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Alive 6
Party report
Milliways 2002
at MC Laser's place in Bellheim

Hey, it's summertime. Summer is the time to go out to the pubs in the evening
to have a beer or two (Paranoia prefers Afri-Cola), time to enjoy women in
short skirts and open-minded shirts, time to relax and take a break from the
hard work.

Also, it's time to pack a little gear and go to Bellheim to attend the
Milliways-party, a regular .tSCc.-internal party with special guests
invited. So we did. The party lasted from friday the 17th to sunday the 19th of
August, but we had already agreed on a  little Paranoia-meeting on friday, so
Marcstar and I agreed to go there just for the saturday. What to pack ?
Paranoia is in Pause-mode officially, there was nothing urgent to work on,
besides that, Marcstar's notebook on which he programmed most of his
contributions to our productions, seems to have died anyway, so we packed just
my current main development machine, my MegaSTE and the Dreamcast to play a
lot of games on it.

When we arrived, most of the guys were still asleep, and MC Laser opened us.
We took in our gear and he started to prepare coffee, a nice move of him
especially since Marcstar is a coffee-maniac. We shared the room with Sage,
who brought his PC and develops on the Lynx currenty while the main hall,
actually, the main living room, housed Ray, Remo, Scy, Dynacore and of
course MC Laser of .tSCc., Mad Butscher of Foundation Two and later on
also Gizmo of .tSCc..

After unpacking our gear, we showed some Dreamcast games and demos and
started to play a few games. Sage showed me the first slideshow he coded on
the Lynx accompanied by a 4-track module - quite nice for the little portable
system. Ray was busy coding on both a Falcon and his TT and was obviously
improving his already pretty stunning 3D algorithms. He also had quite a few
good ideas concerning c2p-routines on the TT in more than 16 colours that he
"borrowed" from the Amiga-scene. Remo is leaving GFA-Basic and is now
starting to code assembly, too.

He was busy working on 3D-blobs, but his Falcon seems to be dying, which didn't
do good on his progress. Mad Butscher was working on his 8-bit
Super-Sprint-clone. The others were mainly talking and/or copying Audio-,
Video- and program CDs for PC, with the usual appearance of both the Simpsons
and Futurama popping up here and there. Marcstar had fallen in love with
UEFA Dream Soccer by then and refused to play anything else, which was why
MC Laser kept making fun of us.

We had a go for a Pizza later in the afternoon, so did many others, and a few
talks with the .tSCc.-gang, which were friendly hosts once again. We left
rather late in the night, when it got unbearably hot and sweaty, waved good-bye
to everyone and drove home.

Once again, the Milliways was a nice experience, and by the appearance of
Ray and Remo, productivity was a lot higher at this Milliways-party than
the years before. Once again, it was nice to talk to all the .tSCc.-fellows
since they are all very cool to be around with and of course, once again, it
was a very good time to relax and take a break - I did miss Llama though.

He was always fun to be around with, I hope he returns some day. Certainly, you
won't see the results of the things Ray and Remo worked on within the next
few weeks, however, we had gotten first insights into what .tSCc. is working
on currently and be assured, it's going to be good.

Just as this Milliways was. Just a good time.

The Paranoid

Alive 6