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Alive 6
                           - + | Error In Line #3 | + -

                          in Dresden 18-21 of april 2003


                               1. Introduction
                               2. Time and Place
                               3. Competitions
                               4. Registering
                               5. Some Rules
                               6. Some Hints
                               7. Contact


   We are happy to invite you to the third edition of the "Error In Line"
   party!  The convention is directed to fans of alternative computersys-
   tems (namely Atari/Acorn/Amiga/C64/Unix and others). EIL #3 will take
   place at  Easter 2003 in Dresden (Germany) and  is a  demo-orientated
   meeting of people who share the fascination of doing stuff with those
   alternative machines.

   Once again, we will try our best to arrange a unique and thrilling
   Easter convention for you. Come to Dresden, meet great people from
   all over Europe and feel the  Atari spirit!  Show  your skills  in
   various competitions!  Join forces with  other creative  people to
   keep  Atari  alive! Enjoy  a  big  and  comfortable  party  place!
   Feel the heartbeat of the Atariscene!


   TIME:   Error In Line will start:    Friday, 18.April 2003, 12:00 AM.
           Error In Line will end:      Monday, 21.April 2003, 12:00 AM.

   PLACE:  Although  many  visitors  of  previous  EIL-editions  liked the
           special mood of the partyplace,  we decided to rent another one
           for this time. The reasons numerous: One reason is, that  EIL#2
           was a financial minus issue for us. Another  reason is that the
           old location  wasn't really  practical for a computer  party in
           several aspects. And finally getting along with the owners from
           the previous location was not always easy as well.

           After quite a long search we finally found a very nice place for
           the party. It is quite near to the old place so finding will not
           be a big problem. This also means, that you can easily reach the
           city centre, railway station, tram and bus by foot.

           The location is named "Tusculum" and also is a studentclub with
           several  comfortable rooms and toilets.  There will also be a
           separate gym  as  sleeping  room and for taking  showers.
           The partyplace is  a lot bigger than the previous one but still
           pretty cosy and special.

           The partyaddress:             Tusculum
                                         01069 Dresden

           Finding the way to the partyplace:

           by car:     There are two possibilities to go by car, depending
                       on where you come from:

                       (1) If you are  driving to Dresden on the  A4  from
                           "Eisenach" then  leave the motorway at the exit
                           called "Dresden-Altstadt." After  that, keep on
                           following  the  traffic  signs  that  direct to
                           "Prag/Praha" for some kilometers. Drive on like
                           this for a while as long  as you are driving on
                           a street called "Nuernberger Ei".  That's a big
                           4-track street which is partly divided by a big
                           green isle. Keep on going straight on until you
                           reach the first traffic light  after the  green
                           isle (the place is called "Nuernberger Platz").
                           Now turn left at the crossroad and you'll drive
                           down a little hill.  Now you should  see an old
                           Russian Church on the right side. When you have
                           passed this  Church drive straight on  and  you
                           should reach  the  crossroad  in  front of  the
                           Dresden central train station.  Here  you  have
                           to turn right! Go straight again on  that  road
                           (it's called "Strehlener Strasse" btw) for some
                           time, passing several smaller crossroads. After
                           ca. two or three minutes of driving  you are on
                           a big place called  "Strehlener  Platz",  where
                           roads from many directions meet. Now it is get-
                           ting a  bit complicated.  You have to cross the
                           crossroad to get to the small road on the other
                           side of it: the "August-Bebel-Strasse". This is
                           the road we were looking  for.  Drive on  about
                           50 meters and at last the "Tusculum" (the loca-
                           tion) will appear on the righthand of the road.

