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Alive 6

From  the Golden Age, one attitude  ruled over the rest and was called the 
"Try to beat  dis" symptom ! Crews  followed  each other, reproducing the same 
kind of effect, improving it and therefore bragging over other crews : yeah we 
did better than you suckers ! Or something like that... Childish you think ? I 
also do but we're not here to judge other people's work anyway...

    So, once again, here they're back : good old sprites furiously moving along
an invisible sinus  force, while a  static background  supports them. There are
days when  you feel like you  don't wanna hear  such stuff anymore, I swear !!!
Leonard already  tried to lobotomize us with his old  fractal record and others
in the - rightfully called - Nostalgi'o (so boring) demo...

    Anyway we can't ignore forces of nature and as every sprite record tends to
spawn endless threads of posting on DHS, we cannot decently ignore new efforts.
Indeed not less than  four pretenders, including Lord Leonard himself, tried to
beat the record and enter the golden book of... erm what exactly ???


    Some time ago, out favourite weird Swedes struck back with another screen :
this time they were to beat Leonard's (yawn) sprite record ! Their screen shows
the usual sprite thing plus new chiptune, distorted  scroller AND spline line !
The scroller is really  worth the reading as it reads craptalk for while ! If I
remember well what I read this screen was written on a drunk evening :)

    Anyway  this "record"  of 270  sprites  is said to  be cheating because the
sinus curve is shorter than the original one, thus  preventing the sprites from
waving any further... Who  cares ?? I DON'T !! At least  the scroller was quite
entertaining and we don't get such  sweeties every day ! Nice try, really funny
and shows that the whole sprite thing is kinda fake anyway...

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    Lord "I am the best" is back to beat his own record ! As usual the archived
file will unpack to full blank disk and will definitely NOT run from harddrive,
hmm who said "old school" ?? Then we are presented  with either a half-meg or a
1Mb version... Then the now usual sprite screen pops up with the same old music
(by mad max if I remember well ?). Have a look at it yourself :

    Impressive isn't it ?? Nay I'm just kidding as this whole  sprite review is
finding me bored to death ! This time Leonars offered us a double sprite record
working either on  standard or  on "upgraded" (meaning  1Mb) machines. The only
difference  between the  two of  them  being the  number of  sprites : I cannot
remember how much it was on 520ST but I know it's 270 PLUS one! in 1Mb version.
What  more to  say ? Not much, waouh, great, congrats, impressive ! Now you are
happy ? Leave my leg alone then !

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     As Strider was to join MJJ Prod, Supremacy  gave us a final screen before
dying... (Uh I thought they were long dead :). Their sprite record seems quite
impressive if you  consider the small prg size !! Can they  beat it especially
as their (only ?) member Strider only codes gfa ??? Thrilling stuff !

     It  doesn't take  long  before  we get  to  the spot ! Actually a picture
showing a vinyl labelled 300 sprites (memory guess) keeps  spinning around and
that's it ! Actually this is a 300 sprite record !! Now I wanna hear more from
that crew !!! Funny and short, do I need to add some more ??

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    Here is the lastest record, exclusive stuff !!! This time  it comes from
Gwen, a French coder, said to be Chuck/Dune according to DHS. So far nothing
more has been heard from that coder (that is if he's not Chuck :).

    As you can see there isn't a lot more to say : the same sprites (only blue
this time) with a blocky horizontal scrolltext  at the bottom. Gwen manages to
reach 360  sprites  hence  slapping Leonard  right in da face... well if  that
record had been valid of course :) From what I  read on DHS  and Leonard's hq,
the sprites wave loops too fast. As a consequence it cannot be compared to the
other tries.

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Well well well... That's it and let be honest : these records are BORING ! 
I don't care at all about  such screens anymore. They look ok  but show no new 
idea at all except for the fake ones :) Besides, we know  there's some precalc 
involved, this  is cheating  nothing else. And who  knows how many sprites are 
actually on  screen ?? Can you  count them ?? Bah this is  purely senseless. I 
wish active people used their brain  to code decent stuff. Anyway if you think 
it's fun, why not ? 


Alive 6