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Alive 5

Sceners are weird  creatures who tend  to be seen mostly when the sun is long 
gone. What happens then is still clouded  with mysteries... We  have placed a 
spy on their territory, commonly known as #atariscne. We first thought we had 
scared them but after a while we heard some noises. Here's what we managed to 
tape, enjoy !

First night

<ray_tscc> hi
<_Adam_> hi ray_tscc
<NervE> yo yo yo ray yo
<NervE> its yo time! :)
<ray_tscc> hello adam, nerve
<evl> hiya ray
<NervE> yo yo yo evil
<ray_tscc> tja evl !
*** Away_Eqx has joined #atariscne
*** baggness is now known as _baggio_
<NervE> yo yo yo baggio
<NervE> yo is such an easy word to type... yall try it ;-)
<_baggio_> huj nerve :)
<s_t_s> yyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyyyyyyoooooyyyyyyyy?
<s_t_s> not so easy kaare, i need some training
<s_t_s> hi robert
<NervE> sts hehehe go for it seb:)
*** zoness is now known as zounds_
<NervE> and one more:)
<NervE> yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo zounds:)
* NervE dont need a friggin backspace key! ;-)
<zounds_> yeah. Zounds vill never do an exam again ...
<s_t_s> nerve : we should as the gods to code another game
<s_t_s> nerve : Typo Arena or something :)
<NervE> zounds you done with them all?:)
<zounds_> Yep, all of them :-)
<NervE> sts Typo areana! multiplayer irc simulator!:)
<s_t_s> STS enters the Arena
<zounds_> Welcome to STS Type Areena. Enter portal to begin combat.
<s_t_s> * STS doges Nerve tomato *
*** Away_Eqx is now known as LaPisse
<s_t_s> * ah ah ah (metallic laughter!) well tried **
<NervE> haha NervE is out of ammo! :)
<s_t_s> ** STS gets his magical wooden shoes and goes for wild Irish dancing
(eat dis!) **
*** LaPisse is now known as ahahLeCUL
<s_t_s> * ah ah ah (metallic laughter!) well tried **
<NervE> haha NervE is out of ammo! :)
<s_t_s> ** STS gets his magical wooden shoes and goes for wild Irish dancing
(eat dis!) **
*** LaPisse is now known as ahahLeCUL
*** ahahLeCUL is now known as Away_Eqx
<_Adam_> * _Adam_ frags s_t_s using move.w #1,-(sp)
*** [EdO] has quit IRC
<s_t_s> * * Uh Sts was formated by Adam ! * *
<s_t_s> * * Sts reboots and strikes back with  Addq.l #2,sp * *
<_Adam_> aaarrrrrggggghhhhhh
<NervE> Adam that should teach you not to mess with the stack! ;)
<_Adam_> * _Adam_ puts Sts into trap #2 :)
<s_t_s> * * Sts reloads and prepare for another assault * *
<zounds_> * zounds founds a bunch of nop:s and he starts spreading them in the
stairs. *
<s_t_s>  * * Sts loads his stinking socks launcher ! * * (you wanted it, you'll
get it !)
<s_t_s> come on guys, don't be shy, enter the Typo Arena!
*** Beer^TNH has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<NervE> * nerve quickly freezes all caches!
<s_t_s> Beer fell asleep in the Arena and was never found again
<NervE> * nerve starts modifying the code!
*** Beer^TNH has joined #atariscne
<zounds_> * zounds does a giant socket jump to supervisor mode *
<s_t_s> * * STS starts installing windows on Nerve's Falcon ! * *
<_Adam_> * Adam finds all mines in his favourite mines2.2 and spreads them
around :)
<zounds_> * zounds, as the master in mine sweeper, disable them all with a
spoon. *
<_Adam_> * Adam enter GOD mode ;)
<s_t_s> STS enters PEE mode :)
<NervE> * NervE turns the inst cache quickly back on, take this you filthy
scum! Zoomroation all over the place!
*** ics-away has joined #atariscne
<s_t_s> * * STs runs CrackArt and draws nasty portraits of Nerve and Adam ah ah
ah ! * *
<zounds_> * zounds swaps nerve's word and quickly duplicate him before he knows
it! *
<evl> ** evl ends it all with jmp $0 **
*** _erOS44_ has joined #atariscne
*** _erOS44_ has left #atariscne (_erOS44_)
<NervE> ouch
<_Adam_> damn.... system reboted ;)
<NervE> forgot to alter the reset vector!
<zounds_> * zounds has filled the reset vector with himself! *
<s_t_s>  * * Sts uses Shinobi special technique and splits himself into three
players and enters slaughter mode ! * *
<NervE> noooo
<s_t_s> * * S has accidentally shot T while S has definitely not understood
what the game was about :( * *
<evl> so what you have left is an SS officer, ja hail atari!
<NervE> ooh thats bad...
*** [Starg] has quit IRC (DOIT-Archiv Hardware FAQs *
<s_t_s> * * uh S and S being stupid, they kill each other * *
*** Retrieving #atariscne info...
*** Waiting for reply to previous request...
*** GokMasE has quit IRC
<s_t_s>  * * end of game is declared as no one actually remembers what we were
playing :) * *
<s_t_s> insert coins!
<zounds_> * zounds left the arean (time to eat) *

