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Alive 6
                           The Alternative Party 2003
                            10th-12th January 2003

                            Gloria Helsinki Finland
                      Invitation v1.2.1  (6th Nov 2002)

A brave new world...

The fourth time, and still going strong. How can  we possibly beat  last year's
stunning  success ? Well, we  certainly plan  to. The  Alternative  Party  2003
promises to be  bigger and  better than  ever before, without  losing our  core
values of  experimentation, creativity and  being an alternative to  everything
that is just  plain  tedious. The one  forum  where  the  scene can  go  in new
directions  and  feel  truly  alive -- like  in the  good  days. To  get people
together to build something new, instead of remaining like dusty old statues at
a forgotten sideshow. That  tied to the  realisation that we are  now Finland's
second largest scene party, only losing out to Assembly.

To make sure we have  not become stagnated  we have taken the decision, which
might  seem  controversial to  some, to  remove all  remaining limitations on
hardware in the competitions (so any PCs are allowed). The party had for long
being  mistakenly  dubbed as  a retro  party, which it  was not. What it  has
always  been  about  is  diversity  and  being  different. While  alternative
machines (not just old!) were  always a part  of this  equation we  feel they
have  perhaps  unjustedly  received all  the attention as  pure machines. The
Alternative Party  should be  about  making something  stunning, creative and
original, no matter what equipment is being used.

However, this should not be taken wrongly: a cool demo for a ZX Spectrum,
a Vectrex or a  Silicon  Graphics workstation  is something that fits in
perfectly. Machines, and their possible limitations, should  empower the
artist (and yes, demos are a form of art!), instead of a necessary evil.

All of this is reflected in the competitions, which focus on themes instead
of technology. We are trying to make sceners realise they are capable of
anything. Naturally, to inspire us all, a bewildering variety of artists will
be playing live music and presenting their work. People who choose to do
things their own way.

This party is organised by Alternative Party Ry and tAAt Ry.

Special Guest Of Honour: Jeff Minter / Llamasoft (UK)

Any friend of weird games should immediately recognise the name Jeff Minter.
In a way he is almost the perfect Alt Party guest : slightly weird, funny
and does not care to conform to the norms of the world. Jeff is the crazy
mind behind such titles as Gridrunner, Revenge of the Mutant Camels,
Llamatron and Tempest 2000.

Recently Jeff Minter has gone back to his roots at Llamasoft. He is now
creating games for PDAs and the PC, with the brilliant Gridrunner++
game, amongst others. He will be bringing a version of his
famous psychedelic Virtual Light Machine for the Nuon platform with him.

Read more about him at:
Llamasoft's official website:

Artists (verified at time of writing)

We have a new range of great artists willing to play live for us because
they believe in what we are doing. If you think you might be interested
to take part, please contact We are especially keen
to hear from non-musical artists (theatre performances, videos,
sculptures etc.), as we have not had that before.

* Bass Cadet  "Electronic synth" (
* Die Rebels  "Progressive punk"  (
* Folio  "Lo-fi music"     (
* Juhani  "Poetic rap"  (
* Morlokkiarmeija  "Experimental electronic music"
* da Jormas "Amiga hardcore"  (

More details and artists to be announced! Keep checking the webpage

Where & when?

10th-13th January 2003. Gloria, Helsinki, Finland. The venue is the same
as last year with stage, light systems, smoke, video projector, big P/A
system, showers, cafe, A/V system, fast network connection etc. There are
piles of pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and fast food places nearby.

Exact address: Kulttuuriareena Gloria, Pieni Roobertinkatu 12, Helsinki,

Doors open at 12:00 on Friday and close at 18:00 on Sunday. That's
10:00 and 16:00 for those of us living in UTC time.

It might be useful to point out that, if we're lucky, winters in Finland can
get quite cold and snowy so be sure to dress accordingly. If we're unlucky
it will be just wet and dark...

How much?

If paid beforehand, the fee is 20 euros. This must be paid before December
15th. Please try to pay as soon as possible to help our pre-party
organising and expenses. See for details.

If paid only at the door, the fee is 25 euros.

The fee is the same for everyone. There are no separate fees for people
without computers.


Damicon Kraa. UNIX workstations, PC hardware and service.

Fishpool Creations  --

Llamasoft. Crazy games, lots of attitude.

More to be announced. If you would like to sponsor the event in any way,
please contact Kristoffer Lawson,


We welcome any donations people are prepared to make to help what we think
is a very good cause (the best party on the planet -- and other related
events throughout the year). The donation can be anything, every bit
counts. Please note that we do not do this for profit and none of the
organisers get paid. All money goes directly into organising the event,
prizes, artist and special guest travel and maybe on a very rosy day we
might sometimes be able to pay the artists something for everything they
have done ...

