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Alive 7

          We will, we will rock you !

    Hello there ! I had already  written a long "diary" based editorial when I
decided to  delete it and write this instead... Why ?? Well that 1st edito was
mixed up with not-so-happy moments and I think it's just not worth wasting the
quality of this new issue with such personal crap :)

YES, we did it again !
YES, we are fucking late !
YES, I also think the intro, gfx and msx rock baby !
YES, we are Alive !
YES, I'm mentally deranged :)

NO, we won't apologize for huge delay
NO, I've no idea about next issue deadline
NO, we're not giving up yet (tho only future can tell)
NO, I don't know where you put your pants last night when you came back
    full drunk from this party :)

    Enough for me, let's see what Chris has to say now. Enjoy this issue !

  "New Best Seller released after huge delay!"

No,  I'm not on about the new Harry Potter thing, or am I?? The latest word
is  that  the author,  JK Rowling,  has  started on  the sixth  book of the
increasingly growing series.She has also had a baby in the last few months.
So using our miserable deductive powers, here at Alive GCHQ, we've got some
idea how this next book might well develop.

It  may  well go back and take a closer look at the early life  of  the  boy
sorcerer, and start something like this....


Albertus  Dumbledore  contemplated  the scene before him  with  a  sense  of 
increasing irritation. He turned to speak to no-one in particular. "It's all 
very well opening a kindergarten class at Hogwarts, but who's going to clean 
all these wizard faeces off the ceiling?!"

The toddler Harry Potter looked up at Dumbledore,  and burbled happily,  not 
realising the trouble he was in.

"It's  no  good young man,  you're going to have to go back to the  Dursleys 
until you're properly toilet trained!"

At  the  mention  of the word "Dursley",  the  child's  carefree  expression 
slipped, and he started to cry.....

Ok,  sorry,  this is getting out of hand,  how about "Harry Potter,  and the 
CT60  of Doom",  an epic tale where Harry's anti-ageing spells are tested to
the limit in the seemingly eternal wait for this mythical circuit board. Ah,
it may be the case that by the time this issue hits the streets, some people
will  finally own and worship these items,  in their own private temples  of
computery.  Unless  Rodolphe is playing a very long-winded practical joke on
everybody, but this is unlikely, as he would have scarpered with the money a
long time ago if it wasn't genuine.

Now  I'm  rambling,  so it's time for a level and sensible  paragraph  which
welcomes you to this new and very delayed edition of Alive! We hope the wait
has been worthwhile, as I've managed to squeeze not one, but *four* separate
event reports,  especially the epic Error in Line part 3. Not to mention the
other  stuff  that I've done,  and not to mention what Seb and  others  have
brought  to  this  issue,  as I'm sure he'll do that in his own bit  of  the

Seb  may well say something about this potentially being the last issue,  at
least in classical disk-based form.  I'm not so sure about that, as I'd like
to  carry  on,  but  at a price that we're not busting a gut to  meet  self-
imposed deadlines and getting limited outside help.  So we could end up with
an *annual* release rate,  like Maggie in the final days. I'll say this in a
suitably tedious fashion,  IF YOU WANT FAST ISSUE RELEASES,  THEN YOU'VE GOT 
TO  PUT  SOME  WORK INTO IT YOURSELVES!  Sorry,  that was dull,  wasn't  it!
Diskmag editors, eternal naggers all!

I hope Seb is minded to carry on, and if not, I'll have to send some heavily 
built gentlemen or woodland creatures around his place to tweak his  goatee, 
until he comes around to my point of view!   But seriously, I'm writing this
editorial, with no guarantees at this time that it isn't going to be my last

Okay, I'll leave that one with you, enjoy the issue....

CiH - June '03

Alive 7