Second night 

<s_t_s> if we have time tonight, let's do that "Mister Atari" election
<s_t_s> (another stupid idea of STS after "irc Quaking" :)
<CiH> Havoc - Water = no / Grolsch = yes!
<havoc-fun> grazey: hmm i could use a shower, thanks for reminding me ;)
*** kenet is now known as kenetGFX
<s_t_s> havoc : damn, that smell! that was you? :) I thought it was me :)
<havoc-fun> mister atari election? does not include actual photographs or so i
hope? :)
<havoc-fun> cih: hmm beer and pixelling mix quite badly... but i might try
later on anyway ;)
<deez> havoc, no, that would make it far too easy for me :P
<CiH> Haovc, beer and textfiles work quite well though ;)
<havoc-fun> sts: could be both? :)
<Grazey> hav: i hre some masterpieces are created with beer and painting ;-)
<s_t_s> havoc : must be both yeah
<s_t_s> you can prepare mentally
<havoc-fun> deez: hmm deez fashion model? deez rockstar? hmm are you certain?
<s_t_s> why should we choose YOU to be "mister Atari" on IRC ?
<s_t_s> we all know I fucking rule over you guys, but let's keep the hype up :)
<havoc-fun> cih: hehehe yep still gotta do those too :)
<deez> sts, you could be Miss Atari! :)
<havoc-fun> grazey: true- but painting is quite different from pixelling (i'm
real bad at it for instance ;))
<deez> but then i rather not be mr atari..
<_Adam_> i vote idleness for mister
<deez> heh
<s_t_s> deez : no way fredrik, I told you you weren't my type :)
* zigoTAF is away (Checkout DTC source code @
<s_t_s> let's hope we have enough material for my "Wild IRC" article
<havoc-fun> deez=ken and sts=barbie? hmm interesting! vhs sales! ;)
*** zigoTAF is now known as zigoAWAY
<deez> havoc-fun, NO!
* zigoAWAY is away (Checkout DTC source code @
<s_t_s> no way man :)
<s_t_s> I'm ken and deez IS barbie
<_Adam_> h-demo V ?
<havoc-fun> lol
<s_t_s> deez : remember what we said honey, no quarrels in public :)
* Grazey hates dots
<deez> OH MY GOD!
<havoc-fun> deez: yes what's the problem?
<deez> haha
<defjam> sts: Recently I saw that Thallia bitch at TV5 --> what a boring person!!
<deez> first he wants to be mr atari and he pretendsto be god :)
<s_t_s> deez : oki let's drop it, they'll really think we're gay while only you are :)
<havoc-fun> deez: hmm didn't i tell you my last name is tramiel? ;)
<s_t_s> defjam : boring person ? well if I could meet her, I don't think I
would even try to speak with her :)
<deez> sts, well, we have a demo showing baggio making sweet love to havoc :)
<s_t_s> deez : yeah and they were supposed to give me one of their "kids"
<havoc-fun> that was faked! that was faked! ;-)
<s_t_s> havoc : still waitin u know :)
<deez> havoc-fun, no it wasnt!
<havoc-fun> sts: hmm will be long wait ;)
<s_t_s> well actually I think I'll start copying and pasting stuff right now :)
<havoc-fun> deez: i've got the proof here- videotape clearly showing no
clothing was removed whatsoever :)
<s_t_s> this talk is getting interesting
<s_t_s> sounds like some documentary about wildlife
<s_t_s> or wildfire ? :)
<havoc-fun> hehehe

end of recording...

                              Hopefully more crazy stuff to follow next time !!

Alive 5