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Alive 5


I  decided  to  stick my oar in at this one,  seeing as a fair  amount  of 
others had done a similar thing ..... ! Hold tight !

So  whereabouts did the name of Felice actually come from,  and why did it
come  to  me as being my scene nick ?  Well,  the story started during one
year, my own personal "annus horriblis" in the year of 1990.

From what I recall of this time, the year started off pretty badly, coming
to  November when it all exploded in quite a bloody climax.  I was working
for a fairly well-known UK supermarket chain called Tesco.  Whether things
in  relation  to them have changed since then,  I very much doubt it.  The
management  in  control of this particular store in Bedford,  the town  at
which  I  have  the unfortunate experience to even be born  there  at  the
dumbass  hospital  (fellow  sceners may well recall the  story  about  the
hospital's bodies on the floor scandal, that broke in the mainstream press
worldwide  in January of 2001.  Anyway,  back to the people in management,
well,  to  be  frank  with you all (and no disrespect is intended  to  any
German people reading this article) but this particular group of  managers
can  safely be compared to the Nazis.  In a lot of cases,  their attitudes
were even worse !

I started at the store in late September 1989.  Things went on fairly well
-  being  on duty as a trolley-collector was quite fun for the  first  few
weeks,  until  just  before the beginning of December.  This time was  the
first  of many experiences of bullying from the manager in charge  of  the
checkouts,  an  italian bitch going by the name of Iovinelli.  Experiences
with other managers, male and female, later on, were to enrage me more and

Christmas 1989 came and went, with me being forced to give up on a holiday
during  that  period  which  had originally been  booked  by  my  parents.
Apparently, since I hadn't at that time worked more than 12 months there I
wasn't entitled to any holiday whatsoever, paid or unpaid.

So  the  year of 1990 started off with me feeling rather  annoyed,  jaded, 
depressed,  call it what you will. Later on that year, after more bullying
and generally shitty behaviour from the management,  it all came to a head
during  the  November  of that year when,  following a big  argument  with
members  of  the  management  team (3 of whom ended up  having  to  go  to 
hospital  as  a result of the argument turning physical) I got  fired  (no
surprises  there)  and basically took out my reaction to that on  as  many
members of the management team who were around at that time.

A fair time before I even joined Tesco, even before leaving school, a film
was  shown during March of 1987 as a television premiere.  The film itself
was called 'Escape From Sobibor' and starred several actors and actresses,
one  of whom I found so intriguing I began to start collecting her  entire
film  library  (which I still do even today if/when I see movies  of  hers
that  I  haven't  got).  The actress concerned is the Polish  actress  and
beauty,  known as Joanna Pacula. Along with Rutger Hauer (the Netherlands'
most  famous export),  Alan Arkin,  Hartmut Becker (known mainly to German
people)  and Jack Shepherd,  the film itself made an important point to me
that,  even now,  it still sometimes comes through as a reference point in 
totally unrelated situations.

In 1988,  Joanna starred in a horror movie which was released in the UK in
quite  late  1990.  After getting more interested in her,  having had more
free  time since getting fired from Tesco I was finally able to pick up  a
copy  of  the  film on video.  That film was called "The  Kiss"  and  also
starred another actress who,  in more recent times,  has become a personal
email  friend  as a result of finding my website devoted to both  her  and
Joanna.  The  US  actress is Meredith Salenger.  I guess most of you  will
recall  my earlier articles about her that were written for  Maggie  years
ago, back in 1992/93 time to be more exact.

Joanna's character in "The Kiss" was a mystery European aunt who turns  up
in  the  US to visit her sister's family.  The name of the aunt -  Felice.
Basically, as the story goes in the film, Felice wants to give Amy a "kiss
of  death"  to pass on a being to a new host,  before expiring herself  as
seen in the film. Fortunately for Amy, things don't pass off in quite that

The  character of Felice in the film was portrayed as being a  strong  and 
bizarre zombie-type being who,  despite having been "killed" as a child at
the age of 7 had returned shortly after being given the bite herself under
similar  circumstances  to being undead.  Whilst that part of  it  doesn't
apply  in  general to my nick,  the sheer amount of violence that she  was
capable  of  reminded me,  in a certain way,  of what had happened at  the
supermarket when I worked there.

When  life  on  the Atari scene kicked off for me fully  from  early  1992
onwards  through  meeting up with no less than CiH at  the  Wellingborough
Atari club meetings of old,  I started to write for Maggie, then requiring
articles for the now-infamous issue number ten. On thinking of a handle to
use, after a fair bit of thought, I came to choose this particular one.

It's quite a sad story,  I know,  but one of the central themes is that no
matter who you are, you have no right to stand for shit, particularly when
it is being caused by people who have no interest in you apart from to see
you suffer for whatever they have done.  As a result,  I am quite cautious
when  it  comes to dealing with people in general,  however,  whilst there
have  been  one or two idiots I have had to deal with since  then,  I  can
safely  say  that  99% of the people I come across in  pleasure  and  work
situations are generally fine.


Alive 5