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Alive 7
----------------------------   Error In Line 3 4Kb Screens  ------------------------


                               By Reservoir Gods

     RG alone covered 66.6667% of the entries  in the 4K intro competition, so I
bet they must be damn proud!  Also,  mathematically,  they would be sure to gain
2nd place or higher  (just  think  about  it!),  and,  with  this intro, this is
exactly the place they gained!

     The main coding was  handled  by  a  guy  called  Damo  (which I personally
haven't heard of yet, as I'm  not  near  England,  and  I'm not that long in the
scene, or he is a newcomer :), with  some help from MrPink, and optimizations by
(the last of the Mohicans) Earx.

     What's the intro like?  Well,  let  me  start  like  this (the following,of
course, are my speculations. For  all  I  know  they  might be the truth!): Damo
wanted to code a fire effect. He did.  And then, after the fun bit (coding) came
the boring bit (design). So, what pattern  to  use  on a fire effect that hasn't
been used before?

     He let go of the subject, and then he got on a meeting with the rest of the
Gods. Then they got drunk. Afterwards, they got really drunk. Then, they started
asking questions like: "Why do  these  mushrooms  are  so  hard to eat?" and the
obvious answer (from a  passer-by)  would  be:  "These  are not mushrooms, sirs,
these are the corks from the bottles!" (a wink to the fans of Edika here ;).

     Then, some chap "accidentally" put a Vangelis Papathanasiou "Best of what?"
CD on the player and after a bit somebody pressed play. Then the room was filled
with some weird music from Blade Runner,  and  then  a bit of music they thought
they heard before.

     Then, as if by miracle, the player  bought  it. It emitted some smoke, then
ejected the CD right in Damo's face. Damo  at first thought he passed out, so he
let the CD being where it was. After a while he thought he wasn't passed out, so
he took the CD from his face and  looked  at  it. The first thing he saw was the
intro's title.

     "Chariots of Fire"

     Then, it all made sense (did it?): Make  a  fire effect that has a Cover of
Vangelis music from the film with the same  name, and put a runner as a pattern.
What runner? Why not the runner  from Track'n'field, that amazing (ahem) coin-op
from the '80s?

     The rest, as they say, is history.  I  hope  you figured out from the story
above what's the intro like.

     (Huge apologies to RG there,  my  mind  got  sort  of carried away. It will
happen again :)


                          By Stratagem/Reservoir Gods

     The second intro from RG on this  category  (or the first, depending on how
you read the reviews ;) is a bit  of  a surprise to me. "Code by Stratagem"? So,
old sceners come back! And code too! Cool!

     Also titled RG Rotator, this 4k intro, once loaded, prints a small message,
waits a bit (note: it doesn't precalculate  during this, the delay is just there
for the text to be read), and then  gives us a dots scroller consisting of white
pixels on a black background, which rotates  around all three axis, and has some
blue dots for a shadow effect too (although it is easily done).

     The text is quite unreadable,  and  I  haven't  been  able to find any text
inside the executable (even after unpacking), so for  all I know it might be the
message being displayed at the beginning.

     To sum it up: a cool, small,  quick 4k intro, although Stratagem could cram
even more into it (the executable's size  is  just  above 2k) and could make the
scroller a bit more readable. A good effort anyway.

GGN/KÜA software productions/Alive Team

Alive 7