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Alive 7



Of course we ALL know Earx  as the  main (and only ?) coder of famous Dutch 
crew FUN INDUSTRIES but strangly his  latest release - and  not  the smallest - 
bore another label, namely LINE OUT. Uh ? Yeah, I was surprised too and since I 
wanted to know  more about the  genesis of  DELTA and that -LINE OUT-  thing, I 
simply decided to address him a few questions :) 


STS : Hiya Pieter ! Will you be kind enough to recall us some info about 
yourself such as real name, age, crew status, occupation and so on ? 

    EARX : my name is Pieter Van  der Meer. I am 24 years  old  now. my crew
(lineout) is alive. at least we seemed not completely zombified at eil3 ;) I
currently am trying to  graduate from  my  study in  electric engineering at
philips labs.

STS : To be honest, I only  remember FUN from the ALIVE demo. Can  you list 
the productions you have been involved into ? Don't forget to mention stuff you 
may have worked on but under another label if  there are some :) Also  use this 
occasion to sum up your status in the Fuji Scene :)

    EARX : oki, I  started  coding  quite some  time before  the  ALIVE demo. I
released my first game neurobotix in 96. was really  proud of it back then, but
now I think it's crap. except for  the good memories  of course :) after that I
joined fun thanx to bonus. And I released a  small 4ktro ICERAIN. It  was maybe
the first one  with sound, but  well not great  in any way ;) only in '98 did I
release  my first  demo called FUNGLE BEATS, based on some  music  by comp7 and
some fx I did during that year. after that came the alive demo. then some music
compilation  for PMP. Then  an intro  for Maggie. And  the  Sector One  and FUN
meeting in 2001  spawned an  intro called "sct1&fun" (okay, a bit  obvious ;)).
for the delta demo I decided to make  a new label. Just to make it  fit to  the
demo a bit better, and to maybe revive the fun crew a bit.

STS : Now back to the  real topic : first  what is LINE  OUT about ? If I 
remember well, you said FUN wasn't quite dead, then why change label ??? Will 
you use it in your -hopefully- future prods or can we expect to see more from 
FUN ? Btw where the hell are the other funners ?? 

    EARX : well, if there are any prods made that fit the name 'fun' better, we
will release under that label. It's more  of a thing  that (music)bands do with
sideprojects. but I can say however that the old part of fun (the founders) are
not very active anymore. I am  very grateful  for bonus  bringing  me  into FUN
though. however: bonus, wingleader and otm are now inactive.

STS : I visited you  and Havoc (who  should be thanked for his kindness one 
again here !)  about 2  years ago. I  remember having  the chance to enjoy some 
screens, were these used in DELTA ? My  memory isn't  so good so  that I cannot 
make sure, except that you already said your next prod would be "something" and 
not necessarily a demo :) What do you mean ?

    EARX : hehehehe. yes, all of a  sudden two strange and  scary ppl came over
to my house. Threatening to  steal my falcon and cd's ;) I remember that :) The
screens  you saw  were  some ugly  demonstrations of  an earlier  version of my
'human fly' engine. indeed, a  later version  of that engine  is used in DELTA.
yes, I also told that the  things I had back then  weren't very demo like. just
basicly a couple of screens that didn't have much in common. and the ideas that
I had at the time  weren't very traditional demo stuff. Like  for instance many
ppl think that the beta part of the demo has no music, only fucked up sounds ;)
so not very "demo"-esque material, but something that defies catagorisation.

STS : now that DELTA is finally out, after two years of work, are you happy 
with the result and the feedback you got ? Tell us everything !

    EARX : hhhm, I don't  know  about  the feedback... some  people were really
positive, some others were really  negative. but I  told myself a lot  of times
before that it's  just my  own things I  want to do. and I did  them they way I
like. I'm even content about some parts of the demo. I really can't say that of
my other prods.

    The reactions of ppl  just  made  me  laugh. Some  anonymous guy   on a web
bulletin thought it was  pure crap (no gfx, crap  msx, too much  repetition). I
think  Mikro  worshipped DELTA, maybe  he built his  own shrine  for it ;) some
others just missed the whole point and said stuff like: nice length. just shows
how different my views are on demos than most other ppl.

STS : Let's play it nasty :) After the  release of DELTA, some rumours were 
heard, saying that you had  partly used the HMM sources given away by NO/Esc. I 
don't want to start a riot but since there were such words, I guess you deserve 
the right to clear things up.

