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Alive 5

  Ok here we go for real short  greetings : as I've spent the last two days,
meaning Friday and Saturday, working  night and day  on this  issue, you may
understand in your great reader's understanding (of other ppl's work) that I
have very little time and motivation to greet the whole Scene.


  CiH : well if you hadn't written so  many  articles, surely this  issue would
  still be an embryo, and surely a dead one. I'm a bit disappointed (as much as
  you are) to see so little support from other contributors but hell, you and I
  don't want to be of the inactive and lamenting  part of that Scene. Hence you
  deserve a handful of "thank you" and I deserve my share too.

  Ray and Havoc for  working nights  and day under  heavy pressure with me to
  bring you what is a fucking cool ST  intro !! That really  motivated me and
  made me want to paint again. I hope to bring you more gfx and work with you
  again my friends ! People like you  really show what  our Scene  is about :
  trust, friendship and mutual work. You  deserve * TONS *  of thanks  and my
  friendliest respect.


  The many contributors who dared do something for us even tho I wasn't a huge
  contribution. We appreciate every little help as joined bits  are what ALIVE
  is made of :) So we'd  like  to  adress  sincere  thanks  and respect to the
  following people in no special order :

  * For intros : Ray/tSCc, Havoc/FUN, Deez/Mind Design and Nemo/Place To Be
  * For gfx : Exocet/Creators and Edo/Sector One
  * For msx : Tao/Cream, 505/checkpoint and Nemo/Place To Be
  * For articles : Paranoid (still active in spite of little spare time !),
  Havoc, Felice, ST Cooper, Marss, Deez, Evil, Exocet, Strider and DmaSC.

 Well I hope I haven't forgotten anyone and if I have I hope  you'll forgive
 someone who went to bed at 7:30 this morning, slept 5 hours and ate nothing of
 the whole day. If not, feel free to let us know...

Alive 5