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Alive 5

Let's dive into some Scene news, rumours or projects so  that we all make 
sure our Scene is still alive (tho not too kicking these days). This time 
you'll be fed with lots of promising rumours. Will they come true ? 

Sources : DHS, #atariscne and Sceners themselves (tho most of them don't  
want to see their name published).


- No news from WIZTOM who had announced some STe specific screens :( I know
  he's still working on STe specific stuff but no release date was given.

- Last time I forgot to mention Checkpoint's entry to an online GBA democompo.
  Defjam presented an intro called 'WE ARE ARMED' that mostly showed his ST fx
  with more colors and faster pace. I wish we could enjoy nice env. mapping and
  voxel on the ST !
- Defjam still has the fate of their latest demo in his hands as only some code
  is left, gfx are all done... Maybe at EIL3 ? I hope so even though it means
  waiting almost another year !
HQ :  
- 505 is still working and updating his TRACKING homepage
HQ :
- Tho it's nothing more than a (solid) rumour, they are planning to offer us
  the third edition of ERROR IN LINE next year. Surely a party that would bring
  new stuff ! Fingers crossed !
HQ : (soon to be opened)

- It seems like TAO abd Abyss are the only active members left :( Their lastest
  release is the sequel to the first appearance of YM ROCKERZ.
- Rumours say that TAO has been updated his homecooked Sid editor and that it
  is now able to create 6 channel chips !
- Now if we want to see HEFTIG someday Ultra (formely known as Candyman) and
  A-t have to wake up. Come on guys, EIL3 is on the way !
HQ :

- The hype about this new ST crew has gone down as Exocet left for UK where
  he'll paint gfx for a gba game. Also since Mermaid lost her job she hasn't
  been able to enjoy an internet access. Last but not least Blind'io gave up
  his intro due to be featured in the previous issue of aLiVe.
- Still Mermaid says that they have some ATARI projects in their pockets !
- In the meantime NERVE kindly accepted to answer my questions.
HQ : (may be down in the next few days)

- Tho their homepage is frequently updated, the crew seems to be sleeping as
  nothing came from Mekka Symposium 2k2... But does Evil ever sleep ??
- I guess we'll have to wait till EIL3 to see new stuff from them, most
  probably on a Falcon equipped with CT060.
- Maybe not, as Evil is planning to release JUST FOR MUSIX 4 (release date
  unknown so far).
- In the meantime, Evil released with the help of Joe Cool and Spion a great
  video of the first ERROR IN LINE party, held in 1999. What about another
  video about the last edition of EIL held last year ??
HQ :

- MIC recently appeared on irc and had some good news for us : first he's
  working on the official DUNE homepage. So far it only features an interview
  with DUNE members but I hope there'll be plenty of goodies to enjoy soon.
- He also said the band was back with several demo projects including one STe
  only prod.
- Regarding ILLUSION (which he described as their best demo), he still can't
  promise anything but do his best not to let it fade away.
HQ :

- This Amiga crew brought us (mainly coded by Nerve/Creators), the only big
  Falcon entry to the Mekka 2k2 demo compo. Unfortunately ATARIBEHN seems to
  work on very oddly configured system (100Hz vga). Nerve announced bugfixed
  version but it may not be available before long...

- Except for the rumoured EIL3 Atari party, the crew has kept silent as ever
  but they're active and even had a private coding convention some weeks ago.
  You can enjoy photos from the event from their homepage.
- Sage is currently converting Bunion Canyon to LYNX (is he still in Escape ?)
HQ :

- This Polish PC crew hasjust opened their ST section ! So far they have
  announced an ST demo to be released at some party... next month !! Is it
  solid stuff ? Just wait another month and you'll know.
HQ :  

- They will be the organizers of the third edition of the UNCONVENTIONAL party
  held in Lengenfeld next August-September. Entrance is free and there are some
  16 bits Atarians interested in joining. More info to follow !
HQ :

- Just like Escape, they keep a low profile but we KNOW they're being active !
  Their next demo (or whatever it'll be since they said it couldn't be called a
  demo) is mostly completed. No idea about a possible release date (EIL3 ?)
- Earx helped the Spice Boys, giving a screen to their latest production.
- Havoc is back in town and willing to do stuff ! Following the YM Rockerz
  trend he suggest a union of gfxmen, presumably called PIXELS UNION. Let's see
  what it'll bring us.
- Earx made the UCM shell open source so if you feel like debugging or
  improving it please let us know !
HQ :

- This unknown Polish crew seems to  be willing  to open an  ATARI section as
  they're looking for new members. Rumours say that HYLST already joined them.
  Will he ever manage to bring his JAPEMO to reality ? Nothing's sure.

- The ATARI browser is going well thanks to a big development crew ! It has
  recently reached version 0.5.

