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Alive 6
           MJJ PARTY 2 - The Report

    MJJ Prod was a famous ST demo crew during the early 90's. They have produced
high-quality demos - just remember the Anomaly Megademo for example.  Since last
year,  and  thanks  to the success of ST emulators on PC, FelX wanted to wake up
MJJ Prod one more time. He has organized the MJJ Party 2 at his home, in  Gigean
(near  Montpellier,  in  the  south  of the France).  This party took place from
August 16th to 18th, 2002.

    So, who was there? A lot of MJJ Prod members, although some of them  weren't
here,  such  as  Bigfoot,  Blinis and Niko. 7 members participated to the party:
- C-Rem: a new member. He loves painting 16 colour gfx.
- FelX: the big boss, big fan of ST soundchips.
- Micou: a 68K coder. It seems he was in Vmax before.
- The Squale: he was just here on saturday evening.
- Tooseb: a 68K coder. He likes composing musics too.
- Wilfried: a very talented gfx-man.
- Zorro2: another new member. He is a GFA coder and he came with his wife.

    Of  course,  there  was  also  the  familly  of  FelX : his wife and their 4
children (including the world famous Little Marie - do you remember  the  screen
about her in the Anomaly Megademo?)

    Moreover, some atarists were invited to the party:
- Mr Nours: the famous webmaster and big Atari ST fan.
- Strider: yup, it's me. I wasn't a member of MJJ Prod at this moment.
Brume (Pacidemo and  Pacigame  webmaster)  and  Moa  (Megatari  webmaster)  were
invited, but they didn't come.

    And what about the hardware? There were about 4 Atari STs (most of them were
1040  STEs),  about  4  PCs and 1 Falcon.  The main room is quite large, but all
these computers took a lot of place. Hey, wait a minute... What those  PCs  were
doing  here?  Don't  worry,  Steem was running on all of them.  Several MJJ Prod
members prefer coding or painting on a PC with Steem because their  real  Ataris
don't  have  hard disks, whereas Steem uses the PC hard disk as an ST one. Steem
doesn't need double  density  floppies  anymore,  the  68000  processor  can  be
accelerated, and so on.  Emulators  offer a new place for creativity. Of course,
all the productions are tested on real Atari computers. So, it seems that  Steem
(and Saint also) has contributed to the revival of MJJ Prod as a demo crew.

    So,  what  did  the  participants?  During  those  3  days,  we were coding,
painting, playing, copying, discussing about the ST scene and so on, also during
the night (until 5 or 6 AM).  It was a good place for meeting other atarists and
exchanging ideas or skills. For example, Zorro2 was prepairing  the  MJJ  Player
and  I  gave him some sources for Falcon compatibility. Tooseb, with the help of
Zorro2, was coding a  bootsector.  He  also  tried  the  SidSound  Designer  and
composed  a soundchip based on a Japanese cartoon for girls called "Candy Candy"
(quite famous on French TV in the 80s). The Squale  and  Micou  were  busy  with
Devpac  and  MonST. Mr Nours came with tons of floppy disks - I must admit there
were very interesting things on it ;-)

    FelX has organized two game tournaments.  Everybody  played  to Kick Off and
Super  Sprint.  Of  course, we played on real Atari computers, because emulators
can't beat the feeling :)  Wilfried won the Kick Off tournament whereas FelX won
the Super Sprint tournament.

    Concerning  the  productions, Zorro2 was coding his MJJ Player, a music disk
with 4 voices soundtracks.  FelX wanted to make a demo compilation, it  will  be
ready  in  2003.  He has also found some unreleased screen from MJJ Prod (mainly
coded by Bigfoot), it might be interesting.

    In  conclusion, we all had a lot of fun at this party.  On sunday, FelX told
us he will organize the third MJJ Party next summer.  I'm  sure  it  will  be  a
success ;-)

MJJ web site:


Alive 6