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Alive 7
- ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// demo review /// -
| ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// |
| ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// |
| falcon contribution - by Cruor /////////////////////////////////////////// |
| ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// |
:                                                                            :
.                                                                            .

 Once upon a time there was a group of pizza eating coke drinking, no social
life  having  people called  atari sceners. These  kids liked  to spend many
hours behind their ataris. Some  machine flavours  were common amongst these
sceners. First the trusty old ST and later  the slightly crippled, but oh so
exotic Falcon.

 When  the falcon  came about  half  the scene  was already  poisoned by the
influence of the pc empire and simply never bought the bird. Anyway, for the
ones that did buy one it was impossible to avoid the demoscene.

 There weren't too many games, so people  found themselves drawn more to the
closest alternative : watching demos. And some  great demos there were. What
started as single  screens  showing some (for that time  impressive) gouraud
shading, fli playing, rotozoomers and rotating balls with 6000 dots, evolved
some years later  to massive  and  original demos  like autowaschen verboten
and obnoxious.

 Ofcourse we all know the rest  of the story. In '96 the falconscene shrank
to the size of a walnut, and after 97 to the size of a peanut, leaving some
handful  of  freaks to  do the  painting, tracking, coding  stuff. The last
couple of years have  been quite  steady. We saw  some good stuff, but  the
quantity is low.

 Certainly nobody expected some crew from the 'golden age' to spring back
into action.....

 At eil 2003 Cruor, known from  painium disaster, released  their new demo :
"Falcon Contribution" =))) Let's  cut the  crap and get on with the review :
The demo  starts out with  some text telling  the viewer of cruor's absence.
I personally always hope such textscreens don't last too long. Spacehitting,
resetknob grabbing actions are often seen here ;)

 Then a nicely done  winter screen comes completed with twirling snowflakes
over some siberia background ;) This background slowly changes into a great
image of  the falcon  casing. The  flakes  disappear and  the drivelight is
activated. Good idea =)

 For a while a good panoramic handpixeled pic of a city in flames comes up.
The credits are  displayed. Font and pic are extremely nice. Something that
would have fit to a quality game for instance. This is maybe a bit too long,
but the music is good enough to keep you amused.

 Then  the titlescreen  comes up. The  background is slightly less good and
appears to generic. The wireframe (blurred?) object in front of it makes it
acceptable though.

 Two cones  made of sprites come up. Not too stunning, although fast enough.
Our old friend the tunnel visits us, this time with a fuji of dots  over it.
It's fast and the texture is colourful and well done.

 A picture in Japanese style is next. It shows some samurai gear complete
with katana blades and stuff (I don't know what I'm talking about ;)) The
fuji's look nice in this one.

 Now  comes some  lavalamp  screen thingy  with a  metallic 'trophy'  saying
"falcon 10  years". The particle lavalamp  things on the side are well done.
I don't know what kind of trajectory the particles have, maybe it's somekind
of physics?

 Also another picture  is shown. And  this is in my eyes truly astounding.
A woodpecker did it's work on a branch. It  now reads 'cruor'. Nice theme,
and great execution. One of the best pics ever done on Falcon in my humble

 The final screen comes up. Some gouraud vector objects. They have a moderate
amount of polys and it's doublepixeled.. However there is a background and it
looks clean and smooth.

 So, a new demo from Cruor. Welcome back to the falcon! I hope you will make
more stuff for this rare bird =))

Conclusion :

code:     65%, nothing really earthshattering, but clean and smooth.
          (and runs well on my ct2!)
graphics: 90%, most pictures are absolutely stunning.
          the only thing i miss is some more coherency. maybe some more
          graphics within the fx would be nice, but that's all.
music:    85%, rather nice tune reminding of the good old times from the
          falcon. it sounds clean and has a good feeling.
overall:  I'd say 75%, a good example of an oldschool falcon demo.

Yeah, I think this is a nice production. It's amazing what a flashback this
one gave. I want more of this =)) Welldone guys!

- earx 2003 ------------------------------------------------------------------

Note of STS : sorry for the intrusion here but I thought I had something here. 
Indeed this demo DOESN'T  work on my Falcon  and from what I've  heard I'm not 
the only one stuck ! I have a  bare Falcon, meaning 4Mb and FPU, and this demo 
definitely  freezes after the 'Falcon Contribution'  screen :( Just too bad to 
see that the guys of CRUOR  haven't cared about  a fully compatible version :( 
No update  seems to  be planned  and really  that makes  me sad  to see tgat a 
humble  contribution to the  Falcon Scene doesn't even  run on ALL machines... 
Please  guys, move  your ass and  make the demo  run on every  Falcon coz this 
sounds like peecee non compatible shit !   

Since Paranoid also wrote a review, you can find it here ! 

Alive 7