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Alive 6

    New Sighting May be a CGI Fake?

We show you how it is possible, even on a humble Atari!

Seen  recently in the news,  have been some new,  allegedly real pictures of
the  world  famous 'Loch Ness Monster' an eel-like creature living  in  Loch
Ness in Scotland, supposedly coming  from some unknown species.  Some of the
more  popular accounts claim it may even be a survivor from the age  of  the
dinosaurs, a marine Sauropod-like creature perhaps?!

These latest pictures allegedly show the 'monster' clearly in its  lakebound
habitat,  including  one  of  it  diving back beneath the  surface,  with  a
realistic  looking splash.  And I think I can reveal what was being thought,
the  moment  that  picture was faked.  Something along the lines  of  "Yeah, 
great, that splashing I've airbrushed in will really get the press going!"

Now  if  it can be done on today's state of the art Wintel boxes,  with  the
latest  in  CGI  trickery-ware,  I decided to see if such  an  exercise  was
possible  on  our  humble fuji-boxes,  and I am pleased to  reveal  the  end
results right here!

A cunningly simulated 'Monster' against a realistic background!

But that is only the beginning.  Would using an Atari-based method of photo-
realistic  picture-scamming  hold up when I had to  introduce  more  complex
image deception techniques. Could we carry it off?

And whoosh! There he goes, back into the dark depths!

And  a resounding "YES!" for this one.  Truly we on Atari can do *anything*
that the PeeCee fraternity can!

CiH, For Alive! Mag, Sept '02!

Alive 6