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Alive 5


-------------------------------- carried by Sts --------------------------------

NervE is a mystery to me : he is a survivor from famous ST crew IMAGINA and 
from less known EFFECT crew and guess what ? Well the guy is  still surviving ! 
Some months ago as the C64/Amiga CREATORS crew announced they planned to make a 
step forward into the ATARI Scene. NervE joined them, soon followed by Blind'IO 
and Exocet. So far not much has been heard from their ST section tho :(    

Oddly, at Mekka 2002 NervE released a Falcon demo just when no one expected 
such production from  him. Also the demo - ATARI BEHN - was presented under the 
EPHIDRENA label ! Are you lost ? Yeah me too :) Time for clearer explanations.

Hullo my hairy fellow ! Before we start I would like to remind our readers 
that MC Laser already ran an interview with you back in 2000 (read UCM20). 
Therefore I'll try not to bore you with the same questions. 

STS : Let's start with the usual ID stuff : please give  us your real name, 
age, occupation (whatever :), former crews and the origin of your nickname. 
I hope you're fully awake coz this is a hot start !

 NervE:  Am i ever fully awake? Well, my name is  Kaare Andersen, 24 years old,
 and i dont  work because i'm such a lazy  bastard... Or maybe not ;)  I've had
 Atari  computers for 2/3's of my life.. (and Sinclair and MSX computers before
 that).  Over the years i've been in some crews, most of the unknown because we
 were just kids... In the early nineties, we (amongst others Zynx and Vangeliz)
 had a  STe crew  called  Ecstatic  Minds. But before  we  ever  made  any demo
 releases, we  all joined  Imagina. We  had well  some projects, but  it  kinda
 stopped there, and Imagina didnt release anything more. Then Zynx and i joined
 the PC crew  Inferiors, as their Atari  section. But nothing  ever came out of
 this  either. Zynx became art and joined tbl, and i met the Effect crew on irc
 and joined up with them, coz they were  a bunch of cool people ;). My nickname
 is something i came  up with on  a computer party  about 93, while beeing very
 much  sleep deprived and trying to figure out how the nervous system works...

STS : how did you happen to join CREATORS ? I know they're from Norway too, so 
that you may have had the  occasion to  meet them  on parties  maybe ? Does it 
imply EFFECT is officially dead (tho it's clearly been for ages) ?

 NervE: Actually, i never met them, or at least never  talked to them before. I
 dont really know much  about the C64  scene, but i love watching  the demos :)
 The reason i joined was i  met Mermaid on  irc, we started  talking and before
 you know it she had talked me  into joining :-) And i dont regret that, beeing
 in an active crew with norwegian members feels good. I'm not sure when we will
 be able  to release something, but it shouldnt be too far away... About Effect
 i  really dont think its  officially dead. I think you should ask Tronic about
 this actually.

STS : next question seems quite obvious : tho you're now member of CREATORS 
your Mekka 2002 Falcon demo was an EPHIDRENA prod, how come ? Does it mean 
that CREATORS are not interested in coding F030 stuff ? 

 NervE:  About that, the EPH demo came as a result of Frequent giving me music
 and  graphics for a demo. He had seen some of the  weird code i had made, and
 felt it was time  for me to  release something. Again, it feels great to work
 with an active norwegian crew =) When it  comes to Creators and Falcon i dont
 know, but Mermaid currently only has an ST.

STS : I have to say that I am not familiar with Amiga crews but from what I 
heard EPHIDRENA is a wellknown and very skilled democrew. Did you know them 
before ? 

 NervE: I had heard the name, but didnt realize how good they were until i met
 Frequent and saw some of their demos. It's a funny little story behind this :
 One day Frequent had the word Atari  in his  mind for some reason. And he was
 logging in on irc. Somehow his mind played a trick on him which made him type
 #atariscne  instead  of #amigascne ! And as  the irc addict i am, i was there
 of course. When i saw  his hostname  ended  with a .no, i was  quick to start
 asking questions, because  norwegian Atarians  is a rare  species these days.
 And that was the start of a friendship... =) Some time later Frequent aquired
 a MegaSTe, which i bought from him. Then i  talked him into buying a Falcon -
 the result is one more  Atariscener :) I met some  more EPH members at Mekka,
 and   found out that they are crazy nice people!:)

STS : Should we think of you as a part-time member or do you plan to release 
more stuff under this label ? 