- Yeah I know it's  no crew but  hell I had  to put them somewhere. After they
  opened a cool LX homepage, they announced a  new version of Lethal Xcess for
  Ste/Falcon (and emulator too). It will feature a new level called stage zero
  and a more rewarding ending. Don't expect it before the last quarter of 2002
HQ :

- The band is dead as Thyrew won't code anymore. Besides I dunno if you'll see
  new piccies from me (time will tell :) Of course I'm still active with ALIVE!
- Thanks to my fast and unlimited acces I have recently uploaded some crazy
  videos shot at Thyrex place when we worked on WAITING FOR THE APOCALYPSE.
HQ : 

- Against all expectations, there were no releases from Escape, DHS, Mind Design,
  tSCc nor Checkpoint... Actually there were only two releases, one from
  Ephydrena and the other one by the Spice Boys.
- You'll find party reports in this issue

- Sure it's no democrew but the guy hiding behing Psygnosis game MENACE. Its
  coder, going under the nick of BISCUIT, recently said on DHS that he wanted
  to optimize his original code and rerelease MENACE with better framerate and
  maybe new gfx and msx ! Another classic - with Lethal Xcess - that will come
  back for all gamers pleasure ! Let's wait and see if it becomes reality now.

- Deez Falcon HD crashed sometime before Mekka 2k2 and as a consequence he
  lost most of his latest code. It means we shouldn't wait for another MD demo
  before long :(
- Still, as you can hopefully see, Deez hasn't given up coding and has offered
  us his second Alive intro !

- Fel'X is trying to get the band together again ! He'll organize a MJJ
  convention next summer and hopes to release some cool stuff with the help of
  his crewmates and Zorro2 their new GFA coder.
- In the meantime Fel'X and Zorro 2 have released a small slideshow.
HQ :

- Absolutely nothing has been heard from them since they released CHOSNECK
  issue 1. Still Grey should be at the next UNCONVENTIONAL and I promise I'll
  make him talk :)
- Grey said that this summer could see a new release from MB !

- ACE is going pretty well as new demo songs have been released ! You should
  find a review of the demo version of ACE in this issue. We hope to get our
  hands on the final version when it's available !
HQ :

- Leonard recently released a new sprite record, making it thru another barrier
  with 212 16*16 sprites in one VBL. Here's a snapshot :
HQ :  
- Leonard worked on SainT, presumably the ultimate ST emulator !

- As they had announced, due to exams and work we shouldn't expect anything
  from them in a near future. Still we hope they'll be back !
HQ :

- Let's put some pressure on GRAZEY's shoulders ! :) As I write this I know
  that only ONE screen is missing before UMD8730 is out ! You fancy watching it
  at last, then mail Grazey and harass him :)
HQ :

- They had a private convention some time ago to work on GODPEY. They also used
  the opportunity to bring us a 24h game called DOUBLE JUGGLE VEGETABOBBLE.
- This issue should also feature their new game GODPEY !
- Are they going to have some rest now ? No way as FAERY LAND will be their
  next game ! This puzzle bobblelike game features great gfx by Mic/Dune and
  Edo/Sector ONE. Ggn/KUA is also coding stuff for this game.
- They may even release a chopper based game before that and they seem to have
  another thousand productions in their hat !
- They have a new member called AEGIR. This crew is growing to an army! :)
HQ :  

- The long hyped and awaited CT060 is now out !! As I write these lines no one
  actually owns one but maybe we'll have some HOT review before  this issue is
  released ! Stay tuned !
HQ :  

- Edo painted the cover pic for this issue of ALIVE (thx!) while DMA SC took
  part to the new YM RockerZ msx compil. Edo is also said to be working on some
  gfx for FAERY LAND.
- Except for this (good) news, we can't tell if they're working on another
  major demo, this time on Falcon.
HQ :

- They released another not-so-fake 96Kb at Mekka 2k2, therefore ranking second
  in the poor demo compo held at this party.
HQ :

- They released a small joke screen callled LOST IN A CAVE. No other project is

- UCM is back, now reaching issue 22, after a one year absence ! I hope next
  issue will be seen this year but it mainly depends on additional writers.
- MC Laser took part to YM Rockerz SPINNING WHEELS.
- Ray is still working on WOLFENSTEIN 3D and released another beta some months
  ago which is getting very impressive ! If everything goes well, we'll even be
  able to review a more advanced preview in this issue !
- their Falcon demo wasn't presented at Mekka 2k2 due to lack of time. Since
  then nothing was heard about a possible release. I guess we'll have to wait
  until the next ATARI party...
HQ :

- Except for their 'secret' contribution to Spice Boys demos, nothing more was
  seen or heard about their latest Falcon demo.
HQ :

- One year later the crazy YM Rockerz strike back with SPINNING WHEELS, another
  YM tunes compilation.
HQ :

|          Never Underestimate The Sleeping Underground Flow  |

Alive 5