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Alive 7
                               By Reservoir Gods

        I guess sometimes I have to be more patient.

        There I was, about a week ago, complaining that there should be releases
with original, unreleased code and not simply  re-worked intros, and Wham! a new
demo from RG with original code by Griff this time! Boy, do I feel awkward!

        Anyway, on with the review.

        The demo starts simple, with some pictures  fading in and out, only that
in the demo's name pic there is  a  3D Gouraud shaded pyramid, which fits nicely
with the rest of the graphics, as well as  the music, which is a cover of a well
known Egyptian theme.

        Then we have a series of 3 effects  that were in every megademo a decade
ago (and then some more - wow, doesn't time fly by!): The dots sphere, the lines
sphere and the light sourced filled sphere. I remember that there were wars over
who would display most dots in a sphere. No comment :)

        After the spheres leave us behind we have more 3D Gouraud shaded objects
spinning around. Note that Griff does not  use C2P routines here (either C2P was
not well known the time he wrote the  code, or he didn't like chunky pixels), so
the objects are not the size we're  used  to  these  days, but look (to me) more
pretty and detailed. (also,  programmers  will  note:  The  objects consist of 7
colours - 3 bit planes!). What makes  this slideshow more interesting though are
the graphics which accompany them.  Different  style  cartoon  & comic figures -
very pretty!

        A conversion of a classic Amiga screen follows, the ray traced animation
featured in Enigma by Phenomena. From what I  gather, the animation is in a sort
of Spectrum 512 format.

        We then move on to another category of effects that used to be essential
in a demo (I  simply  hate  the  terms  old-school  and new-school): Mathematics
calculations. For starters, we  have  the  Sierpinski  triangle (nowhere near as
good as mine! Sorry, but I believe it's true :) and then a fern.

        The final major effect in  this  demo  is  a  3D  world with flat shaded
polygons representing buildings, space ships,  cubes  flying  about, etc. The 3D
routines are a bit inaccurate, but that's the price one has to pay for speedy 3D

        After that, a  EIL  2003  logo,  and  the  credits  and  greetings (in a
vertical scroller playing the Module of the aforementioned Amiga demo).

        It has been a well known  fact  for  years  that Griff had converted the
whole Enigma demo.  Indeed,  the  famous  cube  was  given  as  a  guest part in
Leonard's Nostalgic-o demo, and  some  effects  are  covered  here  as well. The
question remains though: did we witness a good demo?

        Well, it's a bit difficult to answer.  On  one hand the effects are old,
and what's more, they've been done a  million  times before. That wouldn't be so
bad if they were done with  originality  in  mind.  For example, count the times
you've seen a 3D dots sphere. Too  many.  I  know  that a sphere one of the most
simple objects you can represent in maths,  because  of its symmetry, but why oh
why do we have to see another one? Are we so dried of ideas?

        But I'm getting too negative  here.  The  graphics, for example, are top
notch. Especially the ones beside the 3D objects  - they even animate a bit! The
music is synchronized with the parts being shown, that's not an easy thing to do
mind you! Just try it yourself one time!  And  finally, all the effects run at a
very acceptable frame rate (I don't  mind  they  don't  occupy a big part of the
screen either)

        What's the verdict then? Well, for me  it  was  a nice trip to the demos
that we used to  see  very  frequently,  but  also  a  wasted chance at creating
something truly awe-strucking(with the same code). An average demo then? No, but
not something you'll load too many times.

GGN/KÜA software productions/Alive Team

Alive 7