 NervE: What will happen with EPH, Atari and me is a still not public
 information ;) If you are alive you will see...

STS : Back to  your  latest release, ATARI BEHN, which came  as an  unexpected 
demo entry while major ATARI crews totally missed the point. I suppose you had 
been working on the demo for some time. Tell us more ! 

 NervE: I had been coding on a bunch of simple bitmap effects for some time, but
 i didnt realize i was about to make a demo out of  it until a few  weeks before
 Mekka, alltho Frequent was  talking about  it. But  when he  gave me  music and
 graphics and  a  ride to  Mekka, i  couldnt  refuse. But  the demo was far from
 finished when we left for  the party.  So i did  parts of  the demo (mostly the
 timing system) in the cabin  on the ferry  down to  germany... Cabin  coding is
 fun =) I also did  some parts  at the  party, like the intro  picture  part and
 the    effect scheduling. This is  probably why the demo ended up so messy. The
 resolutions were  one of  the last things  i made, quite close to the deadline.
 So they were not  really well  tested and that  gave some funny results on many
 monitors. The demo will probably look different on different monitors, which is
 in my opinon kinda funny;) Anyway i will take care of if, have done  a bit work
 on it and i will finish  it when  i get  my CT60, so i can  ensure it will work
 there  too, and possibly add some bonus features for accelerated machines.

STS : What  about the strange config required to run the  party version ? When 
can we expect to enjoy it with (more or less) standard requirements ? 

 NervE: It requires a VGA monitor and 14Mb of ST-RAM. The RAM issue can be fixed
 so that it will work with 4Mb ST-RAM  and 8Mb (or more) TT-RAM. I will add some
 RGB support. And perhaps a better animation system to compress the anims better
 so it will run on 4Mb machines aswell. Alltho i didnt realize people still were
 using 4Mb machines, as RAM is not at all expensive anymore. My bad!;)

STS : Let's have a look into the crystal ball : do you have other projects in 
the pipeline or was ATARI BEHN a unique lifesign ? What about CREATORS ?

 NervE: If it was unique, it  sure wasnt  the last you've  seen of me. I'm more
 dedicated now than i've been for many years. Hope you can get used to my style
 over time... What about Creators?;)

STS : you appeared on the Mekka Symposium 2002 party held last Easter. Now can 
we hope to grab you at more  ATARI specific  party like  ERROR IN LINE 3 ? You 
surely seem to be a friendly bloke  and most of  us would  surely like to meet 
you at last.

 NervE: I would certainly like to meet all of you great people too!:) If i find
 a way, i will come.

STS : Since you've  been on  ATARI for  more than  a decade, you  must have a 
strong opinion about the current Scene, esp compared to the Golden Times. Are 
you still on ATARI for nostalgia or do you think we're not ready to die ?

 NervE: Atari is in no  way dead or  even dying ! There is  constant  development
 and  i think we  can continue  this somehow until  we all are old guys with long
 white    beards (Gandalf theme ;) Some renewal wont hurt the scene tho - i think
 we have to combine the  new with the  old. It would  be nice if we  were able to
 communicate better with the other scenes. Especially the Amiga scene, and i know
 they want to know more about us too. Theres so much inspiration to be shared...

STS : let's see what ghosts are trapped into your mind with our home cooked 
brainstorming. Fill in the blanks with whatever comes to you right now :

N : nocturnal
E : dont touch 'em
R : re
V : velocity
E : i repeat dont touch 'em

E : you deaf?
P : philosophy
H : herb
I : illustrate
D : drum and bass
R : repetition
E : what did just i say?
N : noodles vs. noodle soup
A : Ari Behn who?

+ :

C : CT60
R : rgb? i think not!
E : you should know this by now...
A : amigaone anyone?
T : Tramiel Operating System
O : origo
R : reset button
S : so is that all?:)

STS : Yeah I know it was tricky but hey you're the one who belongs to so many 
crews at once :) Now that you're completely mentally  dried up, do you have a 
final message to your ATARI or AMIGA fellows ?

 NervE : Unite! Share! And keep up the good work!

STS : thanks for the time you spent with us and let the FUJI force be with 
you !

Alive 5