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Alive 6

It's time to check the Scene pulse again ! Though on the surface not much 
seems to be happening, I can tell you  that there are still many projects 
planned. As  for  releases  dates, only  the future - understand the next 
edition of Error in Line - will tell...

Sources : respective crew members, DHS bbs and #atariscne as always
Last updated on November 30th, 2002


> Wiztom is still working on some routs mainly breaking OXG sprite record but
  also coding some shadebobs routs, fullscreen mapping and STe specific fx ! No
  release is actually planned but who knows ? Rumours also say that Teque was
  requested for musical score !
> Setok has already announced the next ALTERNATIVE PARTY to be held in January
  2003 in Helsinki and there will be high quality guests like Jeff Minter and
  Andrew Whittaker ! Yummy !
HQ :   

> Defjam is still pretty silent about the fate of his latest (or last ?) ST
  demo but we hope he'll come back to life in time for Error In Line 3 !
HQ :  
> Yes now this is no surprise, there'll be another Error In Line party next
  year. Location will be changed and I strongly suggest you take a look at the
  invitation enclosed in this very issue to know more.
> it seems like 505 is member of CREATORS now. He's seemingly interested in
  their C64 (and ST) section. No project seems to be started tho... In the
  meantime, msx lovers are still invited to  visit his TRACKING homepage
HQ :

> A new Falcon crew emerged from Slovenia and this time it's a two women crew !
  Their first announcment raised many suspicions, that's why we offered them a
  chance to express their feelings via an interview.
> Their first release is a small intro called SWEETY BUILDINGS reviewed here.
HQ :  

> From their diary new hopes raise as Ultra is back coding new and optimized
  routs for HEFTIG, a two part release. If it'll make it for EIL3 can't be
  answered tho. Fingers crossed !
> I heard that another YM Rockers prod was in the pipeline. No release date was
  given tho.
> In the meantime TAO never stops enchanting us with new tunes. His 21 minute
  medley in UMD 8730 is a jewel ! He also contributed to UCM23 as well as this
  issue of ALIVE!
HQ :

> We're still waiting for their first ST intro. Blind'Io finally gave up his
  intro for Alive :(
> In the meantime Exocet is considering quitting the crew as no ATARI project
  seems to get anywhere... Still, Nerve  says he has been coding ST stuff
  lately. Will it ever reach us ?
> tho they seem inactive they still welcome new ST members ! 505 joined them as
  well as a new ST coder called ART (of The Black Lotus ???)
HQ : 

> Showaddywaddy is back with FOUR new issues of his compils ! Nice intros can
  be enjoyed courtesy of EVIL/DHS. More to follow ?
HQ :  

> Beside being as active as ever with his homepage, Evil has also released the
ST INVITATION TO EIL3. Review can be read in this issue of course !
> Nothing was heard about the JUST FOR MUSIC COMPIL 4 but it hasn't been given
  up (as if Evil gave up anything :)
> Will they enter EIL3 with another brainblasting demo ? Maybe using CT060 ?
  Surely DHS is the best pretender to face the challenge !
> DHS homepage has recently been revamped and as usual it looks good !
HQ :

> Tho very discreet, they are working on several projects and bringing ILLUSION
  to life is  one of  their  priorities ! At  least two  demos  are considered,
  first with  FANTASIA  announced to be  released  before  the end of  the year
  while SEEDS, an STe only demo, should be started later on.
> Guess what ! They plan to attend Error In Line 3 and bring us a gift ! Read
  our interview of MIC for more info !
HQ :

> They'll be organizers of the next major Atari event : ERROR IN LINE 3 ! The
  EIL3 inviation file can be found in this issue as well as in UCM23.
HQ :
> Will they amaze us with another killer demo ? No likes to surprise us and we
  have no choice but to attend EIL3 !
> What about WHIP ? Upgrade and new VLMs have been long awaited but right now I
  can't tell you if they have something up their sleeves
HQ :

> Deez, Zounds and Baggio have joined forces and created a brand new crew ! As
  their crewname implies they're going to focus on accelerated Falcons but
  other projects as also planned !

