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Alive 6

    It's now mid August and we're right into  that "summertime  hole" as some
people call it. Most of us are on vacation, still working or just too lazy to
do things...

    But there's more to it, some feeling in the air, as if the  word "end" was
ringing in minds. I'm pretty sure this isn't time for that but surely our rate
of activity has seldom been so low !

    And the problem isn't only about doing new stuff but also about COMPLETING
what we have started. Over the years we have had too many examples of projects
that never saw the  light  of  day, even tho  some were  said to be completed.
Here's a non  exhaustive listing  of unfinished, unreleased and  years delayed


AWAKEN (Cobra) : no need to recall this story which is no old news. As you
    all know the demo never went further than being a really nice collection of
    screens with no gfx nor msx...

Verdict : clearly the guys of  Cobra  didn't  really care  about their demo 
anymore and that's too bad because most screens were really cool. Still the 
demo died long time  before  reaching  a solid  state of completion (unlike 
MOTION which seemed to miss nothing but linking).

BINLINER (Avena) : This demo was to be the sequel to the brillian Sono demo
    but Tat lost movitation  due to "lack of  competition" and to some personal
    reasons as wellI guess. Modmate was to paint gfx and surely this demo would
    have been another killer but it died in the egg as only  three screens were
    released. Too bad since they were just amazing !

Verdict : there's nothing more to hope from Tat I'm afraid and that was the 
end of another great crew. Get the three screens, still better than nothing

CRUSH YOUR MIND (Positivity) : I've had that preview for a long time and I
    don't know if it was spread or  not, still it was in very  early stage and
    was composed of a 3D  maze that was  damn slow (esp compared to the latest
    Wold3D beta by Ray/tSCc). You go walking around at a snail pace, trying to
    find a few  screens (maybe  four, no more) among  which there was a mapped
    cube, a rotozoomer plus an animated video, all of average quality...

Verdict : Development was  certainly  stopped due  to lack of  active and 
motivated people since this crew is long dead. If they have other screens 
is another question I can't answer right now :( 

EIL1 UNNAMED DEMO (Mind Design) : Deez and Viking have brought us a number
    of quality releases over the years tho these were too short. This demo was
    first delayed because of some bugs and later Deez harddrive crashed. Since
    then we've had no clues about a possible release...

Verdict : Deez went back to business  lately, offering us a couple of nice 
intros for Alive or realising small and nicely designed prods. He seems to 
be willing to go on like this so that we can hope more things from him ! 

FINALE (Extream) : back in the mid nineties there were still a lot of crews
    from Sweden and Finland and Extream was one of them. They planned a huge ST
    demo that was to be spread over FOUR disks ! Except for that, I never heard
    more from them, nor did I see a single screen...

Verdict : we don't even know  if that  demo was  ever started :( Maybe it's 
lying almost finished, maybe some screens could be spread, or maybe there's 
absolutely  nothing to  see. Still I  believe we have  almost no chances to 
ever see something about FINALE :(

HEFTIG (Cream) : ah Heftig !! An amazing preview was shown at the Error In
    Line party back in 99 and then the crew seemed to have lost all interest :(
    It was meant to run on 2Mb STs and showed a lot of FX following the high
    quality of DO THINGS. Is it lost forever ?

Verdict : well I'm pretty sure now  that HEFTIG will be released especially 
as ULTRA (formely known as Candyman) woke up  and optimised a  lot of fx or 
even added new ones (visit their diaries for latest news). This should lead 
to a series of TWO demos, one of them expected before the end of the year ! 
A great pretender as long as Ultra is motivated. Keep going mate !! 

ILLUSION (Dune) : this demo won  the Place  To Be  Again demo compo back in
    1994 BUT it was never released ! Rumous say that only  the party organizers
    actually saw the demo and that it only ran on Falcon !? Still some excerpts
    could be seen on French channel GAME ONE  in a show about ST demos ! And it
    really looked great and highly designed !

Verdict : A pure mystery this  demo is ! Lately ST Ghost of  Sector One was 
given the sources of ILLUSION as huge debugging is needed to make it run on 
ST. Unfortunately this seems to be too  big a task for a single man. Unless 
the guys of DUNE wake up  and clean their mess, there's no chance we'll see 
it :(

JACKTRO (Acf) : Last night I happened to read an interview of Tao done for
    Toxic Mag  16 I  think (or  maybe 17 :). He  mentioned this  last ACF demo
    saying that  they "may" get  back to it  and finally complete it. That was
    more than 2 years ago and nothing happened...

