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Alive 5


-------------------------------- by Mjj Prod -------------------------------

 Standard ST, size on disk : 700 Kb
 Code : Zorro2 (newcomer)
 Gfx : Niko, Wilfried, C-rem, F.F.
 Msx : Mad Max

  After STAX, here's another  example of a legendary ATARI democrew coming back
to life ! Some days ago, Fel'X (who claims to be the founder of MJJ Prod tho no
one actually knows him) posted a message on DHS telling us that we  should wait
for a new prod from them, understand a slideshow collecting piccies by Niko and

  First I was * very * excited  at the  idea of  enjoying new or never released
piccies by such  talented  guys ! The hype suddenly went  down when I found out
the archive format was _ST. Hey  guys, ZIP has ruled  for years, please move to
the new millenium !!! Then another bad surprise came up as I found out that the
slideshow would not even  run from harddrive ! Argh, then  needless to say that
screens with French texts suck as well !!

  Ok, I'm calmed down... I switch my HD off and reboot the ST. After a few secs
a title screen shows up with a poor quality MJJ PROD logo and a scanned picture
from a famous carton bug. Old school msx by Mad Max starts... Dunno if the tune
is worldwide known or not, I'm no  chiptunes freak :) It sounds ok but is miles
away from current chippies (we have SPINNING WHEELS for great music).

  Ok next are two ugly screens with grey background and a white text above it.
The bad thing is that the  moving letters don't add a  lot to this poor screen
and the French craptalk doesn't  help either. Anyway let's go to the main part

  You don't have to wait long before your disappointment grows into your throat
like a meatball you cannot swallow as ALL the piccies shown here have been seen
a thousand times before !! Worse, some of the piccies are just lame convertions
from 256 color pictures ! Don't  expect  any screen flickering, they are merely
converted to 16 colors and don't look so nice anymore. But have a look at it by
yourself :

 Between each picture, an  average 'loading' picture pops up. Wait isn't that
long anyway (hey that's only 16c files sucker). All pictures show no surprise
as they are simply taken from various  demos that featured Niko or Wilfried's
great artwork. Therefore don't be surprised to recognize pictures from Flip'O
by Oxygene, Humeur Vitree by Hemoroids, Anomaly by MJJ Prod and various  ones
used in Falcon demos.

  There is not a SINGLE picture  that I  hadn't seen before !! Actually all of
them have  been  on my  harddrive for some  years  already, therefore I see no
reason for such a slideshow ! As you dully reach the end screens you are faced
with a poorly designed  background  with ugly  yellow letters  giving credits.
there's only one thing to do now, hit 'space' and get back to your apple green
low resolution GEM.

  (+) MJJ Prod isn't dead
  (+) They have a new coder, Zorro2 and I hope he'll bring us nice stuff soon
  (+) sorry, can't think of anything else

  (-) it hasn't started that you already feel bored with the _ST format of the
      archive, its floppy requirement and the language used (why French ???)
  (-) Poor GFA code (still GFA can be good), poor design, average zik
  (-) can't understand why they painted the borders with flashy colors (yurk !)
  (-) why show us pictures we've seen almost 10 years ago ???
  (-) in the end, you'll wonder why you downloaded that crap

  Final ratings : 05% (for the effort done by Zorro2, do more !)

Alive 5