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Alive 6
___________     ______   ______    ____________
!           \   !      ! !      !  /           /
! !    _     \  ! !    !_!      ! / /  _______/
___! !   !_\     \_! !             !_\ \         \____
:::!     !:/   / /:!       _     ! !::\_______  \ \:::
:::!          / /::!      !:!    ! !::/         / /:::
::::::::::::::[ Dead Hackers Society ]::::::::::::::::
:                                                    :
:             Error In Line III invite               :
'                                                    '
I  normally  start to get interested in the annual Easter great  Atari  get-
together  in the period just after Xmas.  The three months from the start of
the new year seem to drag to eternity as the excitement levels slowly  build
up.  With  the early release of this invitetro of unparalleled high  quality
(well  maybe  apart  from  the  Aggressive  party  2  invitetro),  the  keen
anticipation, and the very long wait for the main event, starts right here!

We  have that wonderful group of Swedes and others,  gathered under the Dead 
Hackers label for this intro.  The readme file promises quite a lot, code by
Evil and Gizmo, graphics by Smirk and EdO, and two chippy tunes from 505 and
AiO, with help from No of Escape and mOdmate. This is like the Error in Line
in minature,  a gathering of diverse Atarians in unlikely postures,  to make 
new and wonderful things.

You  get a suspicion of something sneakily satirical,  when the opening part
of  the  intro  kicks  in,  a blackness,  punctuated by keyclicks,  and  the
onscreen  tapping  out  of  the letters "Baaah!".  The  lurking  feeling  of
familiarity  bursts  into full recognition,  when the mainpart of 505's  YM-
adapted 'Hmmm' demo soundtrack kicks in,  and the little square on the right
of  the screen turns into a fully blown texture-mapped cube.  The same slick
and  miraculous transformation from an innocent cube,  into a militant spiny
sea-urchin  takes  place,  as in the illustrious Falcon demo which won  many
friends at the second Eil Party.

This  goes  on for a while,  but Evil hasn't finished just yet,  as the next
wave  appears,  the  Ikea-special minimalist cube,  or thick vector job.  The
'Hmmm' original version gave us a number of viewpoints,  at a distance,  and
right inside the thing, and so it proves to be the same experience here too.

Swedish furniture giant in assemble yourself demo effects outrage!

Cut to the final major effect taken from the master of demos,  as we see the
Error  in  Line logo,  made three-dee,  and textured,  and spun around on its
axis. Did anyone say Maggie 26 intro? Bad boy!

Lines  slide  off  the  screen,  and  a  French  styled  painting,  sort  of
surrealistic EKO style for the ST, by the previously unknown Smirk, blurs on
in  a shower of green pixels.  The main part of the intro is over,  time for
the final part.

This consists of a blissfully blue high quality static tunnel study by  EdO,
with  a genteel vertical scrolltext advertising all the good things to  come
in Dresden next Easter. A handy change of tune is provided by AiO. The whole
effect  is a calming contrast to the manic action of what came  before.  You
could watch the text forever,  or hit the spacebar, and decide to leave when
the text wraps for the first or second time.

Sometimes, tunnel vision can be a good thing!

Other  good  things  about  this demo,  are that is comes  with  DHS  coding
expertise  with  no extra charge.  It pretty much does all  combinations  of
Fuji-based hardware,  ST, TT, and Falcon alike, and even claims to be multi-
tasking friendly, which is not bad going. Of course, the experience may feel
different  according  to  what  you use as base hardware.  The  50  mhz  CT2
offering  a  much  smoother ride,  than say an 8 mhz ST,  but that does  not 
detract from the overall quality, whatever platform it runs on.

I loved the brief take-off of the Falcon-tastic 'Hmm demo', as it would have
been done on an ST. I wonder if a certain 'Evil' person somewhere hasn't got
more  routines in that particular vein!?  I wonder how he would pull off the
transparent snake sequence though!

This  incredibly high-quality tidbit reminds me both of the demo  famine  of
the  past  months,  and  the tasty treats to come next Easter.  I've  got  a
horrible feeling that this smart invitetro is all we are getting until then.
Does  anyone fancy bashing out a "Remindtro" around the end of the year,  as
six months is a long long time to wait (grin!).

CiH, for Alive! Mag,Nov '02.

Alive 6