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Alive 6


Sometimes  newcomers  hit  the  Scene, suddenly  coming  out  of nowhere. This 
time our guests are Slovekian and they are girls ! Actually when they posted a 
message on DHS most people thought it was fake or that  men were hiding behind 
Sandra and Tiema. I mailed them  and they said  they were pretty angry at such 
reactions so I'm giving them a chance to tell us all about their history.


STS : Hi Sandra and Timea (dunno yet if both will answer these questions). 
Could you please introduce you to our readers : name, age, occupation and any 
other details that may interest us. 

 There are two important  things : Right  name is  Timea, not  Tiema  and  even
 THE SAME  AS  SLOVENIA. You may  think it's totally  unimportant but it sounds
 very stupid about our country (we are very proud of :-) OK, but we understand,
 we can't say some france words, too.  So, something about us...

[note of STS : argh shame on me ! Indeed when I wrote that interview sheet I 
made quite a number of  stupid typos  in countries  and names :( Sorry, that 
surely wasn't meant ! Sorry again for such lameness !]

 Sandra: my name is Sandra (I don't like nicks or aliases), I'm 16 age old, I
 live in Poprad and I study in  Rimavska Sobota. My  hobbies are bike, school,
 dancing, rock climbing and for about 3-4 months programming (68030 assembler)

 Timea: my name is Timea (not Tiema!!), maybe you can wonder about this strange
 name, but you may be sure it's in slovak calendar :-) I'm 16 too, I'm visiting
 same school and class  as  Sandra, my  hobbies.. mathematics, computers, bike,
 running, history (mainly World War II and Old Egypt)

STS : You recently released Sweety Buildings (read review !) which is a 
Falcon intro of average quality, yet a first step thingy. Do you plan other 
releases ? We want exclusive news ! :)

 Yes, we plan something, but we have to study a lot ! We know our production
 wasn't something brainblasting. Give us some time !

STS : You also opened  your  website  at <> Right 
now there's only one page there but what do you plan to add ? And by the way 
who's doing what in COOL GIRLS ?

 Of course. More info about us, our productions, ... And who  doing what ? It's
 in textfile in Sweety Buildings... We're  both programmers, Timea is trying to
 drawn, maybe there  will  be  any  music  from  Sandra... sometime :-) Aaah...
 Dexter yet.. it's Sandra's brother, that music you heard was made by him years
 ago (using "Sandra's" Falcon)

STS : Your message on DHS spawned a huuuuuuge wave of  responses, most of them 
(let's be honest) turned quite suspicious about a girls crew. What do you have 
to say about that ? Use this opportunity to kill some men's pride ! :)

 Look: if someone don't want to believe, he will not be even if  we'll do
 anything. The fact Evil ignored us totally is a little bit disappointing
 for us, we thought DHS is a cool site. But on another side, we were very
 nice surprised by publishing  info about us at, we gave
 them no infos and they gave us to their news !

STS : Now we  hope  this "incident" won't  find  you  demotivated ! Sure  your 
first demo isn't ass kicking, but even if reviews aren't too good don't let it 
get you down (my first piccies are just awful!). What is your current state of 
mind ?

 We don't care about anyone. We do our job just for fun, not for % in reviews.

STS : Slovekia  isn't known  for being  active on 16  bit Ataris. I can't think 
of others crews but YES CREW and SATANTRONIC. Is there more 16 biters out there 
that we don't know ? If you know things we don't, please spread some light !

 As we wrote, there's  no  state  called Slovekia :) Slovenia is  far away from
 Slovakia, we don't know anything about Yes Crew. We know only two persons from
 SK Atari scene, but even not personally. First we wrote Satantronic, but after
 few mails our  communication disappear... From  time to time we telephone with
 Mikro, he didn't believe, too :-)

STS : What contacts have you  had with the  ATARI scene ? Have  you ever been 
to a party ? Maybe then you know lots of XL/Xe crews ? What's hot in Slovenia 
these days ?

 No, except Xi and Mikro we haven't any contacts "out here".

STS : Now if we want  to make sure  you exist, you  HAVE  to  attend an Atari 
party :) What about Error In Line 3 ? It'd be the perfect occasion to see you 
at last !

 We have ? :-) Ok then ! From our  point of view  there's no  problem, but our
 family is against any "trips" even to cities  more away from home. I think Xi
 and Mikro want to arrive with car, so there's a chance they carry us too. And
 at least... we'll both 17, again one year older :-)

STS : What's your  opinion about the  current scene ? Do you  think  it's dying 
or could have some nice days ahead ? Since you're on Falcon, are you interested 
in the worthcoming Centurbo 060 ?

 Hard to say... We don't know very much about demoscene, even how many people
 belong there. CT60... yes, it sounds nice, 25x faster computer, but it's too
 expensive for us (we are only students !)

[note of STS : Since both girls didn't take time to fill in the brainstorming, 
I had to remove it :( That leads us to the last questions then]

STS : Anything you would like to add then ? 

 We hope we'll be able to arrive to Dresden and show you we're the best girls
 on the world, we're preparing something COOL (since we're COOL girls!!! :-),
 so... wait and you'll see !!!

 Sandra: I would to thank all boys who accepted us instead of blaming us on
 boards... even if Paranoid was very sceptical, you're the best man !!!

 Timea: Yes, yes, what to add, Moondog is in tactical silent, that's very
 nice ! See you in Dresden....

STS : Thanks for answering all these questions ! I hope answers will unveil 
some mysteries and show people that girls can do it as good as men.

 Not as good, BETTER THAN MEN!!!

STS : Final words before I give you a breath ? Use the occasion !

 Uh, again some  final words :-) We really don't know  what to add... simply :
 arrive to Error In  Line, we  will  be there too (maybe) !!! And  support the
 collective !!!!

 Sandra & Timea (CoolGirls)

Alive 6