                       (2) If you are driving to Dresden  on the  A4  from
                           "Bautzen"  then leave the  motorway at the exit
                           "Dresden-Hellerau." Then turn right and keep on
                           going straigth on until you reach  the railway-
                           station called "Bahnhof Dresden-Neustadt." This
                           is not the main railway station  of  Dresden so
                           take care you do  not  mix it up. Anyway, drive
                           through  under the railway  and  then  turn  to
                           right immediatly.  Now keep on driving straight
                           on again. You  will drive over a big bridge and
                           after some minutes of driving, you will see the
                           central  station  of Dresden  (called  Dresden-
                           Hauptbahnhof) on the right side  of  you.  This
                           indicates, that  you  are  in the  right  place.
                           Keep  on  going straigth on for some time again.
                           You are on the "Wiener Strasse" and you  should
                           pass various smaller  crossroads until you will
                           see a  gasstation  on the  left and a  Pizzeria
                           on the right side. You're now standing in front
                           of the "Richard-Strauss Platz". Turn right here
                           and  drive through  under the railway for a few
                           meters. Take  the next coming road  on the left
                           side (it is short behind the railway).  Now you
                           hopefully  are  on  the "August-Bebel Strasse".
                           Drive on for some 50 meters and you  should see
                           the  partyplace, the "Tusculum" on  the  right.

           by train:   If you arrive by train make sure that your destina-
                       tion  is  Dresden  Hauptbahnhof (central  station).
                       In case you are wrong, it is not such a big problem
                       to go to the centralstation from any other station.
                       However, once you  are  there,  leave  the  station
                       through  the  maindoors.  Now you can take a cab or
                       turn  right  to  save money.  Go through  under the
                       railway  bridge and now  you stand on  a big  place
                       where a big building featuring "Conrad Electronics"
                       is  standing.  Do not go there, but turn left  now!
                       That  means  you  are  walking  on  the "Strehlener
                       Strasse".  Now  there are two options.  Walking  or
                       taking the bus. Both alternative should lead you to
                       the "Strehlener Platz"  at  the end of the road you
                       are on.  So either you just walk on (it  will  take
                       you ca. 20 minutes) or you cross the road and go to
                       the busstation. Take line 72 or 76 (doesn't matter)
                       and go for two stations. The stop is called "Streh-
                       lener Platz" then. When you have reached this place
                       you have to cross it directly. If you keep the dir-
                       ection (coming  from the centralstation)  and  just
                       walk on (take care of the cars) you should find the
                       "August - Bebel - Strasse" on the other side of the
                       "Strehlener  Strasse".  This is the road  where the
                       partyplace  is  located.  Walk along it for some 50
                       meters and you should see the Tusculum,  the party-
                       place on the right  side. You are here, so come in!

           by plane:   If  you are  going to  Dresden  by plane,  you will
                       arrive at  the  airport "Dresden - Klotzsche". From
                       there,  some shuttletrain is driving to the central
                       railwaystation  of  Dresden (Dresden Hauptbahnhof).
                       If you  are  there  you  can just  follow  the  way
                       described in the "coming by train" part of the text
                       above.  However, if this is too complicated for you
                       then  contact  us before  you  come  (as  early  as
                       possible, please), so we can try  to pick you up on
                       the airport.

   We are going to put up  signs so you should  find the way easier. Still
   It could still  happen, that you  have  problems to find  the location.
   In that case give us a call under the phone number 0170/9508171  and we
   will try to help you out.


   The competitions will be held on Saturday and Sunday. Since we want to
   avoid  problems or crashes during the presentation we will record your
   entries on videotape. You can sit next to us when we record your entry
   so everything will look as it was supposed to during the presentation.