> They organized the third edition of UNCONVENTIONAL in late August. Few 16
  biters attended but the party was said to be fun.
HQ :

> Another pretender for Error In Line 3. We're pretty sure their demo will
  finally be released in Dresden next Easter... or before ? :)
HQ :

> The ATARI browser is going well thanks to a big development crew ! It has
  recently reached version 0.9. You'll find a review in this issue.

> Deez said he would bring his long delayed Falcon demo to EIL3 and more... !
> He joined other Swedes into a new and promising crew called EVOLUTION. Right
  now I can't say more but I guess it means Mind Design will freeze after EIL3.

> They have recently released their MJJ PLAYER demo which is an STe module
  compilation reviewed in this issue.
> In spite of some arguing (erm!) they will go on and bring us a full demo ! No
  name or release date is known so far but they seem willing to attend EIL3.
> They attended the CRAU02 Party in France where they presented a 64Kb intro
  (this issue's intro :). C-rem also ranked first at the 16color compo.
HQ :

> The next issue of CHOSNECK is hot and ready to be served ! It could even be
  out before we release this issue *gosh another last minute review*
> Nothing is known about their NILE demo but Grey seems pretty confident...
  Could it be seen at EIL3 ?

> Leonard never grows tired when it comes to beating his own records ! That
  must be why he released another sprite record, now reaching 270 sprites on
  screen on 1Mb machines. His screen actually adjusts to every ATARI machine.
HQ :
> SAINT was upgraded to version 1.20 and now allows snapshots.
HQ :  

> They have organized another Paracon party, namely edition 4. A report should
  be included in this issue.
> On that occasion they released a nice PARACON4 INVITRO reviewed here too.
HQ :  
> More to follow ? Maybe but I'll keep my mouth shut here :)
HQ :

> Yeah UMD8730 is finally out and it kicks ass ! Tho it gathers about 4,600
  tunes Grazey expects to release an update (maybe at EIL3) that will kill the
  5,000 barrier !
> In the meantime you can find a review + an interview in this issue !
> Grazey has decided to kill all the bugs in the UCM/ALIVE shell ! Here's a
  brave fellow !
HQ :

> They have a new member called DAMO. Atm no much more to say :)
> Their next game, SUPERFLY should be out as you read this and then they'll go
  on making games. Next BIG title is still FAERY LAND tho they admit to have
  about a dozen projects in mind !
HQ :  

> History tends to repeat as CT060 is once again delayed due to some bugs. We
  hope this story will shortly  come to a conclusion. In the  meantime you can
  still read our CT060 FAQ....
HQ :  

> Edo and DmaSc are quite active doing things for other crews while Sector One
  seems to have no project at all in the pipeline :(
> ST Ghost is said to have stopped begugging ILLUSION since it's almost an
  impossible mission without the original code...
> ODD STUFF2 was mentioned by some member of DUNE... Pur vapour ?
HQ :

> This time they're here to beat Leonard's Sprite Record ! Oki they "cheated"
   tho to me it looks just like the real thing but at least it was fun :)
HQ :

- They released their second THEMATIC SLIDE SHOW, now dedicated to Cheryl Crow.
   Read our review in this issue.

> MC Laser has released more volumes of his FADING TWILIGHT compilations as now
  Excerpt 7 is being under construction !
> UCM23 was released, only 6 months after the previous issue. Review can be
  found here of course.
> Milliways 4 was organized some time ago and reported in UCM23.
> Ray is still working on his WOLFENSTEIN 3D project as well as some other
  stuff :)
> Their Falcon demo BEAMS is still expected... Maybe another EIL3 entry ? We hope so
HQ :

> From now on Baggio will mostly focus on making music and doesn't feel like
  coding anymore. He's now into EVOLUTION with Zounds too thus the name
  WILDFIRE seems to be dead now.
HQ :

> Swe has been working on BARS lately, a nice looking and addictive mind teaser
  based upon Tetris principle mixed with extra stuff. Edo is in charge of
  design and gfx. The preview I played was quite addictive and offered two
  player mode. More to follow !
HQ :

Well now all we can do is wait and see  how many  goodies are still on the way. 
For sure Error In  Line 3 is a great motivation and we will ALL be there ! Then 
people you still have about FOUR months left to do things, code, paint, compose 
msx, write articles, whatever but stop  complaining if you don't do anything to 
help the situation change ! 

Alive 6