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Alive 6

The rise of girl power on the Falcon '030?

There  has never been a large participation from the fairer sex on any  demo
scene platform.  Indeed,  the demo scene as a whole has been so heavily male
dominated,  that  any  female involvement at all has been newsworthy.  So it
was,  that we gasped with awe, when the female nicknamed 'Mascot'  cosied up
to  oldskool code-busters Delta Force.  It was interesting how her nick  and
status/role within the group coincided?!  Since then,  feminine interest has
been stonily thin on the ground, apart from one or two brave IRC'ers (Tilde)
and  one or two blatant female impersonators,  (Kellis!),  I can only recall
the Reservoir Gods Ripley as an active female scener.

I  can  think  of  no female coders,  apart from the  less-aptly  named  and
somewhat  deceased "Lucky Lady",  who specialised in the murky area of virus
creation.  Now  it  seems we are faced with no less than two  new  female(?)
coders, Sandra and Timea, who make up the all-female crew known as the 'Cool 

After  the  Kellis  story,  a  tale  of  cross-gender  assumption  of  "MiNT 
condition"  operating  systems,  the  general Atari community  tends  to  be
sceptical of claims of femaleness,  and so it proved this time as well.  The
Central  European  location  of the Cool Girls hideout tends  to  point  the
finger  of  suspicion at the robustly all-male 'Satantronic',  according  to
some sources.

This  could be an elaborate joke and we examine the available evidence  more
closely,  the  quality  of their first release 'Sweety Buildings' runs on  a
Falcon only,  and needs a 100 Hz capable VGA screen to run on. This suggests
a bit of a rush job.  The demo itself is soon over, with an opening sequence
consisting of a typical fake-crew scrawled 'Cool Girls' logo, and a spinning
vector  line and dot represented 3-D world,  which looks rather crude in its

I wouldn't want to meet this 3-D world down a dark alleyway!

This gives way to the second part of the demo,  a so-so 'fire effect',  with
some kind of afterimage left on parts of the screen from clearing the  first
part of the demo?  Neat,  professional,  and well executed, this 'aint! This
goes  on until you dab at the spacebar to get back to the desktop.  And that
is your lot.  There is an unusual sounding audio track,  sort of a Slovakian 
folk  band  sound,  which adds some momentary novelty to a short and  untidy
looking fake demo.

The Cool Girls seem to represent an attempt by their unknown parent crew  to
get  rid  of some elderly bits of code,  and have a bit of fun at  the  same
time, without being slagged off under their real name of Satantronic(Oops!)

This  arousal  of  girl power might prove to be of greater  interest,  if  a
future  rather better production bearing the 'Cool Girls' logo comes  along,
but  I've  got  a feeling that we won't see too much more  of  them  in  the

CiH, for Alive! Mag,Nov '02.

Alive 6