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Alive 5

    One year later, the crazy composers of YM Rockerz are back with another msx
compil that looks (but doesn't sound) a lot like Wave Upon Wave. Credits are no
so different anyway as once again Exocet  was  in  charge  of  gfx  while Abyss
handled  code (alone  or did  he  help Tao ? no mention  of that detail  can be
found). This time  the composers list  features 505, Tao, MC Laser, DmaSC, Nemo
(formely known as Milhouse), Bodenstandig 2000 and Mad Max for a total of eight
different tunes.

    Again, as in Wave Upon Wave we are greeted by a white font reading MC Laser
usual poetry. It reads  about "digital warriors armed  with a single chip. They
keep on spinning the wheels and destroying the popshit".

    Then we reach the main part as shown below :

    Let's have a closer look at what the menu offers, beside the horizontal
scrolltext that will keep you entertained while you listen to some tunes.

    * Visitors from dreams by DMASC : a nice tune that will remind you of the
    end part of -ODD STUFF- by Sector One especially  because of high pitched

    * Da shipshit by TAO : another melody using Tao's odd sounds. It goes very
    quietly and makes me think of a loader tune.

    * Game Over by NEMO : kinda odd sounding stuff, quite dynamic and nice to
    listen to.

    * 2 lives left by NEMO : quite speedy tune that definitely reminds me of a
    remix of an old ST  shooter. I couldn't put a  name on it, but  I'm almost
    sure of that ! If you have info, please let me know !

    * Mourning by MC LASER : a slow melody, really quiet that reminds of some
    UCM tunes.

    * Headaxe by 505 : 505 goes experimental with a strange melody like nothing
    else heard before. I like it even though it's REALLY weird :)

    * Landflucht by BODENSTANDIG 2000 : my favourite tune as it's some kind of
    hardcore chip ! Really sounds cool (well it's a matter of taste I suppose).

    * Faith by MAD MAX : surely the sequel to the tune heard in the endpart of
    Virtual Escape by Equinox. Sounds a lot like it anyway.

    Final words : no doubt, this small msx  compilation is as good as Wave Upon
Wave with cool gfx and of course cool msx using different styles, either speedy
or quite slow. Another great  YM Rockerz production ! Now we  only hope that we
won't have to wait another year to enjoy their new release.

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Alive 5