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Alive 6

- TWO -

Some reviews aren't read the right way : oh sure there'll be some slashing 
in the next lines, you and I already know that ! I'd rather avoid writing such 
reviews but god knows why no one offered to  write it... Then again, I'll take 
the part of the angry-nasty-evil reviewer :) Yeah well, maybe I like it too :)

    Oki now I'm ready (heavy music here  getting me even  more motivated :) The
Coolest  Paradise is a "new" ST crew  composed of 4 members, tho only ST Cooper
and Aldn seem to be more or less active. Hey guys, either you kick your fellows
out of the playground  or you  get them to  do things coz that's no crew to me,
more like a single-man organization ! Anyway, your decision...

    They have released a first slideshow several months ago (see aliveFOUR) and
now they're back with... another  slideshow  of course ! Waouh I  can't wait to
see it. Should I  recall a few things  first ? As usual, this is MY opinion and
everyone's entitled to have his own, but  here are a few GOOD reasons to code a
slideshow :

    * Porn ! Sure slideshows were pretty cool when they presented naked chicks,
    c'mon let's be  honest ! Hentai stuff is  pretty cool too (understand girls
    from  Manga). Pictures of  your sister may be  of some interest too :) Just
    kidding !

    * Artwork : handmade pictures are also pretty cool when not  seen a hundred
    times  before (who  said  MJJ ?? :). I love original  artwork and  would be
    happy to see unreleased gfx WITH comments ! How come no one but me has ever
    thought of adding comments to a slideshow ???

    * Event ? A slideshow could also be a reminder to  some event (no, I didn't
    mean Lady Di or the World Trade Center collapse !). Slideshows about coding
    parties for  instance. Then you  have to face a great challenge as reducing
    pictures size AND number  of colors tends to  produce shitty stuff (regards
    are sent to Satantronic !).

    Does this slideshow enter any of the mentioned categories ? Erm NOPE ! This
time it's fully dedicated to  cute curly  haired country  singer Cheryl Crow. I
can already fancy her singing "where the cows  have no naaaame" :) I would have
gone for  porn but  hey -I-  didn't make that slideshow ! Maybe I should ask St
Cooper to do so in his next slide ? I'll try to remember to mail him !

Hmm, I want to see her naked next time ! :)

     Unfortunately getting this sickshow, oups, slideshow started  doesn't come
easily : how many times should I repeat that spreading files over 801Kb sucks ?
At least SPLIT  it into  smaller archives (hey Grazey  did it nicely with UMD).
Here the archive is about 850Kb big ! Then, I  wonder why I  knew it, of course
it DOESN'T  work from harddrive !! To be honest, it runs from harddrive but you
need to open the auto folder first, double  click on the auto_sp3.prg first and
then get to the clickdis.prg and launch it. Also you can't quit and get back to
GEM  after  the  show, therefore  running  it from  harddrive  will only reduce
loading time...

    Anyway, the  review  itself  will only  take several lines : a small intro
starts with a known chiptune (can't put a name  on it tho) while a poor SHERYL
purple logo slowly distorts in the middle of the screen, minimal design can be
observed. Well it's not bad at  least. Then the show is on : while a short (uh
real short!) 12.5Khz  sample is heard, the first  picture fades in. As "usual"
this is a flickered picture of really nice  quality we are offered with 32,000
colors on screen. It tends to flicker like hell sometimes and will surely kill
your eyes in the end. All piccies are  nice and  use the Photochrome format. I
even wonder  about the prg  that  loads  them as  I think it was included with
Photochrome ! Basically my question is : has ST Cooper done more than code the
intro ??? If not, well then I guess I can make my own slideshow too !

Last words : unless they offer  nice ideas, I'll keep on  saying that slide 
shows are BORING ! I clearly see I'm not the only one thinking that but most of 
you would rather keep  their mouth shut than say what they think ! I don't care 
if some people don't like  this review, I didn't  like that slideshow either :) 
Pictures are  of great quality but  content is worthless, looped msx will drive 
you crazy and there's not  much more about that. WE WANT PORN ! I meant artwork 
of course...
------------------------------------------------------------------------ STS -

Alive 6