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Alive 6

I remember when I first had my Ste and I copied my first cracked games... that 
was almost 12 years ago ! Some intros and  music will keep  hanging in my mind 
until I  die, for sure :) I was  quite amazed to see new  stuff from Dbug then 
especially since I cannot remember WHEN I actually leeched a new compilation !

 Now let's get straight to the point : with the internet and  the very few new
 games or unreleased prods, it seems quite useless  or impossible to bring new
 and interesting compilations... Not  that the  good old feeling is different,
 indeed WE are different now (even booting on floppy seems  kinda boring now).
 Anyway let's have a look at what these FOUR new volumes offer !

Dbug 171

 Team New Season Edition by Showaddywaddy  |  Menu Coding by Cyrano Jones
 Heartland 2000  by Showaddywaddy          |  Menu Compilation by Showaddywaddy
 Herman by Showaddywaddy                   |  Music by Scavenger (Heaven)
 Mine-Sweeper  by Cream                    |

 Hum first I don't like soccer :) Then I guess it sums up everything about this
 compil... Heartland isn't a bad game but it's been out for a while now. Herman
 is pretty nice too, I played it for a while and had  some fun. Mine Sweeper is
 also very nice but again long time spread... The main problem with such compil
 is that it  requires to  be unpacked on  a floppy. I'm definitely not going to
 use a floppy while I already  have some of these  games on my harddrive, would
 you ?

 Old school intro and old  content then :) It's nice to see a series reanimated
 like this but  to be honest, I'm  not convinced about  the interest. Well some
 people like to collect stuff so here is another item for their colly. Not much
 more to say.

Dbug 172

 Zombi +  by Showaddywaddy       |   Menu Coding by Neil of Cor Blimey Not 'Arf
 Humeur Vitree by Showaddywaddy  |        & Showaddywaddy
                                 |   Menu Compilation by Showaddywaddy
                                 |   Music by Frazer/TSC & David Whittaker

    Another old  school  intro ripped from  an AUTOMATION  compil, at least the
idea is nice. Then again, you can  wonder about the offered stuff. I didn't try
Zombi to speak the truth, but I doubt it's worth wasting another floppy. As for
HEMOROIDS humeur vitree, it's surely a nice demo but it was already included in
another compilation, this time - ST COLLECTION -  by Typhoon. After checking my
harddrive (yeah I know  how  useless it is  to put compils on a harddrive :), I
found it in ST  COLLECTION 10... released in  April 1997 ! Waouh I didn't think
it was THAT old !! Maybe some day, I feel brave enough  to put that compil onto
a floppy and check  Zombi but if it's  not good then better consider this issue
as wasted space.

Dbug 173

   Chaos by Showaddywaddy              |       Menu Coding by Evil/DHS
   Clacker by Showaddywaddy            |       Menu Compilation by Showaddywaddy
   Jet Set Willy + by Showaddywaddy    |       & Mug UK
   & Mug UK                            |       Music by 505 / Checkpoint

   This volume comes with fresher air as the intro was brought by Evil with new
chip by 505 ! It features Evil's great "dithered" technique already seen in the
great intro to  UCM 16 (if I  remember well :). It shows a DBUG  logo while two
blobs are merging  in the  background, creating brilliant  flare effect. Really
nice stuff, tho already seen in the UCM intro mentioned above.

   As for content, erm I tried a few games but didn't get  interested in them
too long. One of them is REALLY crappy, can't remember if it's Jet Set Willy.
It looks like an 8bit game, and a poor one !! Except for that detail I didn't
spend more time browsing this compilation...

Dbug 174

 Boston Bomb Club by Hot-Knife          |       Menu Coding by Evil/DHS
 Seigemaster by Hot-Knife               |       Menu Compilation by Showaddywaddy
 Robin Smith's International Cricket    |       & Mug UK
 by Hot-Knife                           |       Music by 505 / Checkpoint

    Another new  school intro  by DHS  welcomes us ! Once  again, it's another
effect seen in UCM 16 intro but it still looks so nice ! As you can see above,
a nice DBUG logo is shown while a background  picture is bumpmapped. Dunno how
Evil manages to play with  bitplans but it's  the best bumpmapping effect ever
done (respect  to  tSCc's brilliant  bugblasterbeast or  something :). It also
comes with a new chip by 505, cool !

    This time I didn't even had a look at the content : Boston Bomb Club is a
pretty game that I already  have  on  floppy and  the rest  doesn't  sound so
attractive, a German sounding game and a cricket simulation ?? Bah sorry, not
for me, later maybe....


    Enjoying new stuff is always  nice, but I'm not sure about  the correct use
of the word "new" here :) Except for HERMAN which is pretty cool, other games I
tried weren't that good nor that "exclusive" to me. Of course, it's nice to see
a legendary crew come back to life, I guess I'd love to see new Replicant stuff
but still, only  the  intros  would seem  interesting  to me. I have a plea tho
mister Showaddywaddy : I WANT to play STARDUST on my STe harddrive ! That would
be something cool as the game is among the best  ever done on STE ! I completed
once but I feel  like playing it  again, that is if I don't have to juggle with
three floppies :)

    As for the two intros coded by DHS : though not quite  new either, they are
still as brilliant as ever  and enjoy  new tunes  by 505 ! Definitely  the best
part  in  this CDs ! Dunno  about  you, but  I have to confess that I only kept
these two intros on my harddrive. You can get them from DHS homepage, check the
2002 releases corner.

    I guess nostalgic people will happily enjoy these  4  compact disks and I'm
ok with that but for the rest of us it doesn't even wake up the hype :( Btw all
compilations and more can be downloaded from of course !

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- STS

Alive 6