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Alive 7


According to STS point of view after being at Error In Line 3

   As Error In Line ended a  couple of weeks ago, I thought  this article could
be of some use especially since this party  brought a  LOT of  ST demos  of ALL
kinds : old school, new  school, stylish  stuff, brutal code and more ! As some
of these demos have already reached us (lots of stuff still missing tho) it may
be interesting to try and see what actually makes a demo a GOOD one ! Of course
this article is fully  impregnated with my opinion and  you don't HAVE to agree
with me, the more opinions, the best ! That's what we call democracy !

So this is my VERY  selfish point  of view on  the releases or demos seen at 
EIL3. This article is not meant to offend anyone and I would be sorry if it did 
but since I'm a truly demo lover I thought my comments could be  of some use :) 
Please don't tell me  you're going to stop doing things because of this because 
everyone knows I'm a lamer, so who cares anyway ???

MOVING INTO  DARKNESS : new school fx, great msx, great gfx and overall - as
always in my  humble opinion - a great  mood : Evil and  his fellows managed to
bring us great  fx (esp the mapped  pillar screen !) with  messages and lots of
nice and dark pictures ! You surely know I am -no- cuddly bears and naked women
lover so of course I liked the whole atmosphere of this demo ! Dark stuff added
to nice fx  give us a full  demo with a real  "standing" ! it's  not even about
judging skills  but about how you feel  when watching the  result : well I just
LOVED it and have been watching this demo about a dozen times already !!

ILLUSION : yeah I know that this long awaited demo isn't available yet and I
REALLLY hope it's gonna  make it soon since this demo was presented at Place To
Be Again back in 1994, the very first  Coding Party I attended ! Too bad I fell
asleep after two sleepless nights and  hence missed the compos :( You are going
to think  I'm a nostalgic lamer and I assume that, since  enjoying this demo at
Error In Line 3 (after some floppies troubles :) really made me go gooseflesh !
I almost  felt like crying  to say the truth ! Now  you can say - the way I did
with Moondog and Modmate back  at Unconventional - that I'm a nostalgic lamer !
Yes, I LOVED  Illusion and it brought me back a decade before when I would have
given my life to defend the Fuji  flag ! now I can  only hope that  we can  ALL
enjoy the demo pretty soon !

GRIMEY : the  first EIL 3  entry by Reservoir Gods to be made public ! First
there is the music I really love ! I've never  heard such music before : a kind
of jungle based tune, with loud bass and heavy synchro effort with the fx (very
nice looking stuff too). I guess that every one will not like  it but this demo
definitely  has a peculiar  touch that  makes it sound and  look different from
anything else ! At last  something new ! I hope to  hear and see more from DAMO
now !

POSH : crazy  coder Defjam is  back and ready to kick some asses ! As always
he manages to push all limits far beyond everything else (in my humble opinion)
tho POSH crudely lacks polishing, unlike demos  like Darkness, but coders don't
give a shit about design hey :) It strongly  reminds me of Holocaust demos (tho
they always were stylish) with brutal code at its best : you want it faster and
bigger ? Defjam  will do  it ! A pure  code  demonstration that  shows that our
small STs still have the  guts for more  stunning fx ! POSH isn't out yet but I
hope Defjam is working on better design. I have to  admit he has original ideas
tho like the torus fx mixed with various pictures. This is a TRUE demonstration
of CPU power !

HALLUCINATIONS  and FANTASIA  are more  old school demos than new school but
this is in no way a bad thing ! It's a good reminder that nice colors DO matter
a LOT ! No borders removed for sure and  most fx have been  seen before but old
school means to me mixing nice looking fx and  gfx and  surely these  two demos
won't contradict this point of  view. No sky  rockets  but good  demos for sure
with strong talents on all sides : fx, gfx and msx ! old recipes always work as
we say :)

   The "_" demo by ESCAPE brought once again some fresh air to the Falcon Scene
tho to be  honest we were  NOT that  surprised this  time, opposed to their HMM
release back in 1999. Still this demo, without a name or called "underscore" ?,
brings a mystic atmosphere mixed with great msx by 505 ! In my  opinion this is
not a demo anymore, it's an experience ! Fx look great but aren't so surprising
anymore, esp maybe for the awesome bee part :)

BEAMS by tSCc brought  something different  tho strongly based on a peculiar
atmosphere rythmed by Mc Laser's tune ! I don't remember a  lot about this demo
esp as it hasn't been made available yet as I write this but I'm REALLY waiting
for it as it showed very  unique fx and  above all an -AWESOME- soundtrack  all
mixed  together in a  perfect  harmony ! A bit  like "_" but with  a completely
different feeling... Can you see me drooling ? I hope not :)

   To wrap it up, let's finish with a few words about ECHOS, the 96Kb entry by
DHS/Evolution/New Beat. To  speak  the truth I  only have  a basic  Falcon and
surely the intro doesn't look so  smooth on this config but it shows that some
people are still focusing on the future of Falcon while most of us are eagerly
waiting for the CT060. Nice effort, can't say  more since I  have NOT seen the
intro run on the planned machine :)

Last words :

   Well if you have read this article  correctly you must have understood that
you and I will like all different kinds of demos ! Sorry  if I didn't name all
of them but I  thought it was  kinda useless :) There are demos I mostly liked
because of their soundtrack (Grimey, Beams), others that  I liked more for the
atmosphere (Darkness) or overall design (Fantasia, Hallucinations) or even the
shock of seeing such impressive code (Posh !) but I  don't want  to reduce all
these demos to this !

Once again, this is  my VERY  personal point of  view and I -AM- pretty sure 
you've enjoyed ALL demos the way I did for different  reasons. Dunno if I'm the 
only one who's observed this but never  before has a Fuji party brought so many 
different styles of demos ! Yes we are ALIVE and, yes!, we  can  bring a lot of 
FLAVOURS ! Thanks  to everyone who's still  active and was involved in Error In 
Line 3 entries !  
----------------------------------------------------------------------- Sts -- 

Alive 7