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Alive 5


After spending many hours on ChuChu Rocket trying to finish the game to the max,
you perhaps thought you'd have some rest ? No way !
From the game-makers Reservoir Gods, here's  a new puzzle game for your  Atari :

This game is adapted from GunPey on WonderSwam, a japanese portable game system.


Quite simple, you've got a grid with five collumns and ten rows.

Some line-shapes  appears in  some cells  of the  lower row  and the  whole grid
scroll up after a short while, making the elements reach the top progressively.

You got a cursor which take over two vetical cells and you can move it over  the
whole grid.
Using this cursor, you can switch two cells and then move an element up or down.

When you've  got some  elements in  each collumn,  you can  assemble these  in a
lines-chain to join each vertical border  of the grid. Then these will  disapear
of the screen, giving you points.
Perhaps that the  conceptors of this game were looking  at their company's  up'n
down revenues graphics to think of this concept !!! ;D

The more elements you join, the more points you'll get (what, you can't  believe
that it's an unmodified screenshot ?! ;).

Notice that you can  also make the grid  scroll up by yourself  by pressing down
when the cursor  is at the  bottom of the  screen, great to  accumulate elements
faster for making complex chains.

If the whole screen is cleared you get additionnal points.


You've got nine levels to reach, based on experience points won by simply making
chains again and again.  The number of experience  points needed to reach  a new
level is quite exponential.
Each  level  is  repesented  by  a  vegetable-(hat)  deposed  on  your character
-(animal)'s head (pure RG concept ;).
Reaching a new level can unlock : a new game mode, a new character, the  jukebox
section, the credits/greetings sequence ... and perhaps more stuff ?

There are six differents game modes and  two players can face each other in  any
of these expecting the practice and story mode.
You can select the  number of rounds when  playing with a friend  (and even when
playing against a friend ;), via the option menu.

So the game modes are :

- Practice : It doesn't matter if any element reach the top.
You will simply never loose (expecting when exiting the game by pressing F10).
This mode is great to train making complex chains faster.

- Normal :  Only the basic  principle of the  game is applied  in this mode.  It
seems that the scrolling of the  grid get faster and faster during  the playtime
but it's quite hard  to notice (i only  noticed it every 5  minutes or something
like that).
In two players mode, you got to chain 6 or more elements to offer unwanted stuff
to your opponent.
It's my  favorite mode,  in both  single and  two players  mode, because you can
enjoy the basic principle of the game for hours.

- Stage : You've got a certain number of elements to clear. When this number  is
reached, you'll enter a new stage.
In two players mode, you simply got to finish before your enemy.

- Time : You've got to clear a maximum of elements before the timer reach zero.
In two players mode, the one who got  the highest score at the end of the  round

- Puzzle :  No scrolling  in this mode,  you've got  elements powdered  over the
playfield and you got to assemble all these in a single chain.
In two players mode, the winner is the first to finish the chain.

- Story : This mode is a  mix of the four previous modes against  a computerized
enemy, expecting  for puzzle  sessions (there,  the opponent  is more the puzzle
master who look upon you trying to resolve it : "Ahahah, you'll never beat it  !
You'll never defeat meeee !" [demoniac voice activated] ;).
It's ormamented with a  scenario which explain you  the reason of the  vegetable
thingy. Each opponent is in fact  one the gangstahs from the vegetable  grabbers
clan.  Then  you'd  better  keep  your  stuff  closer  and  as  these transgenic
vegetables fit perfect on your head, it seems to be the best hideout for it. ;)
This mode is a great addition  (not present on WonderSwam version) and  is quite
But it miss a progression save option in my opinion.
A little advice, you'd better gain  some experience in puzzle mode before  going
for it.


Like every puzzle  game of this  kind, the gameplay  is quite fast  and then the
controls are optimized so you won't loose time when moving the cursor (expecting
if you got loosy controlers like the SEGA Master-System pads i'm using on my  ST
Also as the grid is moving row by row, this game got no smooth scrolling and  no
smooth sprites moving, so it doesn't slow down the game either (easy task for Mr
Pink, after the coding of ChuChu ;).

The artificial intelligence  is quite entertaining  (especially in story  mode),
also there are several levels of difficulty which modify its speed.
But it seems that the computer player only change the place of some elements  on
the screen without trying to clearly make some lines, because it can even  loose
on difficulty level 8 against a really un-experienced human player.
Real fun is always playing against a human opponent anyway ! :)

Your scores and  experience are saved  to disk and  you can send  the GODPEY.SAV
file to RG to figure in the international GodPey hiscore table (but beware there
are really some insomniac players !!! :).
Point your favorite browser to:

The gfxs are ok,  it does the job  nicely but nothing more,  expecting the title
screens which are really colorfull !

Big shame that  the menu and  in-game screens aren't  as colored as  these. Also
these don't got any little ornament or even just no background texture (big part
of screen is empty, especially in solo mode).
As  you  can  choose  your  character  before  playing  (when  you've   unlocked
additionnal ones), these are animated at  the bottom of the screen (several  set
On RG's homepage, it's  written that there are  32 colors on screen  but i can't
notice where, really.

Anyway, comparing to the WonderSwam version, i can tell you that RG's version is
ten times nicer.

The story  mode features  lots of  additionnal gfxs  involving several locations
(which are using the upper half  of the screen) and characters, the  style makes
me remember of the Dizzy series.
It has certainly been a big task to realize all these interlude screens.

The SidSound music  fits perfect to  the game, it's  upbeat and got  some really
nice parts.
All tunes got the same style, which is quite similar to RG ChuChu's soundtrack.
I like the principle  of the SID voice  lead which is sounding  during the title
screens and is then mixed to the menu theme, nice trick. ;)

There are some digital sound effects but the volume is too low (at least on STe)
to clearly hear  these when music  is activated (anyway,  i wonder who  made the
loose scream :).


Puzzle games  are my  favorite kind,  because as  long as  you like the concept,
you'll never be bored of it.
Also these  don't require  big ressources  and don't  cheat you  like some loosy
games with astonishing graphics do (who needs 3D acceleration anyway ? ;).
There  are  lots  of games  of  this  kind on  arcade  and  home-gaming systems,
comparing to the few number you can find on computers and especially on ST.
RG simply  had a  great idea  to convert  puzzle games  to ST  for these various

I never heard of GunPey before playing this conversion.
After a few times of  practice, i really loved the  concept and played it for  a
full hour directly instead  of just trying it  (which was my first  purpose this
time :).
The week after i let my PlayStation and PC games away for playing it.

It's really a great game and with two players mode, you can get hours of fun.
Definitly a must have for you ST/Falcon, it can easily figure in the top ten  ST
puzzle games.

After the great ChuChu  Rocket conversion, RG can  tick their success board  one
more time.
I hope that they'll continue with some others puzzle games adaptations (mhh,  my
favorites ones are Magical Drop, Puyo Puyo and Denki Blocks, eheh ! ;).

Now, you know what to do during your free time. :)

[>-------------------------------------------------------) 26/06/02 Dma-Sc (--<]

Alive 5