Connection it is as the opportunity to either discover to rediscover
a ton of new Jaguar games such  as Barckley  Shut up and Jam !, Demolition Man,
Protector SE, Caves of Fear, BattleSphere Gold... A big  thank you to Songbird,
Scatologic and B&C! The following in some hours.

Martial (Marss), 25/01, 18h,

What time can it be ? I am hungry. It is well to find again. Some program on
Jaguar... To see.

Manu (Xirius_Thir), 25/01, 18h32,

Good God, there I must go there (unfortunately!), Happy and the full head of
beautiful things, a very  good organization and a  really nice ambiance, the
next time I will be again there, it is sure!

Morgan (Odie_one), 25/01/2003, 20h05,

There is full of machines, I don't know if one will have all the time to see
them. But it  is  indeed brilliant !!! Left in  network on  Doom (Jaguar) in
preparation, and of the Stunt Car Racer on ST. That of beautiful graphics 2D!
I am also hungry, my stomach pushes me to leave ;0)

Martial (Marss), 25/01/2003, 20h10,

One eats. But, it is very good.

Olivier (Pocket Mag), 25/01, 22h01,

What a meal! Of what to feed a real regiment, and one doesn't even have again
attacked the dessert). Strongly that one spends to the  sitting old-fashioned
spotlight, some  Jaguar games, Ikaruga on  DC, the Avalon movie... Arghhh but
goes at what time we go to bed? (Does one indeed to go to bed? humph... -))

Morgan (Odie_one), 26/01/2003, 10h00,

Raised.... Tired... my eyes  pull me. The meal of yesterday  helped us a lot,
Guillaume assured food indeed at the level, it was a delight!!! Machines took
a rest during  some  hours, transformers  calmed themselves, and get ready to
the new  day. Of my side, I  brought back my Ste  4Mo (thank you  Kader !!!).
My Lynx  II with  45  games, my  Jaguar + CD + Catbox  and  25  games  and an
Amiga 500 1Mo. We have  tried to see some  comparatives on  several different
platforms. Last  night, the ST  network  gave  well on  Stunt Car  Racer  and
Lotus II. I don' t think  to have  the time  to launch  Populous, MidiMaze or
again Sky Chase... In  short, it  was brilliant  to benefit  of these present
instants. Today, network Lynx is to honor, notably with Xybots, Chekered Flag
or again California Games... I am impatient to see that!

Serge (CT), 26/01/2003, 10h05,

WOO woo! Wakened up, it is  going in to  be quickly  similar for jaguars that
sleep again... Make heat! I brought back  my portable Jaguar+a notebook under
Linux for the development. Tempted to explain the working of the beast. Later
today, are foreseen the  burning of a  bootable Jaguar CD and the creation of
animated sprites with management to the joystick... Stay tuned!

Mikael (miki) (amiga 1200), 26/1, 10h20,

One has been welcomed well and has been fed well (a good cook). Lack of time
and room (in the car not the room), next time I rent a truck. Good ambiance.
It is friendly.

Nicolas (Nfstroz), 26/1, 10h25,

The dinner of yesterday was royal (again thank  you to Guillaume), and late in
the night we pushed  the Dreamcast  on Ikarugas, Guilty  Gear XS and KOF'2OOO.
What pleasure  to  every time  to make  turn these  bombs! A little  Rayman on
Jaguar, some jokes, a tour  on Protector  SE, Native, Trevor  Mc  Fur (special
mention to graphics  for these 2  last), and it  is already  close to 4 of the
morning... Well to bed... This morning the ambiance is quiet for the breakfast
and I cannot stop myself from thinking  about the difficulty  that I will feel
this afternoon to come back in the real world.

Fr‚d‚ric (Fredifredo) 26/1, 10h30,

First of all thank you Guillaume for this meal of dream, and then what great
ambiance! I was able to played to the last games Jaguar as Barkley or Battle
Sphere Gold, but it  is with  pleasure that  I replayed  to Super Burnout...
Except  that to say  besides if it is  the great  performance of  my PC that
nearly successful to waste  me my Jaguar  Connection, but  everybody here is
terrific friendly and I am delighted too much  to have come ... Windows 98 I
am going too much to make you pain while going in tomorrow!

Marss, 26/1, 11h05,

After an excellent meal, the dish to the cold water and a sleep on a cold soil.
But, good, I slept 3 hours. Maximum Force pleases. Other people would have to
to arrive.

Guillaume (Arethius), 26/1, 11h20,

Here i am, I write here for the  first time of the  weekend. I could not have
benefitted a lot of all machines because I spent to all my Saturday afternoon
in the kitchen to prepare the dinner :

Soups to endives and Leeks
Salad of fried brie

Main dish
cute of marinaded pork and grilled
Faux-filets of beef grilled
Scallops of turkey jumped with in accompaniment of mushrooms of Paris
Potatoes jumped to the chive
Rice persille
For those that wished it a butter mustard could get married to grills

A tray of cheese
Roasted bries

Salad of fruits with cider

The meal  lasted two hours  well and I  must confess that it was imposing.
Even though no one said  anything, one had all so hunger. I  adore Maximum
Forces, and I am going to finally launch the Protector tournament. Besides
it is necessary that I go there, get ready Morgan. Lol

Florian, the 26/01/2003,

That  of discoveries  since the day  before yesterday evening, the JC edition
2003 happens marvellously. Numerous machines are present, of which  some that
I didn't know at all. The room is too hot, meals are excellent as well as the
general  ambiance. There  is even  the small  corner of  coders with  CTS and
Fredi-Fredo that made the effort all two to make the displacement.

The game on which I passed the more of time is for the meantime Warlords on
... VCS2600 ^_S ^. Hey yes, this game is a pure bomb to four! Maximum Force
also in the domain of arcade games is enthusiastic by its presence. The old
fashioned-spotlight permitted, as to the  last edition, to project games on
big-screens. Well, I return to benefit of the last hours of the JC! :)

In  conclusion,  such an  event has  a price. The involvement was  30 euros.
Unfortunately, the balance had been  calculated badly because it lacks money
in the cash-box (the insurance of the room). It is comprehensible, it is the
first true meeting with  14 participants. Therefore, one now, collects money
to  fill  the  deficit. I  benefitted  the  meeting  to buy   the  excellent
Alternative-Pocket, to thumb  Revival and  Attos (just as  excellent) and to
confide  Maximum Force  to Florian, thank  you to  him. Maybe, I am going to
bring back the arcade of Area 51 for the convention of this summer.


Alive 7