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Alive 6



Grazey of Psycho Hacking Force is one of the biggest chipmusic fan around the ST
scene and since 1987, he collected and extracted tunes from all the games, demos
and  others productions  he could find.  Having already  released lots of  music
-disks which compiled some of his ripped archives,  he decided to strike hard by
creating this gigantic beast...

The  Ultimate Music Demo  8730  is  composed  of  4646  ST YM tunes,  making  it
certainly the biggest music-disk available on any platform around.

[The Intro]

So it's coming with  a long ST music history intro, based on  a 21 minutes music
-medley!  The story  is synchronized  with  the music  and  it's resulting  in a
description  of events  associated  with  the different  themes  covered  in the
medley,  such as infos on the production where it comes from, on its authors, or
about the composer.

A historical fresco  is displayed  at the bottom of the screen  representing the
world history  from  1980  to  2000  with some excerpts  of it,  like Pong,  the
DowJones collapse,  or the Hubble telescope.  A small arrow is moving at the top
of it  and shows  the approximative  release period  of the  currently commented

In a window over the story text,  some pictures of the concerned productions are
displayed  and even some effects  and animations  from those,  like the Suretrip
mapping part or the speaking face from Xenon. It looks really great!

The medley itself is made by Tao  who is in my opinion the one  who had the best
habilities  to do it,  between all  the active  ST musicians,  as he was already
present  at the beginning  of the ST scene  and because  he already made tons of
covers. Also he's not  a bad musician. ;P  The themes are  faithfully reproduced
and nicely spiced up  with the neat Tao effects.  Notice that it's not  a totaly
continuous medley because there's a "fade out fade in", in the middle.

So the story  and medley  begin with  Federation of Free Traders game,  progress
through the years  and end with Sweety and Breath demos.  The synchronisation is
perfect, making this intro a interesting and relaxing show.

[The Music-Disk]

The collection  is ordered  by authors' names  in a window  with an alphabetical
panel  at the top of it  for fast positioning.  There's  another window  for the
author's musics selection.  Real name, nationality  and a grey dithered photo of
the author  are displayed  if  known.  For the multi-tunes archives  (these  are
mostly for games soundtracks)  the sub-tune number is displayed  and you need to
re-click on the archive name  to listen the next tune.  Personnaly, i would have
prefered some next and previous icons to navigate through the archive.  Also the
mouse response is quite fast and sometimes it jumps over a song.  But anyway the
browsing is good considering the enormous size of the library.

The listening is like every classic ST music-disks, the song is looped again and
again  as long as you don't select  a new one.  In fact i don't think  that many
music replay routines  (if any) can tell  when the music is finished,  so having
the tune played  for its original duration  would require  the manual storage of
each 4646 tunes' duration, a too long process to be done in my opinion. :)

The graphics are nice, i especially like the "urban stereo" and its equalizers.

Concerning  the collection itself ?  Oh, it's just  the tunes from (the)  180 ST
musicians  including some previously unreleased ones, nothing more. ;)  How many
hours of listening ?  Who could tell  (perhaps the mad-guy  who would write down
all the tunes durations ;) ?! But at least, i think that there are certainly are
tons of. ;D


All the titanic work  from Grazey  on this compilation  has reached  its goal of
definitive collection  (well okay, until no new tunes were released ;).  Now you
don't need to boot anything but the UMD8730 to listen your favorites YM tunes.

Also the intro  is so great  and interesting  that it  could have been  released
alone as a big production.

Not just great and complete, ULTIMATE!

[>-------------------------------------------------------) 30/10/02 Dma-Sc (--<]

Alive 6