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Alive 6

    Once again, I've reached that moment when there's nothing more to write but
this statistics article :) I've  spent  a couple of  hours packing all piccies,
msx and texfiles and I can tell you that's quite a waste of time !!! I'll never
get why packing a stupid picture takes that long !! Call it bad luck or a curse
but packing the UCM23 menu snapshot (read our  review) took 47 minutes !! Baaah
I thought I would never see the end of it ! Anyway enough crap, time to pay the
bill :)


    This time  we  have 86  textfiles, well 87 with  this one :) To be honest,
Paranoid's two FAQs were so huge that I had to split them into smaller parts.
CiH also wrote a huge piece of article with his "Shows remembered" thing that
weighs 65Kb unpacked !!  Btw did you find the hidden part in some interview ?
No ? Hu check them again then :) Basically we give you  less than 70 articles
this time but quality is still as good as we have  no internet rip :) Our +80
textfiles were 792Kb big before ICE Packer crunched them to a decent 420Kb.


   Three chippies and one module make 6 files for a humble total of 176Kb now
reduced to 63Kb.


   Not as many pictures as in UCM23 but indeed these are only the cherries on
the cake and take too much space so that I only used 23 PI1 files still about
736Kb big, now reduced to 291Kb !


   MJJ Prod gave us a short  and  nice intro  that weighs  65Kb while I'm still
waiting for Mikro's Falcon intro :( Right now I can't tell if he'll send me his
intro, if he never started it, can't say anything, I'll just  wait one more day
and then release this issue with or without the intro :(

Check please !

    Uh that gives us another big issue ! It's  about 1.8Mb unpacked (with ALL
files, shell and  intro included) and  about 840Kb packed ! Argh I'll have to
find a way to spread it...

Alive 6