See for information.


Photography Competition
    * You can submit either a JPEG or TIFF image or a paper photo (which
      will then be scanned by the organisers).
    * Visible marks of editing and other kinds of "improving" the picture
      will cause the picture to be disqualified.
    * The pictures will be shown on the big screen.

Non-/disqualified Demo Competition
    * You can participate with any machine or operating system - make sure
      that someone can show your demo or you must take your computer with
    * Only one entry per group.
    * The demo (or intro) must have been non- or disqualified at some party.
      You must state which party it was.
    * If the demo was disqualified because of some content that is not, for
      some reason, suitable for showing on the big screen, it will be
      disqualified again. ;-)

Short Story Competition
    * You must submit a text file containing your story.
    * The file may contain no more than 70 lines of text with no more than
      72 characters per line.
    * Character encoding should be US ASCII or ISO Latin 1.
    * Any language is allowed.
    * The stories will be printed and shown on the wall.

Realtime Drawn Gfx Competition
    * You have exactly 30 minutes to draw your picture and submit it to the
    * You can use a computer (and return the picture on a disk as
      GIF/PNG/JPEG/TIFF) or just paper (max. A4) and pens. In the latter
      case, the picture will be scanned in order to show it on the big
    * Your picture must follow a topic given just before the competition

Ludicrous Speed Gfx Competition
    * You have exactly 30 seconds to draw your picture.
    * You must use A4 paper and any tools you wish.
    * The entries will be scanned and shown on the big screen.

Live Vocal Music Competition
    * Only vox humana (human voice) may be used - no instruments, filters,
      vocoders etc.
    * There can be a single singer or a whole chord - we have many
    * You do not necessarily have to sing, you can also make other
      sounds/noise with your mouth(s).
    * Maximum length of your performance is 3 minutes.

Love Music Competition
    * Allowed file formats are MOD, XM, MP3 and OGG.
    * Maximum playtime of the song is 3 minutes.
    * The song must be about love. The style is not limited, though.

Alternative Demo Competition
    * Any platform is allowed, but remember to make sure that someone at the
      party place has a machine that your production runs on - perhaps by
      bringing your own machine to the party place.
    * Maximum showing time of the demo is 8 minutes.
    * The demo must be somehow alternative, not ordinary.

Black and White Video Competition
    * The contribution must be delivered as MPEG video and/or VHS tape.
    * Maximun showing time of the video is 5 minutes.
    * Audio is of course allowed.
    * Only two colors, black and white, are allowed. Shades of gray are not

Invitation Competition
    * Any platform is allowed.
    * The invitation can be a demo/intro, music, video or something
      completely different.
    * The invitation must be submitted (emailed to before
      December 1st.
    * You don't have to be present at Alternative Party to participate.
    * You can submit an MPEG video to be shown and spread on the site. You
      can't expect to win the compo if people can't see your work!
    * The invitation can (and should!) be shown at other parties and events
      and spread like hell. It also must be spreadable somehow...
    * Feel free to use text and pictures from this site.
    * The production must really be an invitation, so it must contain at
      least the following information in some form:
           Alternative Party 2003
           10th-12th January 2003
           Gloria Helsinki Finland

    * The contributions are downloadable on the Archive Page.

Gaming Competition(s)
    * Details will be announced later.

Most Obscure Computer Competition
    * The organisers will pick the most obscure or the most interesting
      piece of hardware (in their point of view) from the party place.
    * Please inform the organisers if you believe you have something of

Party network

It will be possible to use the Internet from the party place with a highspeed
connection (not meant for downloading porn and warez) using terminals or
by connecting your machine via ethernet. Please bring your own cables and
hubs to connect. This party is about socialising so do not spend all your
time glued to your screen!

Alcohol Policy

No alcohol is allowed within the premises. If organisers notice anyone
with alcohol it will be confiscated.

We retain the right to remove anyone drunk enough to cause a risk to any of
the equipment within the building.


The Alternative Wiki can be reached at It is
a freely editable community site for information on the demoscene and
alternative art. As with all Wiki sites, there is no central control.
Anybody can easily edit old pages and add new pages.

Reach us on IRC on channel #altparty, IRCnet.

Information about mailing lists etc. at

Other invitations

Other invitations made by people for our invitation competition can be found

Yeah, I'm coming! Who is coming?

Add your name or check other names at
You might also want to check Orange Juice's list:

More information

Our website is continuously updated:

If the website does not answer your questions feel free to email
Kristoffer Lawson,, or phone +358-40-7312273.

               --  Kristoffer Lawson  ||  Setok / Aggression

Alive 6