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Alive 5


As some of you just did not take  part to the series of "Nicknames stories" 
article (too shy or too busy ?), I've decided to fill in the blanks with stupid 
explanations. But hey you had a chance to  bring us the truth ! Once again this 
is a crappy article  based  upon  my  raving  imagination. Like it or not, your 
choice anyway :)

505 : Is there any mystery hiding behing these numbers ? Well there surely
is ! If you take the alphabet then the fifth letter is E while the zero letter
is of course non existing. Then we have two Es ! And then what ? Well don't be
surprised if I tell  you that  these Es stand  for "Erotic Earthworm". Yep the
guy likes to... do... things with  earthworms !! As he  thought everyone would
laugh at him he decided to  hide his sexual life under numbers. You could also
think that '505'  stands for how  many fingers he has : oki 5 in each hand but
between them  I  think of something  that could  be counted as a 'finger'. Hum
there's still some mystery here Nils !

BOUB : it's actually the  sound his belly makes every ten seconds. First he
thought it was some kind of curse  and started coding  on Atari. Then as a joke
he made it his nickname until he found out that coding for more than 10 minutes
brought that  devilish  sound back into business. He decided to stop coding for
his own sake and health.

DEFJAM : Time  to unveil another Scene  mystery : what the hell  could this
nick come from ? What does it  mean ? Well after deep investigation, it occured
to me that this was  the  abbreviation  for DEFinitely  JAMmies (pyjamas) ! Yes
Carsten is a  pyjama follower ! He  refuses to wear boxers when it's time to go
to bed and  more than once  he went to demonstrate  against "Boxers Followers".
Rumours say that he was the  real founder  of PYJAMA crew ! They used to gather
in secret places with pyjamas on their head, hiding them (and making them choke
almost to death). Wuuuuuh, scary !

DEUN : Though  his  usual  nickname is ST Ghost, he  prefers to use 'deun'
(understand DUNE) as every summer Denis  likes to go to  the beach, especially
to the part of it where people lie  naked (waiting for skin cancer). There  he
spends hours, legs open, until some crab  comes to him and  pinches his balls.
Hum that hurts but why does it feel so good at the same time ??

EARX : In the Netherlands from where Pieter comes, there is a  saying about
the size of your ears : the bigger they  are, the bigger your  dick is ! Pieter
is seemingly very proud of  his 'gun' since he even shaved  most of his hair to
make sure everyone can spot his ears half a mile away ! And then why add an 'X'
to his nick ? Erm I could tell you but this would be XXX rated :)

EVIL : As early as a kid Anders felt  drawn to porn (who isn't ??) and he
kept himself locked up in the room, doing "stuff". Once his mother caught him
doing it, became hysterical and called him 'evil' ! Though a bit quieter now,
he has pressumably recently assaulted sex bomb Samantha Fox, but maybe you've
heard about that already :)

HAVOC : Actually his former nick was "Tall Of A Dick" but  when he realised
that it would be shortened to TOAD he changed his mind. Then he remembered that
due to his uncommon tallness he tended to  make every shop  go bankrupt when he
entered a shop  selling China or  fragile stuff. After the jury  decided he was
not to be held responsible  for his nature, Peter decided to keep this nickname
as a souvenir.

MAD BUTCHER : He was still  young (under 10) when this guy  came to him and
said that the C64 was 10 times as powerful as any XL or XE. He only got mad for
a few seconds  but  that was enough ! The slaughtered body  was found two weeks
later and still today no one can describe it  without giving  way to an endless
flow of tears ! Never tell him your fave machine isn't an XL/XE !

MC LASER : This time you won't even have to look for crazy explanations as
the origin of this nickname comes quite logically. Stefan has always been fond
of music, either composing and  remixing. As a  consequence, he likes  to call
himself 'MC' for 'Master  of Ceremony', a  term often  used  in  the  world of
clubbing. What people don't know is that he's had a *LOT* of former nicknames,
following the evolution of the time. Therefore don't be  surprised if you load
older releases to hear sound from MCVinyl, MCTape or MCMinidisk... all of them
being the same person, called MC Laser today. Maybe we  will hear about MC Dvd
soon ?

MOONDOG : Eric has been known mostly for his huge editor's work. He's spent
so many fullmoon  nights before his ST screen, putting a final touch to another
diskmag issue. Rumours say that  during these 'special'  nights, hair grows all
along his spine while his  face turn to something  that looks like more a crazy
dog than a werewolf. First he  tought of  calling  himself "fucking damn pissed
off editor that's gonna make you  eat your balls  tonight" but even  reduced to
FDPOETGMYEYBT, the nick  wasn't an easy  one to remember so  he  changed  it to
MOONDOG (he also told me he hesitated between this and Sunshrimp, why not ?).

THE VIKING : as a true Swede he is, he has always felt  drawn to its roots,
understand the Nordic barbarians that put some mess in Europe. Unfortunately he
went too far and  was arrested  by the police  wandering on the streets with an
axe and sword, yelling "if you're not an Atarian, then  fear my Anger !". Today
he's calmed and actually takes a rest from the Scene in an asylum.

THYREX : It's not his first nickname as Franck was formely called AceThyrex
because of his true love for guys with moustache  such as ASTERIX ! So far it's
been  impossible  to  prove  the existence  of another Scener in NLC eventually
called OBELIX. Then why did he lose the 'Ace' part ? Maybe when  coding GFA and
finding out that his gfxman - STS - who was supposed to handle with code to add
text only, was actually  optimizing Thyrex poor  code ! He never told the truth
but humbly decided to be called Thyrex, thus putting out the 'Ace' thing.


Aah ! Believe it or not, I have had a lot of fun imagining all these REALLY 
stupid stories and I hope you will enjoy my endless creativity :) Greetings are 
sent to my friendly victims ! Don't worry guys, it's the last time  I ever bore 
you with nicknames. I'll have to think of something even more stupid next time.


Alive 5