Verdict : is it another demo, like  Virtual Escape, that was 99% done and 
only required some fixing ? I guess we'll never know as all contacts with 
ACF have long been dead :( Maybe some drawer cleaning could bring it back 
to life ? Some motivation would be needed too.

UPDATE : I've been in touch with  Jacky lately and he told  that the demo 
was 75% completed and mostly missed gfx and msx. I know that Tao would be 
ready to give a hand but A-t hasn't been seen for ages :(

JAPEMO (Cerebral Vortex) : hmm what could I say about it ? Well Hylst came
    from nowhere and announced as a first production a 4 disk demo ! Was he on
    drugs or his expectations out of reach ? We will never know. Some previews
    were shown and make me think that we're not missing much here...

Verdict : don't try building pyramids on the first day coding or you'll end 
up with something you cannot bring to completion ! As guest screens such as 
Strider's contribution were released, it  strongly implies that the project 
was burried long time ago...

MOTION (Aggression) : first due to be a 2Mb STe demo, MOTION  then became a
    Falcon demo. From then, nothing happened tho several parts were known to be
    done. In the end, we  were offered  these parts  separately and they looked
    really cool but didn't make it a complete demo :(

Verdict : A really nice "could have been" demo that crumpled to pieces :( 
We can still enjoy it as a video courtesy of Strider but watching a Falcon 
demo on PC tends to kill the good vibe...

MUSIQUE (Excellence In  Art) : I always loved  EIA demos since they bore a
    very high quality standard ! This  time the crew  was to bring  us an  msx
    compilation but Per  Almered  stopped  all  work  because of  some packing
    problems. We were left with a nice preview, neatly designed and "smart" as
    usual. Unfortunately he stopped doing things on ATARI at that point...

Verdict : since the crew homepage hasn't been updated for about 3 years now 
I think they are plain dead and nothing  more. It is still  hard to believe 
that such motivated one  member crew just vanished away :( Investigation is 
needed here !

PHOTOTRO (Hemoroids) This ST demo is said to have won some democompo years
    ago (can't remember the party's name tho) but was  never released ! I have
    no clue about the demo content or quality but Hemoroids was known for high
    qualities releases, so that makes of it another ILLUSION :(

Verdict : I remember mailing former members of HMD and one of them even 
said he had the demo somewhere but  he never mailed me  back nor did he 
answer my other mails :( Here our hopes are almost close to zero.
    UPDATE : I'm back from a weekend at a couple of friends and BANG ! as I
    browse thru DHS, I'm happily amazed at reading that that intro has just
    been released ! Check our review !!!

POSH ? (Checkpoint) : Who can forget how Defjam kicked all standards at the
    first Error In Line  party with  SURETRIP ? Then we heard  about another ST
    brainblasting project and  we all  waited for Defjam to  amaze us. The demo
    was  first  planned to  be seen  at STNICCC  but nothing appeared. Then  we
    longed for EIL2 but  Defjam  was curiously  absent... I have only  seen one
    screen and it purely rocks ! From what I know gfx are done and many fx were
    added after STNICCC but... we're still hoping for release :(

Verdict : just when you think they're dead, CP brings  us new stuff (refer 
to the summer compo held last year). You never know when and where they're 
going to release stuff  and this  rule applies once  more here. Maybe EIL3 
will save this demo from oblivion... Fingers crossed ! 

RESURRECTION (ST Knights  and  tSCc) : maybe  you remember  JACE, formely a
    member of  HMD saying  that this  demo would  kick ass ! I saw some screens
    done by Llama which were  pretty cool and were seen  in latest tSCc intros.
    As for Jace he only showed me an STe gouraud mapped glenz vector, which tho
    looking nice was definitely too SMALL while the file was too BIG (500Kb for
    a single effect !).

Verdict : We knew quite  quickly that there was nothing more to expect from 
Jace who had a big mouth but did -NOT- do as much :( We have NO evidence he 
actually coded more  than  this "suspicious" glenz  vector thing... Too bad 
because tSCc had done great screens. I'd be damn surprised if Jace released 
his screens !

     THEN WHAT ?

     If you counted them, it  gives us 14  unreleased or  partly released demos 
and there are so many more left in  some corners of  the scene memory ! Most of
these demos are long lost  and I don't think we  can expect to see  anything of
them in a  near  future. Among the  rest, 3 demos were  partly released, namely
AWAKEN, MOTION and JAPEMO and I am grateful to their authors as it gave us more
things to enjoy !

     What's left ? If I'm convinced that we'll see Mind Design and Cream demos
someday, I'm not sure about the DUNE demo as there's a lot of debugging to do.
As for CHECKPOINT's demo, the only answer I can think of is '?'


Alive 6