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Alive 7
                TeX-mas intro

       A fake demo done by a fake crew

    Some days before Christmas, a new production hits the Dead Hackers Society's
web site: a demo from Cool Girls.  They  pretend  to  be  a new female crew from
Slovakia. There are a lot of rumors about this crew, some guys think it's a fake
crew  created  by  Satantronic (it's my opinion too).  They  have  been  totally
discredited  some  months ago because they dared to crack AniPlayer.  They  just
told  that  Didier  Mequignon  stopped the development of AniPlayer for standard
Falcon.  With  a  bit of irony, in the list of the used software, you can see...
AniPlayer 2.21! A nice way to greet the author of an excellent software...

    The  TeX-mas  intro, also known as Incoming, is a huge Falcon demo: its size
is  6 MB  once  unpacked.  I  can't  believe my eyes when I saw the file size, I
thought it was a big  megademo  with  tons  of  true  colour  pictures, stunning
effects, great pieces of music, etc.  Well...  The big size is mainly due to the
MP2  music!  The  demo runs on a 14-meg Falcon, with RGB or VGA monitor.  A good
point: it uses the DHS demo-system.

    According to the info file provided with the demo, Sandra lost her boyfriend
because he prefered another girl, and she went to a techno party where  she  had
some ideas for the next Cool Girls' intro.  Well,  why  not.  I  wonder  if,  in
Slovakia,  16  years-old  teenagers are really allowed in techno parties. OK, we
don't really care about this. Let's run the demo!

    The demo starts with an dynamic techno music. The zoom effect on the snowman
is  synchronized with the music.  Another funny snowman appears, he turns to the
left and to the right.  Then a snowy "incoming texmas intro" logo is displays on
the screen, and a pink "coolgirls" one too. They move a lot, maybe a new kind of
spongiform  encephalopathy? :) The next effect is a zooming gift-wrapped  parcel
and  the  last  one is a red-nosed reindeer moving to the left and to the right.
Then, a snowy logo appears on a black background, it says "the end - cool  girls
2002". That's all.

    I  must  admit I'm a bit sceptic concerning some pictures such as snowmen or
the gift. Is it original art  of  ripped  graphics  coming  from  one  of  these
numerous online clipart libraries? Who knows...

    Going deeper...

    I  decided  to  unpack the executable file because I wondered if the zooming
effects were real or just fake. It weights 54 KB and it is packed with  UPX  (an
excellent  packer, btw).  I  depacked  it  and I obtained a big 2.5 MB file.  It
seemed very weird: I was almost sure the zooming effects are fake!  So, I opened
the  file  with  Adrenaline  Ripper  (a good Falcon-compatible ripper) and I was
right: the zooms are stored as plain pictures.


    Code ................ Displaying pictures and using DHS demo-system (for MP2
                          replaying) isn't so hard to do.  Zooming  effects  are

    Design .............. Very  few  design.  A  good  point : the  effects  are
                          synchronized with the drums of the music.

    Graphics ............ They look like 16-colour gfx.

    Sound ............... As  I  don't like techno music very much, I can't tell
                          if this is one is a good one or not. I think it's very

    Animation ........... There is no real animation, only fake effects.

    Global interest ..... Without interest.  Except  if you like the music: just
                          keep the MP2 file and erase the others ones.

    In conclusion, this is a bad fake demo. I honestly think it's not worth the
download. I've spend 2 hours to get it with my 56K modem, so you understand why
I tell you this :)

    I don't know if these (not so) Cool Girls will release another fake demo. I
even  don't know  if they  really  exist  or  if they  are  puppets  created by
Satantronic guys. What a shame they didn't come to the Error in Line #3! In the
last issue of  Alive, Sandra and  Timea told  to STS  they will  attend to this
party. And in the info  file of the TeX-mas  intro, we can read this sentence :
"we're looking forward to EIL 3 where you can see us and where  we will release
one big surprise."

    We're still waiting for you, girls!

                           Strider (

Alive 7