   We will provide our own equipment for the recording. In case our hard-
   ware does  not  fit to your wishes or demands,  you  can give us your
   system for the recording, too. We can supply the following systems:

           Atari 1040 STf       8 Mhz, 1 MB RAM
           Atari 1040 STe       8 Mhz, 4 MB RAM
           Atari Falcon 030    16 Mhz, 4/14 MB RAM, FPU

   As usual all accerlators, extensions etc. are allowed. To ensure fair
   conditions during  the competitions, the detailed  specifications  of
   the used hardware, software and possibly filesize will  be  published
   in course of the presentation.  The  following competitions are going
   to be held:

                  1. ATARI FALCON 030 DEMO COMPETITION
                     No restrictions imposed.

                  2. ATARI ST DEMO COMPETITION
                     No restrictions imposed.

                  3. ATARI 8-BIT DEMO COMPETITION
                     The hardware should be provided.

                  4. INTRO COMPETITION
                     The maximal size is 98304 bytes.

                  5. 4 KB INTRO COMPETITION
                     The maximal size is 4096 bytes.

                  6. 128 BYTE INTRO COMPETITION
                     The maximal filesize is 160 bytes.

                  7. WHIP! - MODULE COMPETITION
                     The music can be selected by author.

                     The used software will be announced.

                  9. 16 COLORS GRAPHICS COMPETITION
                     The used software will be announced.

                 10. TRACKED MUSIC COMPETITION
                     The player should be provided.

                     The player should be provided.

                 12. GAMING COMPETITION
                     The game is not yet defined.

                 13. WILD COMPETITION
                     Everything is welcome here.

                 14. FAKE DEMO COMPETITION


   The entries have to be selfmade.  If you cannot be present at the party
   you can  give  your contribution to someone,  who will  bring it to the
   party for you. Only the paying visitors (the ones who sponsor the whole
   event after all) can win prizes in the competitions, though.

   All entries will be published after the party. In case you wanna finish
   your entry before it it  going into public  we will wait for your final
   version for two weeks and publish the latter one then instead.

   Please don't regard the competitions as they are set up now as static.
   If there is hiqh interest (entries so to speak) in other competitions
   we can add them. The competition rules may change, too.

   However, one issue  regarding the compo-prizes must be  mentioned here:

   It is no secret that there aren't many companies dealing with the Atari
   system around anymore. The harder it is to find sponsors this time. And
   as we simply cannot afford to buy high-cost prizes for the competitions
   on our own, we just want to remark that prizes will not be the central
   point of the Error in Line #3. It is a bit sad maybe, but after all not
   an issue that should keep us away from having fun after all.  Anyway we
   will try to find people and companies sponsoring  attractive  hard- and
   software, of course. And to not forget it - support in finding sponsors
   and sponsoring itself is always heartily welcome!  In this context some
   special  thanks have to go to Atari.Org for being our first sponsor :-)


   The bigger location means that there will probably be not a space problem
   at EIL #3.  In contrary, you can  look forward  to a big competition room,
   where everyone will have a good view on the screen and a seperated gym as
   sleeping hall.

   But still we want to recomment you to register before coming. This on the
   one hand offers you security to get a comfortable seat and on the other
   hand also we can better plan the services (free breakfast, snacks and the
   bar for instance). So you can register by transfering 12 Euro to the fol-
   lowing bank account:
                          name of bank:    Stadtsparkasse Dresden
                          account owner:   Norman Feske
                          banking account: 441 27 34 16
                          banking leadnr.: 850 551 42

   The entrance fee for unregistered people is 15 Euro.


   1. There might be a divided smoker and nonsmoker area. Please respect it.

   2. Every visitor is fully responsible for his own equiqment.

   3. All damages have to be compensated by the causer.

   4. Please keep the toilets and showers clean.

   5. Copying pirate software is forbidden.

   6. Microwaves are not allowed.


    First there is to mention, that Easter is a holiday in Germany. This does
    mean, that the shops are closed on Sunday and Monday. Be aware of that
    when preparing your EIL-Survival Kit. Shopping on Saturday however is not
    a problem at all.

    Further information and news will be published on
    If there are any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.


    mail:                    Norman Feske
                             Dammweg 2
                             01079 Dresden

    phone:                   +0049 351/4716875 (Norman Feske)
                             +0049 170/9508171 (Nils Feske)


   Escape & Checkpoint          1998 - 2003           All Rights Reserved

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