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Alive 7
                         The Alien VS Predator Quiz
                                 by Guyome
                            translated by Marss

As you  have already  guessed this  little quiz was the idea of  Guillaume to
entertain us at the Jaguar Connection 2003  in Montdauphin. As usual, I asked
him to provide me with this stuff. Your turn now to answer this bunch of easy
questions. The  gift, for the  winner, was a  beautiful  and  original poster
of the game, lucky  of you  Fredifredo. Feel free  to return  your answers to

1. What studio developed Alien versus Predator ?
A. Imagitech Design
B. Lore Design
C. Rebellion Software

2. The studio which developed AvP developed other Jaguar titles. Which ones ?
A. Iron Soldier and Iron Soldier II
B. Checkered Flag and Skyhammer
C. Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales and Internationnal Sensible Soccer.

3. A version of Alien versus Predator was planned on Lynx. Why ?
A.  To inaugurate the system of Jaguar/Lynx interaction.
B.  To show the power of the Lynx.
C.  Because it was initially a Lynx game.

4. How is called the marine in Alien versus Predator ?
A. Soldier Launches J. LEWIS.
B. Corporal Michael Hichs
C. Commander William Riker
D. Obiwan Kennoby

5. What cinema studio thought of making a movie out of Alien Vs Predator ?
A. Universal Picture.
B. Warner Brother.
C. Twentieth Century Fox.

6. What is the best weapon in the game ?
A. The Alien's jaws.
B. Smart Gun of the navy
C. The plasma gun of the Predator.

7. What is the difference between the version of the SNES and the Jaguar ?
A. It is not the same studio of development
B. It is the same game but on Jaguar it is much more beautiful!
C. It is not the same kind of game.

8. Was there a version CD of Alien versus Predator planned ?
A. No.
B. Yes, it was Alien versus predator as on PC.
C. Yes, but it was only a CD porting of the Alien versus Predator we know.

9. Alien blood is :
A. Green and sticky
B. Green and acid
C. Pink and stinky !

10. What is the true name of Alien versus Predator II ?
A. Legions of the Undead
B. Army of Freaks
C. Good question which will remain alas unanswered.

11. An Alien versus Predator comic strip  was published. By whom ?
A. Marvel Comics.
B. Dark Horses.
C. Glenat.

12. What is the most expensive science-fiction licence ?
A. Starwars
B. Star Trek
C. Alien
D. Obiwan Kennoby

1. C Rebellion Software
2. B Checkered flag and Skyhammer
3. B to show how powerful Lynx was and A. to launch the interactive connection
   between the Jaguar and the Lynx
4. A Soldier Lance J. Lewis
5. C Twentieth Century Fox
6. A, B and C
7. C It's not the same kind of game.
8. A yes but it never went further than being a rumour.
9. B green and acid.
10. C good question but it'll never be answered I'm afraid :(
11. B Dark horses
12. A Alien

Alive 7