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Alive 5

------------------------------- commited by STAX ---------------------------- 
Standard ST, 28Kb on disk
Code : Bod                
Gfx : bod and Sodan
MSX : Big Alec of Delta Force

  Sometimes they come back... sometimes we are not sure why... The last time we
had a clue that STAX wasn't quite dead was last summer when - BOD - entered the
online summer compo with a screen of average interest. In April 2k2 they strike
back with a little screen.

  It all starts with a pair of eyes centered on the screen. They blink and then
start watching all  around. But where are we, are you thinking now ??? From the
mysterious title you may  think a 'cave'. Erm I am *NOT* sure this is the right
word  as a porn picture fades in, framing  the eyes. The picture  shows a naked
(headless ? :) woman  with  open  legs. Of course the  eyes stand  right in the
pussy. An ugly green STAX logo is on top of the picture and a boring white text
is displayed at the bottom, giving some info such as 'this is a joke screen'.

  Bottom Line : I was expecting something but surely not this kind of crap. Ah
ah ah this was so funny, I can't stop laughing. Let's try  to be serious for a
couple of seconds : oki it's crap, looks  like crap, is funny for two seconds.
Not everybody can claim to  be funny  BOD ! Hey btw as  you are familiar  with
Moondog, why not help him with UCM and code an intro ? Maybe you forgot how to
get a good screen...

  Final rating : 10% (why 10 ? because it's a sign of life :)
------------------------------------------------------------------------ STS -

Alive 5