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Alive 6

  Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, released in August 2002
  Starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Lara Flynn Boyle
  Running time : about 90 minutes

    Here come the Men In Black  nana na  na, yeah ! Okay, if you  wondered this
was an Ascii try to  render the  first episode soundtrack  by Will Smith :) Yes
it's summertime and it means - beside hot chicks on the beach :) - that we will
be faced with another  wave of  sequels ! This  time our  summer blockbuster is
Men In Black 2, also spelled MIIB and it's  time to have a look at this  sequel,
as most sequels often turn to be boring and tasteless.

    The story so far : as  the first  MIB ended  Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) grew
tired and volunteered for retirment, meaning a little brainwash and a new start
in "normal" life...

    We take it back with  Agent J (Will Smith) still running after aliens, with
the help of a new  sidekick. Soon enough  the latter turns  out to be unskilled
and too sensitive so that Jay  decides to flash him and erase all his memories.
Back to  the MIB HQ, Mister Big Boss isn't too happy about that and finds him a
new partner in the person  of the alien  talking dog you  may remember from the
first episode. Not quite like Batman and Robin hey :)

    In the meantime, in a  galaxy far, far  away... (any  resemblance to another
worldwide series  may  just be a  coincidence :) a frantic  spaceship flies from
a planet to another and only  leaves when  this  planet is  reduced to ashes, uh
scary ! Finally our nasty reaches  earth and that's when the storyplot gets into
shape. Indeed this nasty  alien (not so  bad looking as it materializes as a hot
top model in underwears !) is looking  for a  precious  treasure, namely the Sun
of Zaltan (or  Zaltran ?? Whatever). The MIB archives reveal that this  treasure
landed on  earth back in the  fifties but  left it  afterwards. The only witness
who's still alive is no one but... Kay !

    Emergency calls for fast decisions and for the -very- first time in the MIB
history it is decided to find Kay and  make him remember  his flashed past ! Of
course it doesn't go easily  and our "postman" (understand Kay in his new life)
doesn't get convinced at all even though Jay shows him aliens :)

    While the two  of them are  visiting Kay's locker, Serleena - our nasty now
hiding under the shape of a hot chick - goes on a errand in town, searching for
hints and clues that will lead  her to the sun  of Zaltan. She ends up invading
the MIB HQ, taking  them  all by  surprise  and neutralizing the whole quarters
until Agent K shows up...

    Then, of course, the movie goes bang, whiz, bing ! We're not naive and know
that good guys always win (at least in movies) but how, when and  why are still
questions to be  answered. Enough for the  storyplot, surely the movie is still
showing so let's not spoil the surprise :)

    One thing is sure tho : this movie is entertaining ! I'm not fond of movies
that make great use of computer graphics but MIIB  manages to use them here and
there putting aliens where  needed to make the  atmosphere consistent. I really
liked the sticklike creatures (already seen in MIB  having some coffee) being a
bunch of  gross  characters  drinking, smoking and  making  sex offers to every
female they may meet. And that is actually what makes MIIB  such a nice movie :
no one is taking this very seriously !

    I especially enjoyed  the moment when  Kay (Tommy Lee Jones if you're lost)
gets  back into  action and  is  given  a weapon by  his former apprentice. Jay
intentionnally tricks him giving him the grass hopper weapon (remember the tiny
but so powerful gun from the first episode ?). There are so  many funny details
like that and they take the movie lightyears away from boring new Star Wars ! I
only wish Linda Fiorentino was still here, damn she's so gorgeous I'm in love !

   Erm, back to  the movie : it goes  fast and  furious but always  tinted with
humour. There are so many examples that I'm too lazy to name another one. I was
a bit lost in  the end  as the movie  rushes to  a conclusion. Maybe I got lost
somewhere but I found that the puzzle got solved a bit too easily...

   Anyway if you feel like going to the  movies, here's for sure  a  nice movie
you should  enjoy  alone or  with  friends. The atmosphere  mixes late  fifties
secret stories (you know, Rosewell and friends) with  modern stuff (flying cars
and crazy  weapons) in a  perfect  combination. Will  Smith is  pretty  good at
acting the way he was in Wild Wild West (from the same director btw)  and Tommy
Lee Jones (though looking quite old now) does  it very  well too ! I missed the
presence of a third strong character tho. Okay there is that nice looking black
girl but  she's not  up to  Linda's  part in  the first  episode in  my  humble
opinion. Also I was a bit surprised to miss some nice sounding soundtrack. Sure
this is definitely  NOT my  style of music  but it enhances and even reinforces
the movie ambiance a lot.

   Last words : to speak  the truth  I seldom  go to  the movies  because the
theaters here kinda suck and I have a DVD player at home but when my brothers
suggested going I said yes and I don't regret it. This is  no masterpiece for
sure but a really  nice entertainment that won't require too much brain :) If
you liked the first Men In Black movie, you'll  surely like this one too ! If
gets all that's needed : nice story plot, attractive characters, funny aliens
and situations, what's more ? Not much but that's what movies are about these
days, aren't they ?

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Alive 6