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Alive 5

The strange case of Stephen Hawking, and Davros, Creator of the Daleks!

There's just a silly space-filling little joke of mine here.  Well you might
think that the evil Davros,  would-be nemesis of Dr Who,  and the creator of
the  universe-threatening  Dalek race,  and Stephen Hawking,  the much-loved
Nobel  Prize  winner,  physicist,  and  the author of such seminal works  as
"Black holes, they really suck" have not that much in common.

Well take a closer look at the picture, and think again!!

 Davros!                         Hawking!

So what do they have in common then?

Quite  a bit actually,  both gentlemen operate their bottom halves out of  a
battery-powered  wheelchair,  Davros  opting for the more militant  sawn-off
Dalek  'convertible'  look.  Both  of them speak forth using  tinny  robotic
voices,  the  (not very good) best that the British Broadcasting Corporation
could provide at the time ("And nation shall speak until nation,  but it may 
sound more than a little bit shite...")

They are both massively endowed in the brain department, of course, and both
of them have made at least a couple of attempts to conquer the Earth with  a
massive fleet of Dalek-crewed flying saucers, erm....

Which  makes you think that Mrs Hawking produced twins,  and she is happy to
discuss Stephen,  but strangely silent on the other child, Davros. Until now
that is!

"Well  Davros was always the more boisterous of the two.  When Stephen would 
sit quietly at home trying to work out how God played dice with Black holes, 
Davros was out there playing on the local radioactive waste tip. I told him, 
time  and  time  again  not  to go there,  but would  he  listen?  It's  not 
surprising that he turned out the way he did!"

"It  just  took some mechanised floozy from Metabelis IV,  to tell him  that 
they could make a universe-conquering race together, and he was off, without 
so  much  as a terse command to "Exterminate!  Well,  I've heard what he did 
since, and I don't want to know him anymore!"

And with Mrs Hawking left in a tearful state, we'll leave it there!

CiH- for Alive! Mag, April '02

Alive 5