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Alive 5

    Time for some calculation ! While we thought this issue would be damn thin,
many last - but  really LAST - minute contributions  hit my mailbox  so that in
the end this is another fat  enough issue, offering long  hours of reading. You
may also notice that AliVeFIVE comes as an ST or  Falcon version : except for a
specific  intro  and in-mag  soundtrack there are  NO differences between them.
Then why two versions ? Simply because the nice soundtrack I was given is 195Kb
once PACKED ! As a consequence the ST  version broke the  limits of a DD floppy
and creates a ZIP file that is too  big to be transferred easily to your ST. To
solve this little problem I  chose to use the smallest  soundtrack I could find
for the ST version. It  doesn't matter much since  ST owners can't enjoy it but
the shell needs to find an *.mod file to work properly.

   Naturally including both intros would also have caused size problems while
Falcon users will  logically use an HD floppy to  transfer to  their machine.
Enough explanations, let's bore you with some figures now !

>  Msx (7 files) about 300Kb unpacked and still 206Kb icepacked !
>  Piccies (21 files) amouting to 670Kb unpacked now reduced to 290Kb.
>  Texts (70 files) amounting to about 740Kb unpacked and 345Kb packed
>  Extras : the ST intro takes 70Kb and the Falcon one 100Kb.

   Final results :

   * ST version would have been 1.6Mb big ! It should shrink to 760Kb packed
   * Falcon version would be 1.85Mb big now hopefully reduced to about 1Mb.


Alive 5