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Alive 6

    Hello there !

    What should I start with ? Well ALIVE! has  reached its second full year of
activity and we wish there are still some years ahead. I need to send greetings
to the many people who made these SEVEN issues possible, well you  know who you
are, setting a listing would be too long :) Best regards are addressed to Chris
and Oliver, the other two forces in our trio. Happy Birthday to us then !

    Btw if you  wondered about  that name, ALIVESX, here come explanations : as
you may (or may not) have noticed), some  issues already had odd names, such as
aliveCUBE or aliveEIL. Well I don't like things that go repeating endlessly and
tastelessly so I thought  about  original names  when it was  possible. Then of
course AliveSX is our sixth issue (not counting the EIL one). Still you can see
things differently : AliveSEX ? AliveSUX ? AliveSOX ? Whatever :) I like having
loony ideas, being myself totally insane, so I hope you like it too.

    As we enter this month of December, I think it's high time  we strongly get
motivated to do things again : we have gone thru a terrible vacuum, summer time
has seldom seen so little activity... Fortunately  there are  still some people
who wish to do things and, most  importantly, release  what  they  have started
even tho it was long ago. I'm thinking of Grazey's impressive UMD8730 of course
but also of long delayed HEFTIG and CHECKPOINT  demos :( I don't see  the point
starting things if they  never get  completed  but we have different visions on
things. Anyway I know  Error In Line 3 will bring  us some sweeties and I still
hope these two  demos will be a part of it (esp as Ultra  seems quite motivated
these days !!)

    Then what ? Well this issue is packed with lots of articles you will
hopefully like. Enough crap from me, here's Chris turn :)


                 CiH's Bit!              

      Reasons to be cheerful - at last!

Sometimes,  even  demos  that  are  two years  late  finally  get  released.
Eventually,  even the longest summer of inactivity comes to an end, and this
being  a "summer" which felt like it started sometime in February?  And just
occasionally, people stir themselves back to life!

It is thanks to the efforts of Grazey and Evil,  and certain others,  that I
am writing this editorial in an upbeat mood.  Finally one long-awaited epic,
the Ultimate Music Demo,  which we always joke about as never released,  has
finally  seen  daylight.  I'm just down to making jokes about the  impending
arrival of Willies Adventures and the CT60 now. The list slowly shortens ;-)

The other reason to be cheerful, the biggie as far as I'm concerned, is that
the  third  Error in Line party is no longer a rumour,  but  barring  meteor
strikes  and  World  War 3,  will definitely take place next  Easter.  We've
already  had the invite intro,  which was a fantastic piece of work from our
favourite Dead Hacker. We've just got to hold on for another 5-6 months now!

I  will  also be conducting my first in-depth study of  the  'Yak-man'  Jeff 
Minter,  in  an  unusual habitat at the Alt Party in Helsinki next  January.
Will he survive the binbag wearing nocturnal pissheads?  Will there actually
be anywhere to doss down properly this time? What is the Finnish translation
for  "Unnatural acts with animals"?!  The answers to these mysteries will be
forthcoming in next issue's party report for sure!

At the same time as all this cheerfulness is going on,  there is a  hint  of
tragedy in  this issue too,  and a warning for us all.  I'm sure most of you
consider that a demo scene referred to exclusively  in the past tense,  with
no new horizons  to look to,  as a tragedy.  We  have a  distinguished guest
writer  from  the  Acorn  scene,  Alain  Brobecker,  or  Baah  of  Arms Tech
contributing a neat history of that small, dedicated,  but disappeared group
of people.  The Acorn scene burned itself out,  effectively ceasing to exist
in 1998.  We've managed to last way  beyond then,  but  that is no reason to
be smug. What happened to them could have very easily befallen us too..

Atari People keep on going! That is both a statement, and a heartfelt plea!

I'm  sure  Seb will have his own words on the subject,  but I think we  have
managed a masterly stretching of our diskmag making talents to cover a  thin 
period.  I've got this pleasant feeling that the next issue of Alive! may be
quite a bit fatter. Especially if we wait until just after Easter!

Okay,  I'm off, just a little time left for the traditional greeting of "See 
you all at Easter!" (And some of you in January too?)

CiH, In the merry tupperware-grey month of October!

Alive 6