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Alive 7
Ho Ho HO, It's Greeeetingz time !

    After quite a huge - tho now usual - delay we  have done  it again ! I hope
this issue lives up to the motto "late but great" :) Naturally it couldn't have
been without the help and support of some people who deserve greetings :

CiH : luckily Chris writes a * LOT * as I don't have enough  time to be the
brain AND the hands of this humble magazine :) Once again he brought us tons of
nice  stories  with  his own  remarkable style. I  shouldn't have  signed  that
contract with him, I sold my soul to a restless editor :) See you in Alive8 !

GGn : dunno what happened to George as it took him +2 years before he found
out he could write :) Indeed  I really liked  the  many reviews  he wrote as he
shows interesting comments and views. Let's hope he'll go on !

C-rem : Thanks are adressed to you Emeric who painting this cool shell in a
few hours and also for supporting the Scene SO MUCH ! We would need more people
like you and fewer lazy  asses. We'll manage  to  arrange a drunken  weekend at
my place, I promise !

Escape and the ppl involved in organizing EIL3 deserves a lot of thanks and
greetings as they've managed  to gather the  cream of our  Scene once  again in
Dresden for what will be  remembered as another  great party ! The many entries
to the compos  show that with a "little" motivation some ppl still manage to do
things ! Coolness !

    Let's us the occasion to send  a massive -THANK YOU- to all the people who
have brought some life to this issue with msx, gfx and/or articles ! Let's try
not to forget anyone here's the full list in no special order of course : Tao, 
Nemo,  DmaSc,  Damo, C-rem,  Jace,  CiH,  GGn, Paranoid,  Exocet, Marss, Earx, 
Charon, Strider, ST Michael (I hope  for  long!) and Simon  Sunnyboy, in other
words 17 people (including me :) involved, that's  SO  cool !! Thanks are also
sent toMikro and Timbral for answering the interviews I sent them. Sorry if I
forgot someone, feel free to kick me where it hurts.


Alive 7