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Alive 5

Today is the official start to summertime ! To many of us, it  means parties of
course. Unfortunately there haven't been so many events lately : the attendants
to Mekka wouldn't dare compare it to an Error  In Line edition for sure. Though
no major event  is  planned  this  summer (or even year), there  are a few nice
parties you could attend if you want to meet some good old friends again !


Date : July 5-7th
Location : Saint Priest, France
Entrance fee : 15 euros if booked, 25 on the spot (free for girls)

This is the fourth edition of a party organised by Popsy Team. As we all know
French parties aren't too  popular due  to the language  barrier and highways
extra costs. The previous editions have seen  very few Atari releases and the
only thing we should hope for is another funny intro by Supremacy or Typhoon.

This party is mainly aimed at occasional sceners, people who have an Atari and
quite don't know what to do with it :) The mainhall will be able to host up to
300 sceners, regardless of the platform. So if you're French and live close to
Lyon, you are invited to join the party !

Contact : BouB (

IMParty 15                                    

Date : July 26-28th
Location : Grangesberg, Sweden
Entrance fee : about 10 euros

IMParty is more a friendly  tradition than  a real party. It usually  gathers a
bunch of happy Swedish and Finnish Atarians around a table. I see no reason why
this time things  should be  different :) I wish  there were  such meetings all
over Europe so that we  could meet and  not care  about compo deadline  and all
that pressure :)

Well guys, have some fun (and do things if you feel like too). Surely there
will be another IMPparty around xmas.

Contact : Harri Manni ( or Anders Eriksson (

Unconventional Party 2k2             

Date : August 30th - September 1st
Location : lengenfeld, Germany
Entrance fee : NONE !

This is already the third edition of the party mainly thrown by Mad Butscher of
Foundation  Two. Two years  ago, I attended the  first party  which  was  quite
friendly in spite of few people, most of them being 8bit sceners. But this year
things could be different !!

Yeah, let's be honest : there's no other  decent Scene  party before  long and
since Legenfeld is  a central  spot (located  about 150kms far from Dresden) I
think there may be a LOT of attendants ! Already many  people have shown their
interest in joining, such as guys of Escape, Checkoint, tSCc, maybe some Ukers
too and well me !

As usual there should be some compos organized (detail isn't available online
yet but there was some info published in UCM22). I feel like there could come
some surprises from this party. One thing is sure : it's gonna be as friendly
as before and that's a good reason to attend  if you don't mind a few hundred
kilometers !

Contact : Mad Butscher (

Coming Up Next ?

   Yeah then what ? Here I'm going to play the fortune-teller and foresee what
sweeties await in a near future. These are nothing more  than rumours and only
time will tell how right or wrong I was.

   PARACON4 : I'd love to  spend  another  weekend in  Niederselters, Germany.
Dunno if the guys of Paranoia have been thinking about it, but surely it would
be another great party to attend ! Expected date : late December 2002.

   ERROR IN LINE 3 : tho officially  nothing  more than  a rumour, most of us
already know that the most famous ATARI party will return in April 2003. Info
should be made available within a couple of weeks. Better stay tuned !


Alive 5