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Alive 7
       C A N    W E   S T A Y   A L I V E   I N   T H E   F U T U R E   ?

    Hello there buggering STS is back on the keys ! Just  as I am trying to get
another issue completed I have to think about the future and the many questions
most main editors have shared lately....

    Moondog, Grey, CiH and  I have been  discussing the  matter a  LOT : can we
expect to go on  while we get  so little support ? It sounds  quite paradoxical
when we are offered a feast of demos after the great EIL3...

    Working on every new issue takes loads of time even though some of you still
refuse to accept the idea. We are employees, sometimes husbands or even  fathers
abd that indulges  a lot of  social life  sacrifices . Seeing this  new issue of
ALIVE! going down to the toilets, I started to think about a possible future...

Future ? hey you asking me ? I'm no fortune teller man !

    Anyway  let's  focus on our  beloved  diskmagazines. Grey still  manages to
release Chosneck with quite huge delays though  while Moondog has just released
UCM24 after a lot of efforts !  You can see him  wondering about the same issue
in several articles... Last issue of ALIVE! was released in early December, hey
that was more  than 6  months ago !! Then  I'm wondering  if that's still worth
releasing a mag 6 months later... Even that EIL3 issue is delayed though I have
to remind you that several demos presented at EIL3 are still unavailable :(

Hey sucker this issue ISN'T available either !!

    Then maybe we could join forces and  give up our own labels ? Even if the
idea sounds  not so  bad, every one involved  in the birth  and maintaining of
respective mags isn't easiliy willing to "merge" with  others... It's always a
tricky business where you never know if you'll eat another fish or BE eaten in
the process !

Hmm then what ???

    As some people  suggested, going  online could be  a solution and indeed we
already have a dedicated  website. I discussed the  topic with CiH  who said he
would follow me and respect my choices. Then some people could share access and
update the  site  when  needed. Of course it would  be different  from DHS with
interviews, reports, reviews and so on. Since Grey and Moondog decided to go on
with their babies, CiH and I would go on with the same team.


    It didn't take me long to  think about the next  issue of ALIVE! online. I
know some people only use emulators, others think that our diskbased system is
obsolete, still... I'm doing things on ATARI because I love that small plastic
box and what  it represents. Having to use a  peecee to read  an ATARI  mag is
shit and disrespectful to the values I've believed in over the last decade !

    Also as Moondog mentionned in UCM24, we need diversity ! Tho I cannot enjoy
Chosneck I know that people love it and I  love reading  another issue of UCM !
Having a single mag would surely  strenghthen the manpower hiding behind it but
it would smooth  all  views and we  would probably  end up trying to  kill each
other :)

The only way out is...      

    This twisted and steep path we have been  walking on for years ! Again, it
seems  that Grey, Moondog, CiH and I are  definitely fucking  stubborn ! Tho I
feel tired  and sometimes  demotivated I'm  not  ready to  give up ! I want to
download new issues  of UCM or CHOSNECK (that is  if I had 14Mb :), rush to my
ATARI, eagerly  unpack and  run this issue ! I LOVE the  feeling, this is pure
FUJI spirit man ! The same  goes for Michal, Eric, Chris and I : we will go on
but we'll remove ALL pressure and if it takes +6 months to release another mag
then who cares ? Don't even try to complain if you don't help !!

Then it gues it can all be summed up to "we'll go on as long as it's fun"


Alive 7