    EARX : Again  these  rumours.. about FUNGLE BEATS  it was  said that I just
reused inter's code. the fact was I used  only 1 modified  effect (out of 10!).
and no.. it wasn't the voxel, it was the persp. rotozoom. and no, I did not use
the hmmm  sources. if you  check the  sources given  with the demo, you can see
that this is true. ofcourse I used (stole) some ideas from norman's great demo.
but the ideas were implemented 100% by myself.

STS : we could have  thought you  would use some  time off  the scene after 
such a big release but we know you're working on another demo ! Ah ah ! So, did 
this demo act as a scene fever trigger or what ? What about  other Fun/Line Out 
members ? You seem quite alone on these projects :( 

    EARX : yes, I seem a bit alone sometimes. the other lineout guys were a bit
silent. however I think this is different now. Havoc is  painting and Dforce is
making music. at  this  moment  it  seems  like we  want  to  release the  demo
somewhere at another atari party this  year. indeed it seemed to  have worked a
little as somekind of trigger. I noticed havoc working on gfx again especially.
anyway, I don't intend on taking a  break. Atari coding  is fun and I don't see
demomaking directly  as something compulsory. mostly I  just code on some stuff
I think is funny and after  a while  it gets more  and more  visually pleasing.
and then some new fx are born. And it's just fun to see them move to music.

STS : Btw  why didn't  you  release  that tower  intro due to  be used with 
UCM15 ? Yeah yeah I know you've had nightmares with it, but I can't believe you 
have given up such a sweet intro :( I promise I won't ask you anymore :P

    EARX : damn ;) maybe  when I  get interested  in ST  stuff again I will do
this. but that could be many  many years. Actually I now know some  more about
oldschool  stuff  such as  syncscrolling  and such  and it  fascinates me. I'd
actually love to write such screens, but indeed first I would have to complete
something a bit more simple like that intro. but I'm not promising anything =)

STS : At EIL3 Havoc  hinted at a  possible PMP  party next  summer or maybe 
next year. Is it more than a dream ? Tho nothing is official, maybe you want to 
use this space to promote such  event ? I missed the first  PMP but I'd love to 
attend the next one !

    EARX : hhhm, I don't know.. other dutch guys are organising an atari party
in February. but in this  time of year not many  ppl have free time. And people
from abroad would  want more  than 2 days of  party I think  cos of  their long
yourneys. if we would do one, Easter time or the summer hollidays sound better.
I'll talk with havoc about this. actually there is alot of interest, especially
from English and French guys.

STS : hmm then what ? I think  you are among the - many- Atarians who have 
been waiting for CT060 for years now. What is your current opinion on that hot 
topic ? Are you tired with waiting or still expecting wonders ?

    EARX : I dunno, I will try to make my stuff more compatible with 040/060 in
the future. but in the first place I code for the standard setup. I've gotten a
bit pissed off about ct60. A normal  company would  have been sued  a long time
ago. I've paid for one as  have many others. The ct60 would  be interesting  to
code. as deez and evl pointed  out to me it might be  interesting to see how it
stands up to  a 060  amiga. Also I think a ct60 Falcon plus  a supervidel  is a
good alternative  to the  current pc's, mac's  and amigaone's. except  in video
applications  it  might  not  be  super fast,  but fast   enough  for  internet
applications, 3d editing and modern dtp stuff.

STS : don't stay in the sunlight coz here comes the brainstorming part !! 
Ready ? Set, go ! Feel free to add missing letters in your formely incredibly 
long nickname :-)

E : eil1
A : add
R : reset
X : addx

L : line-a
I : illegal
N : nop
E : shit, I missed eil2

O : or, yes, that's an instruction too ;)
U : damn, can't think of this one. hUman fly?
T : clr.w -(sp) ; Trap #1

STS : Is there anything you would like to add ? Maybe some message after 
the great Error In Line Party ? 

    EARX : it ruled! I really tried not to sit behind my falc the whole time,
but it seemed there were soo many cool people. impossible to talk to all :)

STS : thanks for giving us some of your time to answer these questions ! 
DELTA is - in my humble opinion - a great demo I'll watch again and again !

    EARX : thanx seb. good luck with alive =)

Alive 7