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Alive 7


Some time ago legendary  French crew MJJ PROD came  back to life. Of course 
you surely remember them from demos like ANOMALY and the many Gfx their artists 
Niko and  Wilfried produced  for  other  crews like  Oxygene among others. This 
revival of MJJ PROD didn't happen easily  with their first - new - steps highly 
(and rightfully imho) criticized in diskmagazines, including  Alive, but that's 
an old story and we'll try to avoid causing another uproar :)

Their super active gfxman C-rem surely shows these incidents won't stop him 
esp as we all could  enjoy  great gfx  from him in  MOVING  INTO  DARKNESS, DHS 
brilliant ST entry at Error In Line 3. C-rem has  suddenly wiped  out all other 
graphicians, coming from - almost :) - nowhere. Where does he come from ? Is he 
a newcomer ? Who abducted Mulder ? The truth is out there !

STS : Hi Emeric, how are you doing today ? Let's start this interview with 
asking for more information about you : real name, age, occupation  and so on. 
Of course we would like you to tell us about your past, especially as you once 
were a member of MAD VISION ! Don't forget to tell us if  you also belonged to 
other crews at that time. Don't forget to tell about  the origin of  your nick 
too !

  C-Rem : I'm fine and especially  after this great EIL3 . My name  is  MONNARD
Emeric and i'm 29 ... I'm in  charge of  an electrical/industrial  departement.
U're right : I've been member of MV (I've integrated them just before amazine3)
there are 1 or 2 pics of me  in AMZ3 ... But when they've  decided to  move  to
Falcon ... there was a problem ... too expensive  nice little  bird !!... :) My
nick ?? emeric -> cireme  -> c-rem  !!!

STS : Why and when did you leave  the Atari Scene ? And naturally the next 
question is when did you get back and why again ? Did you know the guys of MJJ 
Prod earlier or did you join them as a happy coincidence ?

 C-Rem : I've left the scene coz of my studies ... not enough time ... and no
more atarians with me for 3 years + national service . After I've been working
7 years out of france... one day I've decided to type  'ATARI' on  google  and
I've seen that a lot of websites were very active ... I've signed  one  or two
guestbooks and I've been contacted by zorro2 ... quickly we've decided to work
together and Fel'x has asked me to join them ...  and here I'm ... :)  thx  to
them ...

STS : Tell us more  about  the  current  memberlist of MJJ Prod : the crew 
seems to be composed of an incredible  number of  ppl (more than 10 ?) but I'm 
still not convinced as many are seemingly inactive. Give us an insider's point 
of view please !

  C-Rem : At the moment we've zorro2, strider and kiksoft as active coders...
+ Gloky  who does things when he is motivated ... Fraks as also joined us and
I think he is also motivated ... but nothing serious was  released by him ...
Wilfried  has  done a few pics but prefers true-colorz pics  ... on Falcon ??
Mr Nours is our hard-core gamer and Fel'x is THE BOSS !!! :)

STS : let's  add  some "spice"  to this  interview :) I am fully aware that 
Moondog and I have become #1 ennemies in your headquarters, maybe you even have 
"wanted" posters spread  here  and there ? What is - YOUR - opinion about these 
events ? If I may add something, it seems that  the other guys are making quite 
a fuss about something that is quite common, namely "bad" comments. 

 C-Rem : Hum ! ... not easy ... don't forget one thing ... it takes a  lot  of
time to do even a simple demo ... and at our ages ... time is precious  ...  so
when u spend a lot of time to do something , u're always sad when  comments are
hard ... that's  all !! ... zorro2 was close to  stop coding  in order  not  to
ternish the reputation of MJJ ... sad no ? ...hopefully I think that this story
is finished ...

STS : let's get back to more interesting stuff now. At EIL3 Dead Hackers 
Society released a great ST demo in which you've been strongly involved with 
Evil. How did you happen to work with  him ? How did you work together ? Was 
it fun ? And above all, what do you think of the final result ?

  C-Rem : Thx to IRC ... he has seen a pic from  me and has  asked me if it was
possible to do one or two things... and FEW things later "Darkness" was here...
I've kept the whole evolution of the demo :) ... evl is a god/coder ... most of
the time he has modified the demo to fit with my pics ... so easy for me ... :)
yeah ! That was very funny... I'm quite impatient to do another demo with him !
I LOVE this demo because it's my very first !! ... Thx also to gizmo and 505 !!

STS : Do you have other projects in mind ? I guess you'll keep working with 
the guys of MJJ Prod but surely  many other crews  must be  interested  in your 
skills :) Any offer from other crews ?

  C-Rem : We have several projects ATM ... wait and see !! :) ... Actually I've
done some pics for grazey , for u :) (alive), for  moondog ... if I have enough
time I'll try to help everybody in fact ! :)

STS : like a mosquito, I'm going to try and collect a little blood from you 
now with asking this : how do  you work ? What tool  do you use ? I  don't want 
you to unveil secrets but you and I know things other ppl may be interested in 
if you see what I mean :) And don't try to skip this question. 

 C-Rem : I have  not understood that question .... :) ... I use my pc + degas !!
and sometimes some photos of sceners to make textures ... I let u  explain this.
Niko is my favorite gfxman so I've done  some pics with his style + few textures
sometime I cut and paste... it depends on the  time I have... usually not enough
Mic is also a god/gfx... Exocet is incredible... and EDO a la peau douce...

STS : while I'm thinking of it, you told me about painting in 256 colors 
mode. Does it mean that Falcon  crews can  also expect to  benefit from your 
skills ? Have you  ever painted in such mode ? I wouldn't be able to move to 
such wide palette, I'm not even using 16 colors properly :p

 C-Rem  : I'll try to do some 256 colorz pics & logos... but I deeply think that
16 colorz rulz forever in my heart !! :) ... wait and see... I'll  try to find a
falcon first ... if pics are ok I'd  like to work on  a CT060 demo ... when it's
ready, arf !!!

STS : As you were  in contact with the "former" Atari Scene and also the 
"new" one you surely can  make a  comparison between  the two. We  know that 
Sceners from the first years quite don't like the new style that is inspired 
on Peecee and Amiga demos. What do you think of this evolution ?

  C-Rem : there is enough room for everybody ! I like both... really... I like
all demos because every time I also think about  the people who have worked on
it. Oldschool/newschool ? --> only demos !!! ... that's the way  to see things.

STS : you attended EIL3 and really I was happy to meet you since you're a 
really friendly chap ! I hope we can arrange a weekend at my place btw :) How 
did you like this meeting ? Were you disappointed ? Happily surprised ? Or ??

  C-Rem : I can't wait for the next one !!! 2 years to wait ??? NO WAY !! :)
pleaaazzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!! ... everytime ... everywhere ....

STS : enough  with torturing you... almost  over  indeed...  since only the 
brainstorming part is left. Quite easy stuff since you only have to fill in the 

C : Chip music
R : Rulz atitude
E : Energy
M : Moving into darkness

M : Mannen in actie ! (favorite beer advert)
J : Jupiler (Belgium beer !)
J : Just for the fun

P : playstation ... oups !! final fantasy maniac !
R : Reservoir Gods !! -> cool guys  ...
O : Odd
D : far from Dead ... atari is alive .. and Dhs of course

STS : now  with the  final  lines as  I thank you  for answering  all these 
questions and also for bringing so much to our Scene ! Anything you want to say 
to our readers ?

  C-Rem : thx to all sceners for this EIL3  ... hope to see u all in the next
(\ _ /)

STS : well, that's it, now you can have a rest and get a beer :) I really 
hope we can see more gfx from you ! And I also hope we'll meet again too !

Alive 7