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Alive 7
                       The Atari CD of Atari Times
                            Explored by Marss

The Atari Times is  especially known  for critiques of  Atari  games, on all
systems created by our adored business. Guillaume had the good idea to order
it the last year  for the  moderate sum  of 30  dollars. In addition to be a
fantastic cook, it is a ready boy  to all to make you pleasure. And it was a
pleasure when he lent me, for  some hours, the atari  CD compiled by Gregory
D. George.

Well, what we  find  there ? A lot  of things  because it doesn't weigh less
than 640 mega. Let's explore the CD together. I click  two times on the left
button of the mouse to activate  the CD. And there, eight  directories  come
with the main Html file. All the site  of Atari Times is  present (33 mega).
A  directory "documents" follows (9 mega). Let's see  this directory  if  it
contains top-secret files. Yes  and no. No because of the FAQS on the Ataris
systems, one read them  ten times (2600, 5200, Lynx, Jaguar  and VLM) and of
documents  for developers. Yes  coz the  magazine "Ultimate Gamer" dedicates
several pages to a file that is called "The Atari  Quest". But of what quest
the author can speak (Chris Bienisk) ? The quest of the Grail, products ever
left by Atari and that makes you dream. Therefore, our  adventurers leave to
Sunnyvale at John Skruch's, director of department software.

Before their child's eyes, they discover the Atari Tab Mouse, the Mind Link
System and of games. The scoop, but that is not anymore one of it, is a VCS
emulator for the Jaguar CD. What a waste...

There  is  a  thick  directory (68 Mega) for  graphics. All  machines  are
represented. A thought comes me for the Jaguar 2, the Panther, the virtual
helmet and the Atari Video Music and its visual effects evolving according
to the resonant source. Two  photos, no three. The  big Jeff Minter, Nolan
Bushnell in his swimming pool smoking the pipe and this young naked woman,
the body covered of Jaguar cartridges.

As I am music-loving, I speed along toward the MP3  and the WAVS files (162
Mega).  Battlemorphs,  Battlesphere, Tempest  2000 and  Defender  2000 will
enliven your disco evenings. I am going to play one of it for the pleasure.
There is not to retell, Tempest 2000, you are the best.

Now, I am perplexed because a directory of 96 Mega is filled of Roms (Jaguar,
Lynx, 2600, 5200, 7800 and of the TOS). A pity, because there are sellers who
sell games again (Jaguar especially), let's  help them therefore and buy them
if you wish it. To  the  fact, benefit some  to procure  you "Black Ice-White
Noise". It is the free advertisement for Ambient Distortion.

You are going to laugh but in addition  to like music, I am fond of  videos
and with what I see, I  am filled. All videos of nearly all systems. Nearly
all to be exact but one has some for  its money (273 Mega). It is nostalgic
and vanguard (Tea Fly, Mindlink tea, Joust, MTV Centipede, the 5 Jaguar ads
"Nothing Seems To Be Fun Anymore"... to only mention some of it).

Let's enter in the quick of the topic, to  know the site by itself. The title
of the site is simple and  colorful. Just is  a slogan  underneath "The Atari
all newsletter  written  Atarians  by, Atarians for! ". And under the slogan,
of categories (Jaguar, Lynx, Classics, to Compute, Arcade, Reviews, Features,
Guides,  Interviews, Cat and  Submit». The same  categories are in the column
of left. There is also  the head  of M. George, in person, shot  by a Webcam.
The last  information dated of  September 2002, therefore not  that fresh but
the interest is elsewhere, all as the truth besides. It is to be able to read
everything that has to read without hurrying. The pleasure to  take its time.
Every system  is called  the same  way, I hear by  that the stake in page and
under-categories. There  is  a description  of   the  machine, then  of  game
critiques, follow-up  by  documents, of  guides, of the  unpublished pictures
and an under-category "various".

My God, of pictures of Area 51 Site 4, it will be mine, yes, one day, it will
be mine (yes, I know, I looked  too much at  Wayne's World. But this  site is
not content with to  speak of games. Its creator  breaks himself  the head to
publish some interesting things. Who didn't  dream to have a guide of Lynx or
Jaguar games, as  well as their  manuals. Or of  the  special numbers  as the
Time Atari 2002 Year End Issue...

I think  to  have made  the tour  of the content of this good CD. Good, the
question that one can put is himself  a possible  purchase. As I told it in
introduction, the  price is reasonable and  its purchase can  encourage the
author  to  finance  other  projects. Therefore, if  you  want to  look  at
video ads or to benefit Roms Jaguar the CD atari is made for you. Otherwise,
wait a little...


Alive 7